I have been seeing Dr. St. John for about 1 year. I have a very serious medical condition. She always approaches me in a kind and caring manner. She listens to my input about my health and medication and values what I have to say. She makes me feel like we are a team and asks me how I feel if my medicine is working/dosage. I am grateful to have her as my RA and I recommend her if you need this type of doctor.
I'd never go back to Dr. Kay ever again. He is always an hour and a half late to all his appointments. Whenever he does get around to seeing you he's in there for less than 5 minutes. I've seen him 4 times and had surgery with him (which was also a poor decision) and I've talked to him for under 10 minutes total. He did ACL reconstruction surgery on me and messed up the surgery! The pin in my was never attached properly. If you have the choice, and you do, go elsewhere.
Overall excellent care from start to finish. Would not go anywhere else.
I had shoulder pain for years due to a fall. Dr Levenda DX the injury. Conservative management didn't work so I had surgery to repair my shoulder. It was a rough recovery and I had several issues along the way. He was always easy to get appointments on just a few hours notice. The staff was super helpful with insurance issues also. I ?? Dr Levenda and LBJI
She did not fix my "Baseball finger" even though I followed all direction to a tee in the care of it and rehab.
I am a runner and was experiencing knee pain and swelling after my workouts. Dr. Levenda reviewed my x-rays with me, did a thorough hands-on exam and discussed helpful solutions to my knee problem. He took his time with me and listened. After following his advice, I have been able to continue running and required no further intervention. I would recommend Dr. Levenda wholeheartedly!!
I went to see Dr. Levenda for my shoulder after having injury playing volleyball at the Y. He was quick and easy to get into. I had an injection (not painful at all) and he sent me to therapy. He told me I could go to therapy wherever I wanted but I chose to stay at LBJI because it is close to my work. The therapist was great and I am back to playing volleyball in 6 weeks. I am happy I went to see him instead of suffering without treatment.
by Michael Bell on Jul 28th, 2016 I went to this doctor for a meniscus repair. The meniscus repair ended up at only a 5% area on outer edge. He also decided to "clean up a little of that cartilage." I've been in pain and a trip around the grocery store is about all I've been able to handle these last two years since the operation. He did lubrication shots (no help, more money for him.) Finally he had me try a voltaren gel and said if it didn't help "I don't know what to tell you." That was
Canceled appointment three times with no access to associate or alternative to medical care
Dr. Levenda and staff took very good care of me when i hurt my leg.
Dr. Levenda is the best! I have taken my kids to see him several times for sports injuries and he always takes great care of them. There is never a wait to get in to see him and his staff is very helpful with scheduling. He is very knowledgeable and we trust him wholeheartedly! I know he is very busy and we really appreciate the time he spends with us- even if it is quick! Would recommend to anyone with sports injuries!
Dr. Stern ordered X-rays, reviewed my surgeries of the left foot and explained how the mechanics of my foot contributed to the Achilles Tendonitis. I now wear compression stockings, have custom orthotics, and experience relief from the heel pain. Also a review of my X-rays indicated progressive arthritis with formation of heel spurs. It's wonderful to understand what is going on in my feet and how to treat it. In addition I really appreciated the time Dr. Stern spent with me.
It was absolutely ridiculous! I was completely rushed! I didn't even get done filling out my original paperwork and was out the door. He did not listen to my concerns! And I don't know I was taken seriously! He did nothing! And he wouldn't listen to me!
Received a referral to see Dr Levenda concerning my constant shoulder pain. He identified the problem which required surgery. His approach and effectiveness was excellent. With the repair and rehab I am now free of all pain and have restored all motion.
Dr. Musgrave is very friendly and easy to talk with. He explained the issue in simple terms. Did not have to wait long in the waiting office.
Dr. Nath is a wonderful and caring doctor. She goes the extra mile. Her assistant Andrea is just as caring. Often when I have an appointment,I am in so much pain. They try to comfort me before I get my injection.
The entire experience was very pleasant even when he told me feet were in terrible shape. Very professional
I experienced shoulder pain from years of playing raquetball. Dr. Levenda listened to my story and knew right away what I was describing. He explained his process to my wife's satisfaction and the surgery was a success. I am back on the quart playing as well a I can for my age.
He was was such a nice guy. I could tell he really cared about my knee problems. I've been having knee pain and clicking in my knee since I was a teenager. I won't go into the details, but he knew exactly what it was and with some simple therapy I am now doing great! Ladies, you can really trust this doctor.
I have seen Dr. Levenda for both my knee and shoulder. He has always been very gracious with his time when I have a question or am not sure of his diagnosis. I appreciate the fact that he is on time, even though it might be nice if he spent some more time with me I know he has hundreds of patients who are waiting to see him every week so I'm just glad that I can get in to see him. His time may be limited, but his evaluations have been spot on for me and he is on time.
I felt rushed and I felt that because I wasn't an athlete, I did not get taken seriously. Again - I felt like he rushed through my visit.
Great doctor. Straight forward and doesn't sugar coat diagnosis. Honest with how he tells you the outcome of your surgery will be. Did 2 shoulder surgeries on me. Will defiantly use him for anything else I may need. Also he has treated my wife and son. Trusted dr. Gruszka fully with my loved ones.

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