Unfriendly staff and very unprofessional . Took them three weeks to tell me my prescription wasn't covered by insurance and I'm the one who had to call them.
Arrogant, rude, pompous. Condescending. Spent time trying to impress me with all of his degrees. Refused to accept MRI discs from Ortho Indy, only wanted report. i Question his ability to read the films. Treats his patient like drug addicts. Absolutely would not recommend this physician..
Rude cow judgmental and lies to your face
He is inconsiderate and rude. His office staff is very unprofessional. I can never talk to him, never get a return call. He double books appointments and surgery at the same time. Worst doctor I've ever experienced. He could care less about patient care. His office constantly double bills my insurance then tries to add that on my bill when insurance denies it. He's a joke!
Dr.Klim is VERY kind & patient. He has the best balance of bedside manner & confidence in his professional care. Perfect combination for someone that has chronic pain.
I've been a patient for 1.5 years--HE'S A GREAT DOCTOR! If you have the expectation of not following your treatment plan, or if you're a pill-seeker, or if you haven't read Indiana's Bitter Pill Law, then Dr. Klim's office isn't for you. It's time for pain patients to wake up from their fog & face the Bitter Pill Law's reality, Read it! He does his job and he's very good at it. I've never had a problem with the staff either. The Haters need to be upset with the Bitter Pill Law, not Dr. Klim.
My family doctor had already determined my problem and diagnosis, but he couldn't write that particular prescription (new state law). All I needed from Dr Klim was a prescription, but he wanted to order this test, and that procedure. I did get my prescription...at a cost. Simple office visits were... $3,000 for the first visit, and $1,700 for the second (after the discount) IMO, he's out to as much out of you and your insurance company as possible, while putting your well being second.
Dr. Klim is a good spine & pain doctor. I have learned you have to be patient. You have to be transparent & be willing to work on a plan as a new patient which takes a few apts. When you're able to work on a same level of trust & truth; Dr. Klim will truly help you out. DONT come in expecting a quick fix because he's out to commit for a long-term goal. If you're not willing show patience, you're pushy,demanding on 1st apt you should seek elsewhere. I have alot of new found respect & care for Dr.
I have been seeing Dr. Klim for about a year now and feel he is a good doctor and I'm glad I got set up with him. My previous pain doctor never spent any time with me and only treated me with pain pills so I got a referral to Dr. Klim instead. And even though he is farther away from where I live I am much happier with Dr. KLim. I even reccomended him to my mother who is elderly and has a lot of back pain. Overall I am very pleased.
Dr klims whole office experience had been incompetent. The wait time is at least as hour, they don't call in meds when they say they will. Went for procedure and not only was product not ordered, lass not even called into insurance..so procedure was not done. Took time of work, needless to say...if procedure wasn't dire this Dr and his incompetent staff would not be a pay off my life right now.....NOT RECOMMENDED
I only waited for 15 minutes for my appointment. The staff was very kind and helpful. I was nervous to go see Dr. Klim because of all the negative comments. In my opinion he is a very knowledgable doctor and wants to help me live my life as close to pain free as possible. He explained the whole process to me, asked questions and answered all of my questions. We were able to come to an agreement on the best treatment. I believe if you follow the rules and always communicate, you will be happy.
He is skilled and Knowledgeable in his field of practice, has a noticeable good moral and honest character,my one and only suggestion is he could do a little more I feel with making his patients feel comfortable around him,he is not very good in my opinion with the old school family doctor way to make a patient feel welcome and listened too, he is strictly business, which isn't all bad, but a little small talk goes a long way in having a long lasting and trusting patient/doctor relationship
Listens and has helped me find the right meds for my chronic pain.
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