Dr. Hon takes the time to REALLY LISTEN to your problems and concerns. He is very thoughtful when he offers advice or possible treatments. He never dismisses you, he gives the time needed to hep you.
Dr, Leenay has always been easy to talk to, trustful and understanding. He listens and tries to help as much as he can in order to ease your suffering.
Dr Mahal accepted me as a new patient but then decided i was a referral which was NEVER the case. She told me we would discuss it after i was dismissed from the hospital but then refused to see me, now i am left with the trouble of finding a new dr. Deeply hurt and disappointed as i thought she really cared. Horrible end to hospital stay to find out you do not have a dr.
I saw Dr. Perales for a number of years, during which she started me on Benzodiazapines for anxiety. She assured me before I started that there would be no problems stopping them when the time came to do so. Then she kept upping the dose when it stopped working. Unsurprisingly, I became extremely addicted just from taking what she described. She refuses to acknowledge any culpability in the seizures and visits to the ER I endured when I was trying to taper off of it. I'm still dealing with this.
Dr Perales had a high level of anxiety about my health which made ME terribly anxious. She did not listen to me very well at times. I felt that she had issues that kept her from trusting me. She put me through a terrible time making me return one medication before she would prescribe another which led to an incident of public humiliation. Her office phone system is set up poorly so that one can't get a real person, or even know if the office is open. Her nursing staff are patronizing.
Has been very helpful and understanding. She provides advice and truly wants to find the right treatment for me. I highly recommend her.
Thinks she's a god. Will take years of medicational help and toss it away. She's not worried about your life and struggles. She profiles everybody as a junkie and obviously doesn't understand ADD.
She saved my life

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