Horrible. The worst doctor I have ever seen. I have no medical knowledge and knew more than him. A dangerous doctor-- misdiagnosis and false info about conditions. Didn't read my chart.
She listened when I said I wanted to try a new medication, and understood that I knew my body better than anyone else. Definitely recommend her!
Very caring physician. Made my day to see his smiling face.
At times he did a great job but within the same visit he would say or do something that would make you take a second look at what he said prior and wonder if what he originally said was the full truth or if he was keeping some information back.
Dr. Clemmons listened patiently and it was wonderful to finally relate my history of neurological symptoms to someone who understood them. I left feeling like I can really work with this doctor, and that in future visits he'll hear me out and explain things. I would choose Dr. Clemmons for any other issues I might have in the future, in his specialty.
Dr. Cookingham genuinely cares for her patients. She takes her time to get to you as an individual and, most importantly, she goes above and beyond to help you and to provide the best care. We have never met anyone like Dr. Cookingham in the medical field and we hope she continues to practice as she is one of the best!
Worst medical experience of my life!
Horrible! Her rude behavior resulted in the accompanying RN actually reporting her to her superiors. Not only was she rude, she yelled at me for not being able to move my legs. I had a rare condition that'd paralyzed me which is why I was there in the first place! Had the bad fortune of returning to the ER weeks later & her being the neuro on duty. She never came to examine me yet managed to decide I was perfectly fine. She sent word through the ER dr that I needed psych trtmnt. Beware of Borte!
I would not recommend Dr. Jayakody, for anyone. While she is a nice woman, I feel that her medical expertise, and attention to detail, is highly lacking. She missed several opportunities to gather information on my daughter, resulting in her being properly diagnosed by a doctor with a different specialty, and then it only being relayed to Dr. Jayakody. Even after she agreed on the diagnosis, she put the incorrect diagnosis in my daughter's chart.
Dr. Jackson did my surgery for a melanoma brain tumor in November go 2015. I & my family were very happy with how he explained the procedure, gave information to help us in making the decision to do surgery. He did a wonderful job with my surgery. We trust him & recommend him highly.
He will say what ever the insurance company that hired him tells him to say! He has no problem being deceptive.
Dr. Folk and his staff are extremely caring and compassionate. No matter how late in the day I have an appointment, they never make me feel rushed and are always more than willing to take the time to answer my questions or address any concerns I may have. I occasionally have times when I notice vision changes and they have always listened to me and have gotten me in right away to either rule out a "flare up" or to treat me in a timely manner. I really appreciate this
Very thorough,listens and spends the needed time to cover all issues.
Dr. Deem is a pleasure to go see. He listens to your every word. He is very easy to talk to. He is not afraid to order a test if needed. Very professional and very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend him. Dr. Deem spends the time needed to give you the quality care. He is absolutely the best physician I have ever had.
My child had chronic ear infections. Dr. Dempewolf inserted tubes in her ears around 6 months. My other child had her tonsils and adenoids removed by him. He is always kind and spends time with his patients. He explains the procedures thoroughly and keeps you informed right after surgery. I would recommend him to anyone!
Dr. Dobyns is simply the best doctor I have ever had or heard of. He has a combination of expertise, wit, and kindness that is exceptional. When my mother was dying, he spent considerable time on the phone with me telling me what to expect. This was all gratis. When other family members have had issues, he does not hesitate to provide expert input. One of the kindest people I have ever met. And he has addressed any medical issues I have had with expertise and wit. Ten Stars if I could.
Dr. Deem seems to really care and follow up on his patients. He spent plenty of time and did not rush me.
Dr. Deem always takes his time to listen to my concerns and answer all my questions. He looks at me instead of a computer screen. You won't find that anymore nowdays. He's a very caring and knowledgeable Physician and I'd recommend him to anyone!
