Best doctor I've had in decades knowledgeable, really listens, patient and caring. A blessing.
I wish I could give zero stars. She has horrible bedside manner and doesn't listen to your concerns. Very arrogant!
She's a fine Doctor...been going to her for awhile..
Very focused, friendly and listens well. Has the ability to make difficult procedures go well.
I have been seeing Dr. Thakkar for about 3yrs, and I can honestly say that she has been the most kind, most caring and patient doctor that I have ever seen. She really takes her time to make sure that all of my questions and concerns are taking care of with each visit. If I have questions between visits, her staff is always very quick to get back to me with an answer from Dr. Thakker. She doesn't overbook her patients and I rarely have to wait more than 10-15 minutes to see her.
I was very disappointed with the staff at Dr Smiths office in Dyer IN. First they wanted me to leave my autistic child in the waiting room alone even after I told them he could wonder off. Then after finally being allowed to bring him back so I could help with my mother in law was told that since I was not her power of attorney they would not be able to treat her! Dr Smith did nothing. I could not believe this! He treated her 4 years ago! So disgusted with this office!
Kind & considerate. Listens to me and asks questions. Dr Smith called me on a Sunday with my positive test results (good news)
Dr Smith was kind and compassionate. He listened to my symptoms and tried his best to figure out what he could or could not do for me.
Everything was good on the phone and they sent me the forms to fill out. The wait time to get an appointment was a fair amount of time. I was told to arrive 15 minutes early and we did. I wanted my wife with me we waited a hour and a half from 11:10 to 12:05 then went up to receptionist to ask how much longer and it was like I was bothering her she told me when a room becomes available so I went back and sat down waited a little while longer and got up and left. Should not have to wait that long
Dan failed to provide critical information on my test results for eight months due to his inability or lack of computer knowledge in opening My Charts in the Community Hospital data base. He has promised medication he was unable to provide due to his lack of procedural knowledge. His staff has sent my prescriptions to wrong fax numbers resulting in months of delay. If he says he going to treat you like his brother; watch out
Dr Thanker took her time with me. Asked me a few times if I had any questions. She made sure I had an appointment for a biopsy she wanted done asap. I like her, she seems like a very good and caring doctor.
Very special Doctor Professional and very Patient friendly and very skilled !!
This man is not an internal medicine doctor and I can barely call him a human being. I went to him after my actual internal medicine doctor changed hospitals (as many of the good doctors are doing) and the new 1 didnt accept my insurance. He will not talk to my speciality doctors and make a care plan, instead he makes me go to them everytimeI need a anything. He demeans you, & if you need more then Tylenol or a flu shot, he is completely worthless. I wouldn't send my dog to him.
Dr. Hamburg is the absolute worst. I had the worst experience with him delivering my baby. I saw a different OBGYN, but he was on call when my baby was born. The nurses warned me when I was in labor that he is a "superstar" and does not like to be called in. He did not stitch me up right after I gave birth and I had to get surgery. Also my baby had complications after a 100% healthy pregnancy. Horrible bedside manner. STEER CLEAR FROM THIS MAN!
One of the nicest doctors I have ever met. Felt like he really listens and is thorough.
He takes whatever time thats needed for your problem. Explains things in simple terms and completely. I would highly recommend.
I have seen Linda Gatto twice both times were an excellent experience. She is accurate, kind and spends time making sure you understand your treatment.
He's not for everyone. He has no tolerance or empathy his patients. He did the least he could. Would not recomend him.
Several of the front office staff members are inept to the point of being rude and insulting. Their sole objective seems to be to make sure that no patient gets to see a physician unless they are completely satisfied that the patient has appropriate insurance coverage or other means of payment. The level of communication skills of these front office staffers is poor, and there is little evidence that they have empathy for the patients' physical and emotional situations.
He is extremely thorough. He is always patient and thoughtful in explaining everything about my problems. I have multiple medical issues and he is great about collaborating with my other doctors in coordinating my care. It is also great that he is funny and kind.
I waited 2 months had two referrals and nobody called me back so I finally called and they explained I was a case she was interested in! What a poor excuse for a dr. And staff
Dr. Hamburg is simply the best! Super approachable and very REAL! He listens and talks things out rather than tell and push you out the door! He has a great sense of humor and always makes one feel comfortable! Highly recommend him!!
Horrible bedside manner! Arrogant! Took my 2 daughters because we needed a new pediatrician. He made both girls feel very uncomfortable due to his rudeness. We left during the visit.
I have been seeing Dr Cantorna for over 18 years. He is intelligent, to the point, and has always worked with me to do what is best for my health. He has diagnosed me with pneumonia where others missed it, and is a all around good doctor. He is blunt, and doesn't mince words. I want a doctor who actually listens to my concernss, and in turn is brutally honest with me, if this is not your cup of teas, he is not your man.
He is a fast talker and appears slightly arrogant, so some people may not like his attitude. that being said, I trust his opinion...and don't mind the I consider him a good doctor who speaks his mind.
The doctor was not friendly and without knowing much of my history wanted to put me on pills for anxiety and depression within meeting her for 2 minutes. Did not listen to me.
This man is very matter of fact and ready to attack. He had read about my case before my first appointment and knew what he was walking into. Hes not a smoke blower, and he reached that comfort level with me immediately. I'm completely confident that Dr. Joyce will find out what is wrong with me, where so many other doctors over a period of 8 years have dropped the ball. He knows his stuff. Period.
