I talked with Larry Riffel's nurse, Kim, about my need for a referral for a allergy test related to foods, in particular nut allergy. She told me to come over right away. She said she could draw blood and run tests to determine my allergies. Couple days later I got a call from my internist, Larry Riffel. He gave me the results of the allergy tests and I was able to find out everything I needed to know to go forward regarding my allergies. I was so impressed with their help and it's timeliness.
Dr. Riffel is always thorough and professional, and takes the the time to answer all my questions. He is a great doctor, and just what I think of, when I need medical care!
So very personable, knowledgeable and, very genuinely driven to provide only her best.
Excellent Doctor
Dr Samuel is a compassionate, thorough, detailed physician. I feel safe with her as y doctor.
I've been going to Dr. Lester for seven years and she is definitely the BEST primary physician that I have had in my entire life time! She is thorough, intelligent, a great communicator, great listener and easy to communicate with; while not hesitating to refer me to another physician, should there be a need to do so.
Dr Riffel is a very good internal medicine physician. He takes the time to listen to any health issues you have and he is a very good diagnostician.
Dr. Riffel is an engaging, informative, and easy-to-talk to physician. I enjoy our visits and value his professionalism.
Dr. Stamos is very easy to talk you. He never makes you feel rushed. He is very thorough. He remembers my husband and asks about him. He doesn't lecture you. I'm very glad a friend recommended him years ago..
Dr George Stamos has been my Primary Care Physician for over thirty (30) years. He and the staff at Quivira Internal Medicine have always been professional, sincere, thorough and efficient in their efforts I feel very fortunate to have the Primary Care oversight that they have continually provided for me over the years. God bless them. Frank J Bax
Dr. Samuel is honest, direct and compassionate. She seems to truly have your best interests at heart. Her staff is very capable and professional. Her office is well run and she is willing to listen to her patient and allows them a voice in their care.
She genuinely cares about you and always listens to your concerns. Very friendly and easy to talk to. I trust her completely and feel very comfortable sharing my health issues with her, which in my opinion is very important.
Dr. Stamos has been our family internist for over 40 years. He has us seen through all of our health issues with great success. His diagnoses are spot on and his references to other specialists has always been just what we needed. Unsolicited comments to us from other physicians have rated him one ofthe best internists in the area.
Dr. Lester has a poor manner with patients and is very unsympathetic with patient's complaints.
Dr. Samuel is very concerned about my health. She takes the time to listen to my concerns and is direct and forthright about my health issues. It is important to me to have a physician that communicates well and often when a medical issue is occurring.
Dr. Riffell has been my primary care physician for several years. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. He is always available, is not hurried while explaining the solution(s) or alternatives to whatever the issue. I have experienced no wait time to see him for a scheduled appointment whether made far in advance or same day. Very courteous and caring. Staff is very helpful also, can not say enough good things about the staff
Based on several years under her care, I have great confidence in Dr. Lester's medical knowledge and judgement. She is conservative and reasonable in her treatment recommendations but refers me to specialists when needed. I feel that we are partners in insuring my ongoing health. I would enthusiastically recommend her to family and friends.
George Stamos is the Gold Standard for Internal Medicine. One feels privileged to be one of Doctor's patients.
Dr Lester listens well and explains things in a calm manner. I like her very much!
Dr. Samuel listens to my health concerns and provides pros and cons for each option. Really trust her and appreciate her care.
I would like to highly recommend Cypress LaSalle. She is quite astute, and listens. It is the listening and helping diagnose a severely blocked artery. Please consider her if you are looking for a new caregiver.
Cypress takes her time and really listens to you. She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. Over the past few years, my entire family has been treated by Cypress at different times and we have always had positive experiences. I would highly recommend.
I think I already did this: If not I like every thing about Dr Riffel and would recommend him to family and friends.
I have been seeing Dr. Riffel as my PCP for 6 years now, and he is an outstanding doctor. He takes the time to listen, work collaboratively, and always takes the time to call personally to follow-up on test results etc. He is also a very nice and personable man, so visits are always pleasant. The staff is also top notch at Quivira Internal Medicine. I strongly recommend Dr. Riffel and Quivira Internal Medicine.
Dr Riffel is an excellent physician. He takes a personal interest in your health. If needed he will personally call you at home with your condition or results!
Dr. Riffel is awesome. He is the kindest, thorough, & generous physician anyone could have. I have been his patient for the past few years & have been satisfied with my exams. I appreciate the hard copies Dr. Riffel submits to me of my lab results and summary of my exams at each visit. Most of all, his advice & suggestions to maintain improved health are well explained.
