If you're pregnant and wanting to have a beautiful experience delivering your child, do yourself a favor and make sure it's not with this man. 5 years later I still cringe at the way I was treated and in how traumatic my experience was, all because he showed no patience, no empathy, or consideration. It's already scary enough giving birth your first time. Dr. Meekhof didn't even explain anything to me, only scoffed at me when I wasn't pushing hard enough, and the new threatened me with a C-sec.
I wasn't a big Meekhoff fan. He seemed to work really hard to get my husband to like him, and he often talked to my husband at appointments instead of me. He was also not very supportive of me as a patient. He laughed off some of my concerns and made me feel silly for feeling a certain way. I was also very anxious before each appointment because he repeatedly told me I needed to watch my weight, yet told me I couldn't exercise. I was relieved when another doctor delivered my daughter.
Strictly a numbers guy for thyroid, not caring how you feel or how your metabolism is working. Appt was a waste of time and energy
I have seen Dr. Balog for a couple of conditions. I have found her to be an excellent listener, who asks insightful questions. Both compassionate and straightforward, her advice has always produced good results. I have a great deal of confidence in her expertise.
I would recommend Dr. Credi to others. He treated me twice, in an emergency surgery for a perforated bowel and to restore the resulting colostomy 9-weeks later. He also treated my spouse for a very difficult infection near her breast. All procedures were successful, done with dispatch. He was sensitive to my desire for release from the hospital with due regard for safety. He seems to be a man in hurry with a limited beside manner but this does not belie his skill as a surgeon.
Dr. Meekhof is one of the best OB/GYN doctors around. He takes time to listen to you, has a warm personality, and is very supportive.
Dr. Falcone knows her stuff, but she's very straightforward, which makes her not so personable.
He is simply great!
Hee did totalk knee replacement on both of my knees. Great job. It has been 13 yrs. And 11yrs since knees were done. Painter yrs. Thanks you doctor.
Dr. Credi is an excellent general surgeon as well as cancer and vascular surgeon. He saved my life when I had breast cancer and than again several years later I needed carotid artery surgery. Again, he reduced my chances of having a stroke due to a clogged artery. He has always been kind, considerate and professional. I trust him surgically with my life.
Absolutely not! I would have thought the medical board would have stripped him of his license to practice anywhere, ever again!
Didn't listen to why I was there to then tell me he doesn't do those treatments. He could have said that the first visit instead of wasting my time and insurance dollars. I'm 52 male with severe osteoporosis, low testosterone, HIV+ 25 yrs. lost 45 lbs and unable to gain back. But according to him I didn't have enough deficiencies for any treatment.
This past weekend I gave birth to my daughter at Memorial. Dr. Evangelista was the dr on shift while we were there. This doctor was extremely rude and had the worst bedside manner of any doctor I've ever seen. When checking me for dilation, she was very rough and didn't bother explaining what she was doing. She went on to tell me how I was hysterical and needed to calm down. She also insisted that I get an epidural even after I told her I didn't intend on getting one. You do not want this dr.
I would consider Dr. Cavanaugh and recommend him highly. I waited a long time for my appointment but I'm glad I did.Dr.Cavanaugh was very informative and took time to explain any questions. The reason I waited for an appointment was because he was highly recommended.
LOVE Dr. Meekhof. He always explains everything very well and takes time with you. I never feel rushed or unsure of anything when I leave my appts with him. Always in and out of my appts and front desk staff is great!
Very efficient office visits that are quick and to the point. Dr. Harder listens to my needs well and responds with the proper treatments. Dr. Harder and staff are willing to work with you on ensuring you do not pay obscene amounts for prescriptions whenever possible.
He's a great doctor! Usually always on time may be 10 min behind but that's ok. In the room he takes time to answer questions or concerns if none hes straight to the point.
I would recommend Dr. Latief beca u se he is very thorough about making sure you have the right combination of meds for your condition. He asks lots of questions and realll y listens to what you say. His staff is pleasant caring and I feel comfortable with them. Ypu feel an aura of confidence about their practice. I have been impressed with their overall care.
She refused to listing to me about the medicine she put me on that it wasn't working
Super friendly and straight forward. Took care of our daughters broken arm with 2 pins and was very aware of her feelings since she is only 3.
Just try to get an appointment with Dr Cavanaugh.....you won't for a long long time.
I would not recommend going to him for thyroid. I went to him for almost a year and he did absolutely nothing for me. Very condescending and rude. The very last draw for me was when I called having symptoms of to much thyroid medication, he left a very rude messenger stating my thyroid is fine and refused to see me or do lab work. My gp then referred me to another Endo for me to learn that I had been over medicate for the past year. This man clearly does not care about his patients.
I read the bad reviews on this site and was nervous to meet Dr. Park. Luckily she is nothing like what was posted on here. Yes she's no-nonsense and a truthful, straight-to-the-point type of person, but I like that. She wants to work with you to help your pain not just prescribe a bunch of opiates and hope your liver can handle it. So great doctor if you want to help your pain, if you're looking for a pill pusher look elsewhere.
Rude and incompetent. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.
Surgical procedure on both feet of a female teen patient. Parents kept in-the-loop, all details and possible consequences explained, follow-up care careful and personal.
Very disappointed, In January when I called for refill my medication they told that I have to do lab work and ultrasound so I have done but nobody called me with results. 3 months later when I called again for refill she wouldn't refill till she sees me and gave me 2 days or find different doctor. I can't just get day off day like that. She just want your money. She can't see anything by just looking at me, she had my ultrasound and lab work but wouldn't refill.
The worst experience ever, she there just for money. Very mean stuff
I was very impressed with Dr. Park. She really listened to what I was saying and respected my medical knowledge and experiences. With one office visit and an MRI, she was able to pin point a probable cause for my intense pain and weakness...something other doctors have been trying to do for 4 years.
Unnecessary lab work & didn't see anaphylaxis 1)Visit required antibiotics&bloodtest.Nurse said it was ok to eat right before test.MD now wanted fasting bloodtest b/c of high glucose.antibiotic MD prescribed&me eating was the reason for the rise-she didn't know the antibiotic rose glucose. 2)Had allergy shot 40mins before seeing MD&mentioned to nurse delayed anaphlyaxis.MD did nothing about it.Walked over to allergy dept after appt&was promptly epi-pen by allergist.Poor understanding by nurse&MD
Do NOT go to him. It's a lot to explain my story. You are better off just talking my review for what it is and searching for any other doctor.
I would not recommend this doctor to anyone. During a routine procedure, he did not measure for the proper instrument and almost killed me. I woke up 10 days later in ICU, stayed in hospital an additional 7 days, was out of work for 4 months and now, 4 years later, everything still isn't right.
Doesn't follow up with patient after tests performed; can be arrogant and doesn't like to explain herself and her actions to patient.
Absolutely horrendous experience. She is very rude and doesn't care to listen. I have never been spoken to with such disrespect from a physician.
He is truly an amazing, compassionate, patient doctor.
My experiences with Dr. Tachman have always been good ones. He is thorough, kind and has a wonderful rapport with me. He's been my endocrinologist for over 15 years and I would recommend him to any diabetic or person suffering with a thyroid condition.
Very Rude Explained how there was a man who climbed Mt. Everest with 2 feet who both had torn achilles heels plus Chronic Demyelinating polyneuropathy. So if he could do it then I didn't need any pain control.

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