Dr McClure is a very freindly, patient oriented & compassionate doctor. He is genuinely concerned about your health. He takes time to listen to you. He treats you as a person & not just a patient #. I would reccommend him to anyone looking for a doctor!
Excellent care from Dr. Ewa Bialikiewicz since late 2015, when I returned to Indiana from Arizona. The doctor is thorough and has treated me with care and precise treatments. I put my trust in Dr. B.
Do not take your children to this doctor! She does not know how to dose medications for children, I am a pharmacist who called her in reference to an obviously incorrect dose on a common antibiotic. She refused to adjust the dose for the child's weight and could not tell me what infection she was treating!
60-90 minute wait every time. Time for me to switch doctors. He does not like to prescribe meds on the first trip, everything can be solved with over the counter meds. Don't worry, you'll be back to get a prescription before long.
Dr. Powell is a thorough and compassionate doctor who really cares about his patients. He has great staff that are compassionate and easy to work with as well. A good choice for general/family care!
Dr. Thomas is a very good doctor, He has compassion, and listens to what you are saying. He cares about your physical concerns and mental health issues. Spends enough time with you to make a proper diagnosis. Dr. Thomas has been a great encourager especially with helping me deal with my depression and anxiety issues. Thank you Dr. Thomas for helping me, and especially listening.
Welcome to our family medicine practice! As a board certified family physician, I have been trained and through experience have learned to: Counsel as to regaining and maintaining health. Predict through family history and lifestyle what challenges that lie ahead and how to avoid them. Care through to completion over 90% of the problems you will encounter over a lifetime. Help navigate you through the maze of expert but sometimes bewildering specialty care when necessary. My particular interests are in obstetrical care and the unique perspective of a family physician delivering babies, and then caring for them as they grow. I also enjoy the challenge of caring for diabetes, both adult and juvenile onset. Mental health issues and helping people through difficult times are also rewarding aspects of this practice for me. I cant be all things to all people, but if you desire a place to call your medical home; welcome home. Spanish

IN, Mishawaka, IN, 46544
R. Bruce McClure, D.O.

R. Bruce McClure, D.O.
615 Fulmer Rd