Dr. Dobyns is research orientated, compassionate, and painstakingly through. He always follows up on serious issues, and he really seems to care about the practice of medicine and his patients. These are rare gifts! To add to it all, he is witty and always seems to be in a good mood. This is especially helpful because physicals and various tests are not fun. His personality helps alleviate the discomfort and awkwardness of being a patient.
I met with Dr. Duchman before seeing Dr. Clark on Tuesday, March 15th. I was so optimistic with the direction/hope that Dr. Duchman had regarding my knee. He did a complete observation of my knee, answered my questions, listened to my concerns. I felt very good about the direction/suggestions about what we could do to help my knee progress. I would really like to continue on with him as my doctor (not currently his patient) as I felt he had the best hope for positive results.
He gave my husband a sample of a nasal spray that he said was safe enough to use every day of his life. After one dose, my husband started experiencing severe side effects. Upon googling the drug, we found an enormous laundry list of side effects, none of which we were told of. When I called the office to speak with him (and said that is was an emergency) - I was told he wasn't available because he was seeing patients. I called a 2nd time - same thing. Terrible doctor - beware.
I had my first visit with Dr. Kilonzo today and was very impressed with his professionalism.
Dr. Eppsteiner was the only doctor who actually listened to me and did something about my female issues. She spent more time with me and was truly genuine. It is hard to get in to see her but it is worth it. She has helped me every step of the way. I have had a hysterectomy and I feel wonderful.
Dr. Fairchild was simply outstanding in caring for my Mom. Thank you Genesis Healthcare Clinic for providing us access to such a wonderful physician.
Dr. Fairchild has an excellent bedside manner! She's thorough and takes the time to listen to your concerns.
Dr. Endres is always thoughtful and professional, listens with care, goes to great lengths to get the proper treatment, and is a inspiration in her own health care (running 3 miles a day). We value her care so much!
One star because no stars isn't an option. I needed to talk to her about a problem that I found somewhat embarrassing. She had a student glued to her side the whole visit, never gave me the chance to say that I didn't feel comfortable with the student. She was MUCH more interested in teaching her student than in my health. Never got to ask my question. Horrible experience, time for a new doctor.
I saw Dr. Empey all through my pregnancy with my first child (2015). It was my first pregnancy and I was nervous, but he immediately put both me and my husband at ease. He's very down-to-earth, knowledgeable, easy to talk to, listened to all my concerns took the time to answer all my questions, and I always felt like he cared about me as an individual. More than that, he was passionate about what he did. My only complaint is that he's moving his practice to Oregon.
Wonderful Doctor! He has been taking care of my mother for the past year and a half. Extremely knowledgeable, wonderful bedside manner and is an advocate for his patients. We feel incredibly lucky to have him as her doctor.
Most amazing doctor, very thorough, informed and compassionate!
This guy is scary! Unable to make a medical decision if his life depended on it!! Run away fast!
Dr. G is patient and understanding, he reminds me of the family doctor I had as a child. His staff (even though some I've only met through Email) has been competent and also appears to be understanding. Thank you to Dr. Goerdt and staff!
Dr. Kresowik was my late husband's doctor for SEVERAL years. My family and I feel that Darrell's life was extended WELL beyond other doctor's prediction because of Dr. Kresowik knowledge and attention. This doctor sees and hears well past what the patient is telling him. In other words, a patient has this doctor's FULL attention.
Dr. spent little time with me, ended up mostly dealing with his physician's assistant...very poorly handled. Asked for help with my fibromyalgia and was told that they don't treat that here?!?!?! Whaaat? I was told that there was nothing else they could do for me , even though I lost my job due to disability and was not showing improvement. Dr./PA did not exhaust all testing and treatment options, I had to ask - what about this treatment, will that work for me. Overall a horrible experience!
Wonderful Dr. Soft-spoken
After a simple L-5 fusion paralyzed me, he lied to me about the cause, refused to release my medical records and refused to refer me to any other surgeon. 18 years later overwhelming pain led me to Dr. Sergio Mendoz. His 3.5 hour surgery lasted 9.5 hours. Why? Because once he opened me up and exposed the "bracket" installed by Dr. Hitchon, he touched it with his probe, it slid off of my L-5 vertebrae and the vertebre fell apart. Dr. Hitchon knew all along that my cord had never fused.
