I have been seeing Dr. Alward for nearly twenty years for glaucoma in my left eye, and most recently for cataract surgery. He has always been friendly; has explained in detail the issues I'm facing, as well as the outcomes of the various tests and procedures I've gone through; and his residents, interns, assistants, nurses, and schedulers are very congenial, patient, and helpful. I would definitely recommend Dr. Alward and his department to others.
Dr.Boldt was very calm,easy to talk with. Down to earth. Very hepful. My husband went in for emergency surgery on a Saturday night. Completing surgery aftert midnight he was back at 7:30 am to recheck my husbands eye. Dr. Elaine Brinkly also was there to admit Dan. Taht was about 5:30 pm Saturday. Both Doctors were still there at 10:00am. Long hours! Much appreciated!
Rude and obnoxious. You can tell he has no idea what he is talking about/doing. Did a procedure on me and had to be repeated the next day because he couldn't get it done right. STAY AWAY FROM HIM.
Dr. Azar is very knowledgeable, friendly, and a great diagnostician. 5 other doctors were unable to come up with a diagnosis or treatment plan except for saying something is definitely not right and continuing to order tests. After several hours of testing and evaluation he had both!! He spent ample time explaining and answering questions about the diagnosis and treatment plan. A rare Dr in today's society. Would recommend him to anyone!!!!!
He was condescending and arrogant from the beginning to the end of my appointment and he did nothing different than my ENT in Des Moines. The time off of work and drive was not worth it.
Dr. Gurwell did what previous Doctors did not; She listened, had faith in me,worked with me AND found what the others did not! Dr. Gurwell is kind, compassionate, and Very knowledgeable.
Dr. Heaford was careful to explain my symptoms. He explained the cause of the problem, and surgical intervention needed to improve my issue. He was very courteous and I had a great result. I was very happy with my care.
Exceptional Doctor. Truly present and engaged. Explains and answeres all questions and procedures. Personal approach throughout the entire process. Devoted and caring, brilliant surgeon. A gift and blessing for the Bend community.
Very particular in how we choose our doctors in our hometown, but our daughter is a student at UIOWA and she needed medical attention so we took the only new patient appointment available in either internal medicine or family practice on the day we arrived to take her to the doctor.Dr. Shaik was thorough, really listened, and was very competent and reassuring in her exam and recommendations. She clearly cares about patients and takes the time to understand the concerns. Highly recommend.
Dr. Shaik has been our doctor for three years and we are totally elated to have her! Dr. Shaik is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of human medicine, she REALLY listens to our concerns, and has always solved any health problems we've had. Wonderful person, amazing doctor. We've never had a better doctor in our lives.
Dr. Davis ignored comments on my ER visit two days before I saw her. The ER said that if i returned due to pain/spasms, to do a CT and MRI. Instead, Dr. Davis sent me to PT and cleared me for physical activities. PT did not go well, and they feared C7 involvement. Had Dr. Davis done the CT and MRI, she would seen that I had a FRACTURED C7 and FOUR COMPRESSED VERTEBRAE.
He saved my life. He is caring and explains what is to come in a way in which you can understand. I trusted he was the best doctor for me. I know anyone lucky enough to go to him, is getting the best of the best!
Made me feel very comfortable, sat down & spent a lot of time with me, made sure I understood why I was there & what he thought the problem was (in terms I understood). He was professional, but very kind, also a good sense of humor. I will definitely continue to see him, & I would recommend him very highly to anyone.
Dr. Moye was great for my annual checkup. She was thorough and attentive yet there was basically no wait. I will definitely be coming back again.
Hit a vesel for my Botox injections. Has a big painful bump for a while. The lady that works the front desk is extremely rude and abrupt.
Dr. Moye comes highly recommended. She made me feel very comfortable and was genuinely caring. She answered all of my questions and spent time hearing my concerns. The staff were all wonderful and very friendly.
Dr. More was awesome. We needed a fast effective solution for my 5 year old son who has warts growing at a rapid rate on his right hand. She not only have us a plan A but a B and C as well. Also what strode out to me, is that the he does Ron the desk staff called everyone's by first name like we were all friends. They even asked not patients about Thier favorite sports teams, family, etc
My experience with Dr. Margaret Moye was excellent. She was very caring and professional. All of the staff at this location are the"best". They put me at ease before my surgery and were willing to answer any concerns that I had. Thank you and I have been recommending them to family and friends.
The doc was great she helped me so much my legs were in bad shape now they're doing great she and her nurses aid was really knowledgable and so nice I want to thank them so much for helping me
This relates to a dermatology surgery in Louisville, KY where she now practices. Very satisfied with the care in every regard and would return any time I needed treatment
I saw Dr. Moye for the first time today. She was very pleasant and at the same time very thorough and informative. I would recommend Dr. Moye to anyone.
Dr. Moye was wonderful at my daughter's appointment. She took her time with us, explained the treatment, and was very helpful. Her nurse was also fantastic! Clean office, and easy to get to.
Dr. Moye was wonderful--she took time to answer all of my questions and provided thoughtful advice.
I had a very difficult eye problem. Dr. Johnson listened to me carefully, explained options, spent more time with me that I would have expected and finally performed a challenging cataract surgery successfully.
One of the most efficient and friendliest staff I've been to see, I even ask the receptionist why everyone was so happy! The nurse ( Donna) and Dr. Moye were terrific in explaining everything in layman terms after using words most cant spell or pronounce
Dr. Moye was great. Very helpful and knowledgeable
Great experience, she took time with me, I did not feel rushed.
I was very pleased
Very pleased my visit. Knowledgeable and super friendly staff. Very quick procedure. Clean office. Would recommend to anyone.
Dr. Moye made my daughter feel very at ease as she was quite anxious before the appointment. She had a solid diagnosis and a plan. We were very pleased with the experience.
I felt very comfortable with her. Seemed very knowledgeable and thorough. Was pleased with my exam.
The appointment went very smoothly and exceeded my expectations. The staff is very nice and Dr. Moye was a pleasure to work with.
Dr. Moye was very knowledgable, recognized my condition and treated. She was also very personable. I would recommend this doctor.
Very friendly, communicates well in person and by email. Concerned with all health aspects not just heart issues

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