I'd give this place 0 stars if I could. Drove all the way to Davenport, IA from Madison, WI for an IV ketamine infusion for depression, Dr Dooley came in and immediately started berating me with a half smirk on his face, disrespecting Dr Keil, my family doctor for 20 years, who has helped me tremendously. Basically 4-5 minutes of him arguing with me, ranting about the injections I've gotten (that actually help). Awful, I walked out rather than take his abuse and tone.
I was a patient of Dr. Dooley and his Nurse Practitioner. My complaint is with Dr Dooley. I felt he had zero empathy for my specific needs and was very demeaning and made me feel as though I should not have been there. Other Dr's I had worked with or been a patient of were empathetic and treated my needs. I think you should expect more out of a health professional as they are your advocate. I would never recommend him, period.
Heleped my dad and I! Def worth the drive, Friendly staff and nurses
Great doctor knows exactly what he is doing., wouldn't go to anyone else.
Great doctor, enjoyed visiting with him. He really helped control my pain
Amazing smart dr. Go to him if you are in any kind of pain. really knows what he is tAlking about.
Dr really helped me out, got an injection in my back and can actually stand with out hurting
friendly staff, awesome dr.
Rfa done by dr dooley really helped.
wonderful doctor. clinic in burlingon is so nice.
good dr.
Great dr. and staff
Dr. Dooley is an excellent dr. He really has helped me get my life back together! the injection really did work.
I have been plagued with back pain for most of my adult life. I have been to many doctors and all they ever did was give me pain pills that never worked. I had one visit with one of the people in his office and my back feels better than it is has in at least 15 years. If you have severe back pain I would recommend that you give them a chance.
Understandingh dr, takes the time to go over everything with you answers all the questions you have, staff is very easy to get a hold of if you have any problems
Helpful dr. dr that actually knows what he is doing and talking about.
understanding DR. got in and out in a timely matter. staff is wonderful.
love the atmosphere and dr. he really helped with my dad and his care with chronic back pain.
great dr. been to 3 drs and he finally figured out what her problem was. thanks for taking care of my grandma. Also great nurse practioner
I finally found someone that actually cares about my health.
Caring dr. and know what he is talking bout.
Wonderful doctor. Takes time with each patients makes sure you understand everything.
Every time I had top notch experience with him and the NP's. The staff was very friendly.
Dr. Dooley is wonderful. He helped me tremendously and I will be forever grateful of him..
I have had migraines for years and felt like giving up. I was never told the medicine I was on to help them would actually make it worse. It has been a long journey but I am now down to only 2 migraines a month. I can play with my kids!
My husband has had back surgery three times and has been poked by many doctors saying they can relieve his pain. Nothing has worked. Bill went forward with a stimulator and he is healing well and I am so happy. Thank you, thank you!
Dr. Dooley spent so much time explaining to me things nobody else had. Thank you for helping me understand why I'm in pain.
Egomaniac, arrogant, laughs at the diagnosis & records of other Drs. Pushes medications and procedures on you. Very unprofessional, rude, abusive. Makes assumptions on past experience of his own or biased stereotypes. Very condescending. Do not go to this DR! You'll regret it!!
Dr. Dooley is well experienced in handling patients with complex pain conditions and has a very clear approach by setting expectations for his patients so they are successful. It is not uncommon for patients to come to his clinic seeking medications as that's all they've previously been treated with and for Dr. Dooley to explain how this treatment isn't the best option and that the medications are not going to work. Patients usually fall under two categories: greatful or hateful. See reviews
Not in room most of time surgery taking place !
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