My son was scheduled to have a cleaning by this doctor, which all my children have seen for 20 years. Recently moving over an hour away, we were a few minutes (9) late due to traffic. Upon arrival, we were told we would have to wait awhile, then told later to reschedule. I am very loyal, however the front desk girl was smug about the whole thing. Sadly I don't think we will return. This office used to have a small office feel, now it's just as bad as the one he left years ago.
This happened 12 years ago, I was told my daughter didn't have cavities, but t I needed to make another appt to put sealant on her teeth, Staff insisted I make appt then.She said I need to sign the form authorizing the sealant. I did. Then at next appt. Dr. Fishbaugh said to his asst., I wouldn't do this to my own children's teeth, but we need to do this every now and then for the bottom line. He then drilled my daughter's tooth. i was told I signed formed authorizing the drilling and filling.

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