I had carpal and ulnar tunnel surgery on my hand. The outcome was very poor. My hand is partially numb. I am sorrry I ever went to see Dr. Yanish. Each surgery he did on my hand made it progressively worse. He argued that it required time and he was the best surgeon. Both are wrong statements on his part. I have seen other hand surgeons but unfortunately the damage he has done is complete and can't be reversed. Maybe others have had good outcomes but I have not.
Very professional, explains X-rays in detail, after detailed explanations he gives options, allows time for questions. We would highly recommend this doctor as well as Capitol Ortho. Dr. Crites & Dr. Jacobsen are awesome as well. Wouldn't go to any other facility. Thank you so much for your courteous & awesome service you provide. Darcey B & family
I have dealt with multiple surgeons, and Dr. Yanish has proven to be an excellent surgeon with a great bedside manner. I would highly recommend Dr. Yanish to anyone in need of his specialty.
I have had 2 surgeries for cubital tunnel (one to each arm) and am very pleased with the results. In addition Dr. Yanish is extremely personable as well as the staff there. Would highly recommend him to anyone.
I was referred to Dr Lee by my family physician. I was impressed by his expertise. He was honest in his assessment of recovering from a broken fibula and surgery. His assistant Trina was most helpful going above and beyond her duties. I would highly recommend Dr. Lee and his staff!
This was the most fantastic surgical procedure in every way. They were professional, clear and concise with instructions, managed expectations, and produced incredible results. I have known several other people who have had carpel tunnel surgery as recently as within the last month, and they had a very different outcome with the procedure. It was much more invasive, scaring, and recovery and pain were longer and much more severe. Recovery was painless and required no pain meds.
I would just like to comment on how kind, considerate and friendly Dr. Yanish and all the staff at the surgery center were. They helped me relax and not be weary of my surgery. I would definitely go there again and also recommend them for anyone else needing their services.
I had carpal tunnel release done to both wrists and cubital release on right side. I am extremely happy with the care I received and the results.
Dr. Formanek is very experienced and professional. I would recommend him to anyone who needs hand surgery. Not only is he kind, but he is a very talented surgeon.
Excellent! Professional, personable, and thrilled with results of my carpal tunnel endoscopic release surgeries.
Dr. Yanish did a great job on my wrist surgery. The scar is very minimal and I had immediate relief from the pain of my locked tendon. My Occupational Therapist locally knew his work and talked about how good of a surgeon he is. I would definitely recommend him.
What a wonderful experience this carpal tunnel release surgery was. Compared to other one years ago by another doctor this one was a piece of cake. Friendliness and willingness to help was such a relief. I would recommend Dr. Yanish to everyone that needs carpal tunnel surgery. Excellent job by the surgery center in WDM as well.
Four years ago he did a right shoulder replacement for me. Wonderful results. I am looking forward to Him doing my left shoulder as soon as possible.
Wouldn't let him operate on my dog. He does not care one bit about his patients. He won't let the anesthesiologist do nerve blocks for pain control because he doesn't want to wait the 5 minutes. My son was in such horrible pain after a shoulder surgery that could have easily been prevented with a nerve block. Should not be allowed to practice medicine.
I would NEVER RECOMMEND dr Bolden. He is the most rudest dr. I have seen him several times. When he did a knee replacement on me , and it didn't hold and had to do it over, then he was real rude. When I would call him, he'd tell his nurse to tell me I was fine there was nothing wrong with me, with not listening to what was wrong. He was so Rude!!! From there on.
He was very informative on the carpel tunnel surgeries and told me what to expect. The surgery didn't take long and I was out of the recovery within 2 hours. I did both hands in a matter of 2 months and couldn't be more pleased with the results. I should have done this earlier. I would recommend him as his surgery appears to be least evasive and I really have no scars to show from the surgeries.
Dr. Formanek is the best. Great patient/Dr. relationship. Listens to my problem and did a great job fixing my pain in my hand.
Dr. Yanish was amazing he explained every thing wit my carpal tunnel and when it was time for surgery he explained what he was going to do. I had both hands done. Now I can grab stuff and not drop it , I can open things I can make a fist and stretch out my fingers. I would recommend mend him to family and friends. Dr.Yanish is awesome and amazing doctor. Has that personal touch.
I was treated by Dr. Yanish for carpal tunnel. He is a talented professional, who was able to diagnose my symptoms immediately, and then surgically correct the problem. Within 2-weeks I was diagnosed, and then surgery was performed. Recovery time went by quickly, and easily. Dr. Yanish AND his staff are a wonderful group, and they make their patients feel well taken care of. I would recommend Dr. Yanish to anyone who needs a hand surgeon, as I did.
I've been going to Dr.Jacobson for over a year. He listens to you, when you talk. He cares about your pain, your going through. Example: I was they're today, because about a few weeks ago, I had two cortisone shots in each knee. I have arthritis in both my knees. The pain usually goes away in a couple days. This time, it didn't effect me at all. I was still in pain. So he had me take x-rays to see what's going on. Well come to find out, I have no cartledge in my knee. Thank you Dr.Jacobson.
Left First MPJ Arthrosurface Implant for treatment of Hallux Rigdus. She was very patient listening to my many questions.
I would normally be terrified to have surgery (especially on my hand considering I'm a hair stylist), but I wasn't nervous at all. He seemed so confident and excited to repair my cut tendon and he actually listened to my concerns about not being able to work for 6 weeks. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Yanish.
Can't believe the work he did on my hand... I went from very little use to full mobility... He changed my life.
Total jerk... He was even rude to his staff.
I was her last appointment before lunch. I feel I was rushed out and not given adequate time to describe my symptoms or the pain I was experiencing. I would not recommend anyone to her.
I had a bunion removed and everything from beginning to end went smoothly. Dr. Frerichs explains in detail what is going to be happening and genuinely cares for her patients.
I was injured in an automobile accident with trama to my left hip. My regular doctor ordered a lower lumbar MRI and sent me to Dr Boulden. He barely examined me and immediately dismissed me as non surgical and didn't care to listen to any of my concerns. I would never recommend a family or friend seeing this doctor. I left his office more confused than when I arrived.
Dr. Yanish was patient, answered questions and explained all options. I felt included in all discussion, and didn't feel uncomfortable or out of place. Finalizing the nerve test results, he remembered and followed up another issue, without notes. The day of surgery I had complications with the insertion of an IV. Dr. Yanish went over and beyond the role of surgeon to accommodate my situation. During the follow up he continued to inform me of on going healing and what to expect.
As a former college athlete I had a couple areas that need repaired. He did an excellent job putting me back into action.
Did a great job repairing my distal bicep tendon.
Great bedside manner, very down to earth and easy to talk to. His staff were all very nice.
I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome after years of pain, numbness, tingling and lack of sensitivity. The office, first of all, is organized better than any medical office I've ever been in. The entire staff that I encountered was kind, patient, and thorough about explaining what to expect and what I needed to do. Dr. Yanish is the same way. He performed a bilateral carpal tunnel endoscopy on 12/19 and by 12/30, I'm almost back to normal. The scarring is minimal and I feel great!
I saw Dr. Yanish to have a right lateral epicondylectomy and repair of common extensor origin. Once surgery was indicated he kept me informed on why surgery was needed, the desired outcome and what was expected me to achieve that outcome. His explanations and expectations were clear and understandable. I would gladly, and highly, recommend Dr. Yanish to family and friends.
Tells u how its going to go and takes to family great i would recommend him anytime surgey went great and hamds doing 100 percent better
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