I am not happy with Dr Stirling because I saw her one time after waiting several months to see a Dr. she examined me for 5 minutes and decided to change my medications without consulting me. I believe a Dr needs to consult the patient about the patient's care. Dr Stirling did order some tests but had her office staff tell me Dr Stirling was changing my medication and the staff member scolded me publicly in front of several people This was humiliating. I believe this was very unprofessional.
She took me on as new paitient in Jan knowing she was closing practice and I had not been to A DR IN 6 PLUS YEARS. I pur my faith in her after being afraid of Dr's for so longl. She never once informed me of closing. I still have an abdominal/pelvic ct I have no clue as to results due to her neglegence of informing us she was closing. I feel she had no reguard for me as patient or person. Just biling insurance. So sad I has high hopes foe her helping.
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