I am a registered nurse and am highly satisfied with her as my personal physician. I have recommended Dr. Samuel to a number of my friends--just as another hospital employee recommended her to me several years ago.
Dr. Michelle Lester genuinely cares about my wellbeing. She is a comfort and a progressive, caring professional human being that has taken many extra steps to diagnose and heal my chronic condition. I am so greatful for her open mind to my many symptoms and sincerity to restore my quality of life. I'm feeling better after only 2 days of her treatment recommendations. 4 years and 5 doctors before her with no relief make her a Rockstar in my eyes.
My experiences with Dr. Riffel have always been positive. He is thorough-kind-and most importantly, he listens while you describe your symptoms. I was quite nervous when I started going to him after having another doctor I liked for so many years-he understood that and it is always a good experience. Suzie Stutzer
Excellent and quick response to medical situation. Tests ordered right away. Immediate call after tests with results.
My precious family and I are grateful to be in Dr. Samuel's care. As for me personally, I feel comfortable with Fr. Samuel and trust that she understands not only my health not also my fears. She comforts me and goes beyond what I think I need to ease my next steps.
Dr. Samuel is kind, and most importantly, listens. She makes you feel very comfortable, in wfatever situstion you are in. I highly recommend Her fit your personal Physician.
Cypress is an outstanding nurse practitioner. She made sure I was clear on everything she was telling me. I would recommend her.
My husband and I both see Dr Lester, for our yearly check ups, and in between. We believe she is highly qualified, concerning with our health, takes the time to listen to problems, checks up on visits, answers all our questions. We highly recommend her. Wouldn't go to anyone else. Carol Beckman
I trust her completely with my health. It's that simple. Great doctor!
Even the staff thinks she is great
Dr. Stamos has been my primary physician for at least 40 years. He listens, advises, and generally cares about my health.
Dr. Michelle Lester is a true professional. A physician that actually cares about the patients health issues and makes a concentrated effort to resolve any issues. This office is good in follow-up on lab and other exams and they communicate the findings to the patient in a timely manner. This practice is one of the best organizations we have experienced. Appointments are usually available with the physician but in the event they aren't readily available, the physician's assistants are excel
Dr. Samuel is a great listener. She is very compassionate and treats my concerns with respect. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a doctor to partner with in caring for you.
I have been a patient of Quivira Internal Medicine, and Dr. George Stamos, for many many years. I continue to be 100% satisfied and impressed with the level of detail, personal attention, professionalism, and thorough evaluations I get from this practice and Dr. Stamos. I am in my 50's now and do an annual physical exam and bloodwork with Dr. Stamos, along with any follow-up testing that he recommends. Dr. Stamos and Quivira Internal Medicine are always looking out for my best interests, and
Pure and simple, Cypress takes time and listens to you. She makes recommendations and insures you understand the options and potential impacts. She builds trust and a relationship. She takes time to understand what is important to you and your life. She is a bright and knowledgeable medical professional. I trust her knowledge and when she makes a recommendation, we discuss, modify, implement and follow up. If results are not as expected she is always willing to modify treatment. Recommend HIGHLY
Her knowledge is remarkable! I am very pleased that she is my doctor!
Cypress identified the likely cause of my dizziness problem and recommended a solution. She turned out to be 100% correct.
Great service,kind interaction, focused on alleviating pain or finding root cause of physical ailments.
Dr. Lester was very thorough with my exam, and patient as she listened to my concerns. She ordered further testing and scheduled prompt follow up to make sure that my problem was resolved. I felt reassured that I would be well cared for.
Dr. Lester has been taking care of me for several years. Her approach is reasonable and conservative. I trust her judgement and feel that we are partners in maintaing my health. I believe that her diagnostic skills are very good and she has steered me to the correct specialists when needed.
Very professional and listened to what I had to say. Would recommend Cypress to anyone.
As always, dr. Stamos. Listens, is personable, and makes clear and appropriate recommendations.
Caring and shows genuine concern for my health.
Doesn't seem well organized. Has information, but insists on scheduling additional tests and office visits.Called with urgent need on weekend and never did get a response from Dr on duty. Had to resort to ER.
He saved my father's life. My Dad went in for a check up and Dr. Stamos listened to his heart and literally took my father by the hand and walked him to the cardiologist in the same building. Stamos got him in with the cardiologist and did not leave his side until the doctors came up with a plan to save him. He survived because of Stamos's vast experience and quick action. Emergency Quad bypass and his heart keeps beating 15 yrs later. He listens and can diagnose in moments. He follows up also.

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