I found Dr Hoshi to be very professional and and he explained my surgery and what to expect post op to my satisfaction . He is a great part of the team of specialists who are treating my cancer at U of Iowa Hospital and Clinics .
One the the best most efficient, professional, knowledgeable doctors I have ever been examined by. I totally trust her and so glad she is my doctor.
She is very rushed and rude. Seemed like she didn't know what she was doing.
When I first met Dr. Hitchon, I was not impressed with his bedside manner. So I decided not to have the MVD. Went on living a horrible life medicated up and seeing my family doctor he asked me to make a judgement based on knowledge and not bedside.. I am glad I listened (Ok I have bad patient manner)I have not had a Zingers (my word for Electrical shocks to my face.) I now just having to heal from the surgery and I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Hitchon's knowledge. I would highly recommend him
Do NOT put yourself or your family through a life of Hell. Accepting treatment from Dr. Hitchon has destroyed my life both mentally & physically. Dr. Hitcdhon is the most arrogant man you'll ever meet. He has the most wicked attitude toward his patients and zero remorse for the suffering he causes them. He literally destroyed my life . . . intentionally.
I did not even want to give him a star he was so bad, very unprofessional, also.broke hiipa laws. Told me there was nothing wrong with me and told me to go to the gym with my girlfriends and work out ( not overweight, i am 90 lbs) I went to another neurosurgeon and he did surgery on my lower spine for a large Tarlov cyst, meningocile, my spinal cord was frayed and tethered he had to release that and do a fusion because if all the worn down bone...so there was nothing wrong with me? Really??
I have had a very good experience with Dr. VanBeek. Very easy to talk with and understanding person. I would recommend her to anyone needing her service.
Very bad communication skills.
Kind and calm, explains everything in a way we can understand. She listens and answers all of our questions.
I have been under the care of Dr. Menezes off & on since 1991. Unfortunately, there is nothing this amazing surgeon (or any other surgeon) can do to help me any longer. But, for years, this wonderful Neurosurgeon, with a warm smile & a heart of gold, did everything possible to improve my life! I will tell you that he is very confident in his work & any diagnosis he gives. I wouldn't have it any other way. For this reason, he expects parents & patients to follow his orders. ? Miss Amy
Dr. Menezes fixed my wife's basilar invagination with traction followed by surgery from the back of her neck, avoiding the much more gruesome trans-oral entry (through the back of the throat). She lost some range of motion in her neck, but that was what had to happen. We were warned that it would. She now has much less pain than she did before the surgery, and generally she's been doing well for the past 10 years since the operation. We trust Dr. Menezes implicitly.
Very caring, listens and is thorough. Practices based on latest research. Spends as much time as necessary to answer questions until you understand.
Dr. O was so knowledgeable and helpful to us while my husband battled Islet Cell cancer of the pancreas. He knew so much that our local doctors did not know and I am sure gave us 5 more years of being together that we would not have had if we had not sought him out.
Dr 'O'Do is the most wonderful caring Doctor I have ever known. I have been going to him for 15 years and credit him that I'm still on this earth!
Now in practicing in Providence, RI. Passive-aggressive & condescending at best. Made sure to emphasize she was an ophthalmologist not an optometrist- in fact why I chose her. Cut me off when I was describing my history & said, "I don't know what your talking about." Asking questions, reviewing my prior records & getting to know me would have helped. Could have explained fancy med terms in layperson terms but wanted to show how smart she is. Seems to have a "treat 'em and street 'em" attitude.
Dr. Pagedar is an obviously very talented surgeon.
Dr Liesveld is a leader in her field. I look forward to every appointment with her. I feel completely comfortable in our meetings. I feel that I have put forth the effort to care for myself over the past 5 years, but she has been instrumental in my successes. A truly compassionate doctor who is a success clinically as well in her research. Thank you Doctor!
