I went to Community Hospital Emergency room for an allergic reaction to a drug. Dr. Shah was very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. I was very pleased that he was on call when I neeed help. Thanks Dr. Shah.
Dr. Bryant is all about taking care of your need for radiation.
Dr, David Bryant is Outstanding, when my other 3 doctors couldn't find anything, Dr. Bryant found the problem immediately. He guided me to the correct Dr for my health problem. It's really to bad that he couldn't be my full time doctor..... I have treated with over 30 doctors and they couldn't find squat.... I just can't say enough about this great doctor.
Dr. Yedavalli performed a Vertebroplasty on my L1 vertebra fractured in a automobile accident. The outpatient procedure took less than 1 hour and was pain free by that evening and have no pain and no issues since the procedure was performed in 2013. Several other physicians would not perform the procedure due to the risk. The compression fracture resembled a pile of stone ruble causing severe pain with little mobility. THANK YOU DR. YEDAVALLI for giving me my life back!
This guy is a total TOOL! He is a pompous arrogant jerk, whom I would not take my dog to! He did nothing to help my husband, who was in extreme back pain. He told us that blood in his urine was no big deal! His bedside manner is about as bad as it gets. Definitely ask for another doctor if this guy walks into the room. We will never go back to that er again.
This Dr was a real jack wagon! My husband was in the ER. I stepped out for a few minutes. I came back in after he had explained every thing to my husband. When I asked him to update me. I was told he didn't have time! This is unexplainable behavior from a DR. Who the hell does he think he is! Garbage in my opinion!!! In the meantime my husband ended up in ICU!!!!! If assigned him at Munster community I recommend you ask for another DR!!!!!!!!

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