I see multiple doctors and Dr. Joyce is one of my favorite doctors. I really enjoy my visits. He listens and takes time with each patient. He really gets into his profession and I'm so glad I'm a patient of his. Highly recommend Dr. Joyce.
My annual physical was a joke - she literally did NOTHING but ask a few questions and checked my vitals... attempted to have me book another appointment in order to bill be again (for nothing???).
Very patient and very caring.
I was able to get into Dr. Rachoy quite quickly. Dr. and staff very friendly, knowledgeable, clean office. I essentially had no wait time. Taken to office right at my appointment time. I felt very comfortable and at ease.
Hi, My rhuematologist referred me to this doctor. I have been dealing with illness and problems caused by injuries, arthritis and of course this means I have had to deal with many many doctors from all walks of life. I met this doctor today for the first time. I cannot believe how thorough he was, not to mention what a kind gentlemen even with some trust issues I felt safe and believe he cares about me. I admit sometimes I can be a grumpy older man but this doctor gets my highest rating
Patient, kind, thorough, and spends as much time as needed to help with any issues. He goes above and beyond as a dr.
Horrible!!! She goes through the motions, bills you and then will not reissue prescriptions unless you come in for another office visit. Makes up problems where there aren't any to make you schedule another office visit. RUN!!!!
I've been going to Alicia myself for years now and she has been wonderful. I recently had a baby and after trying several pediatricians I didn't care for, I brought my daughter to see Alicia and she was amazing with her. She's very kind and I've never felt rushed...I would recommend her to anyone!
Took little time with my children. Said my son had a cold and prescribed no medication. 2 days later we were in the E.R., and found out he had pneumonia. Worst NP around. Stay away.
It has been my experience that Dr. Kapoor is very invested in and concerned about her patients. She is empathetic and knowledgeable. She explores the best treatment for your individual case.
Dr. Rademacher wanted to put my son on a very strong med at a very young age for mild asthma. I was not happy. We found another allergist and never went back. From what I have seen he tends to overmedicate.
I have been with Dr. Reich for a long time. He is the best Dr. I have been to for my problems and I couldn't ask for a better Dr. He will be miss.
Dr. Rademaker goes above and beyond. He has his office call with suggestions to help, he tries to find coupons to save on prescriptions, he listens to everything you say and goes from there. Very Kind.
Dr. Javors and staff are friendly, helful all around agreat group of people. Dr. Javors did a reconstruction of my right hip. I came to him after another doctor left it broke for a year. He explained very thing he was going to do, how long the surgery should take. I have to have a replacement at some point and I will not go to any other doctor. Would recameand Dr. Javors and stuff to anyone. Thank you Dr.Javors and staff.
I scheduled my first appointment to see Dr Joyce and had to wait approximately 8 weeks which wasn't an issue until the day before my appointment his office calls to tell me I need to re-schedule my appointment and wait another 8 weeks to see the doctor. That is not a professional in my opinion. Does he really care about his patients? With want just happened to me I would have to say no. I was able to make an appointment with another specialist sooner then my re-scheduled appointment with him
Doctor Javors did my total knee replacement. I wouldn't go to anyone else. His bedside manners and caring made him the best. Cared about me and explained everything that had to be done. His nursing staff is also great. Wouldn't recommend anyone else
He is a great doctor. He listens and he answers my questions. He does t make me feel like I am crazy or imagined how I am feeling. He is determined to get an answer to my problem.
Dr. Safavi took care of my wife for years. He is an excellent dedicated doctor as well as a very humble,compassionate and empathtic man. Dedication to his patients well being is an understatement. He is one of few I could reccommend with 100 percent good concious. - sunny
I have been a patient of Dr. Joyce for approximately 4+ years and he has always been timely in seeing me, very polite, compassionate and knowledgeable about my health issues.
Very disappointed with medical service. Never return messages or call when left in voicemail. Does not want to send test requested to find out condition.
He does not care to prescribe medication or believe his patients condition. Never sends refill to Pharmacy. I need to constantly follow up with the nurse to get them. Leaves his patient alone in a room for over an hour. Sends incorrect code to Health insurance so they could charge more. He is a total failure. Will never recommend him!!!
Terrible bedside manner. Walking in was so very painful for me; i was tearful. He told me very coldly to stop the tears so we can get this done. Once was 2 minutes late for one visit (my last) - driving 25 miles to his office. Receptionist said he may not see me but she'd check. I walked out. He's a cold unsympathetic man. I'm an RN and know how he could have/should have handled a tearful patient who was suffering terribly. I never went back.
I will tell everyone I meet to avoid this man at all cost. How dare he scream at my mother to the point of bawling while she has a life threatening disease. She has been going to him for 10 years but has a horrible nurse who won't let her speak to him and is evil to her. Because my mother asked that this woman not assist her anymore and attempted to contact the office manager for over a month, this poor excuse for a doctor decided to scream at her instead of find out what had happened. Ignorant.
He is THE BEST He listens compassionate honest. I have been a patient of his for 11 yrs and he saved my life by finding the diagnosis, helping me to understand my diseases, to understand the best treatments, finding other caring specialists needed in my care and treatment. I am not sure I could trust another Rheumatologist.
Very nice young gentleman, know it all do it all doctor, without the experience to back up his claims

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