Excellent doctor. He spent a long time explaining my condition and how he could help me. Very pleasant personality.
He got me in as fast as possible I would recommend Dr Lightfoot to anyone that has any problems with their kidney He is a very caring doctor His scheduling person Jamie is excellent She was very helpful and very caring
Great friendly doctor.
Dr. Maginot is an excellent physician. She is very thorough, kind, and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Maginot.
Such a compassionate and caring physician! He addressed questions and concerns completely and with kindness. Couldn't have asked for better care at a difficult time.
He is a typical male doctor with a god complex who thinks women in pain are hysterical. He didn't take my symptoms seriously, and spent time he should have been listening making condescending small talk. After an endoscopy and switching to a new doctor, turns out I had two more digestive diseases in addition to the one I was seeing him for in the first place. He didn't even tell me I had GERD or esophageal scarring after the endoscopy, just gave me a prescription. His secretary is also rude.
Dr. Nancy Sharma walked hand in hand with me during my tough diagnosis of stage IV colon cancer. She was very informative and took time at each visit to listen to me and my family.
Dr. Sugg is amazing. Extremely competent, caring and wonderful with patients and their families. Dr. Sugg's bedside manner is only surpassed by her skills as a surgeon and CARE TAKER! She is very good at explaining options and recommending the healthiest care plan. Her staff is well chosen, competent and under great leadership. Dr. Sugg and her staff take extra time to ensure you understand what is going to happen and what risks are involved. My trust in Dr. Sugg is 110%
Dr. Sugg is a great surgeon. She helped me with breast cancer. She has pioneered techniques that help with a great visual outcome. She takes time with patients. She is a good communicator. Highly recommend.
This blog written by my mom about my health crisis says it honestly. Dr. Soubra was there pursuing life for me through it all. https://cindigale.com/2016/10/07/a-time-to-mourn-and-a-time-to-dance/
I found Dr. Sugg to be so competent, personal, and attentive. Amazing to me that she is a surgeon--who I've found don't necessarily have the best bedside manner!
After a work related accident, I was under stress, a lot of pain and more. Dr. Stec was with another hospital affiliation in Iowa City, Iowa and was not sympathetic to my issues. She even wrote in my file comments that she did not believe my pain and discomfort were real. Dr. Stec basically wrote me off like a cheap, microwaved meal. I still live with the pain that SHE claims was false. I will never forgive her for the malpractice against me.
My husband was already diagnosed with PLS at a hospital in another state, but the drive was taxing on him. Dr. Swenson examined him for 10 minutes and told him she didn't see ANYTHING wrong with him! Then my husband saw her again about a month and a half later--not by his choice--she was the one they had him see. She told him to get counseling!!! I've never seen my husband so pissed off in all his life!! HE NOW HAS ALS!!!! She is a clueless idiot.
Very knowledgeable, a good listener, great problem solver who loves her work
Dr Wald is without question, one of the finest specialists I have ever been to. His concern for his patients and bedside manner is fantastic, he strives to make sure you as a patient understand your individual situation and how he can help.
No empathy. No eye contact. No competence. Expensive and coded my visit in a way that my BC/BS Alliance Select health insurance (a good plan) wouldn't pay for it.

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Removal Of Foreign Body From External Eye
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Drug Or Food Challenge
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Epidural Lysis Of Adhesions (Loa)
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Hip Replacement Revision
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Intracranial Vessel Angioplasty And Stenting
Intraocular Lens Implant Surgery
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Open Thymectomy
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Repair Of Entropion Or Ectropion
Repair Of Eye Laceration
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Shoulder Fracture Treatment
Spine Fracture Treatment
Stellate Ganglion Block
Stenting, Intracranial Vessels
Stereotactic Radiosurgery
Stereotactic Surgery
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Transendoscopic Stent Placement
Trigger Finger Release
Ureteroneocystostomy With Robotic Assistance
Varicose Vein Procedure
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Yag Laser Capsulotomy
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