Dr. Kristl is odd & getting direct answers is challenging. Recently, I have called several times & never got a callback. Very frustrating.
I would highly recommend Dr. Kristl My background is in Functional Medicine, so I when I took my son for an appointment, the bar was high. Dr. Kristl did what any good doctor should do, he recommended the safest and surest line of care. He was cautious as to not over prescribe. Furthermore, he was super friendly and explained everything including proper next steps and preventative things to incorporate.
Been patient of Dr Kristl's for quite a few years.Dr K & staff have always treated me w/respect.I've witness what staff put up w/daily w/rudeness/disrespect from patients. They handle it best as a human being could. They alone cannot control insurances,state laws & scarcity of neuros,etc. As patient learned being proactive for yourself, prepare for follow ups, much more is accomplished.Dr K will never cut appt short until everything addressed. Might make your wait longer but worth it.GREAT Dr!!
great doctor
I have Just started seeing Dr. Kristal for seizures and can't say anything negative about him or his staff. He has been very informative about everything he does and plans for me. He is very polite and takes the time to talk to me about my issues. As for his staff they have be awesome to me and my wife. As a matter of fact I just had a 48 hour EEG test being done on me and his nurse Michelle who hooked me up with the electrodes was so awesome and answered all the questions me and my wife had.
The worst neurologist ever. No patient care or professionalism.
Dr. Kristl takes a lot of time with his patients, answering any & all questions you may have & makes sure you have a full understanding of your condition. Not only is Dr. Kristl very kind & compassionate, he is very knowledgeable in his profession. I have seen many Drs in my lifetime & have had several bad experiences but I would, without hesitation DEFINATELY recommend Dr. Kristl to anyone needing a neurologist!
Kevin Kristl is an absolutely horrible person. If you suffer from any type of migraine (chronic or otherwise), he and his staff will treat you like a criminal and a drug seeker. If you suffer from any type of pain, Kevin Kristl cannot and will not help you.his nursing/support staff are as bad as he is, if not worse (if that's even possible). I have never been to a doctor who cares as little about his patients as Kevin Kristl. He should definitely have his license to practice medicine taken away.
Dr.Kristal is a EXCELLENT Dr !!!! His staff has always been super nice to me an treated me with resepct. He always ezplains everything from my procedures he wants done to my meds change. I would always recommend Dr Kristal !!!!!!
Staff is very rude, I will never go back because they make you feel very uncomfortable, I called in to tell them to tell the Dr, the reason I wasn't coming back to him was them and even told them on the phone that I doubt they would pass that on to the Dr. as I asked for him to call me and never heard a word, so as I assumed they did/t say a thing to him. Typical of rude staff not wanting to get into trouble. The staff is ruining your practice Dr Kristl
I have been a patient of Dr. Kristl since 1999. I think he is,an excellent doctor. Anything I have ever needed (paperwork , changes or adding medication... or any questions I have had he has always fully answered and done this in a timely manner. I have been to other neurologist in the area and by far would recommend no other.
the staff is very poor as far as getting infusions set up or sending records to the other drs. the last staff person said for me to not yell at her i wasnt and very discouraged by them. he is a in go between dr for now. i understand he is busy. but they dont have to be rude and they say one thing but dont do what their suppose to do.one dr called me and said he never received a fax or records from them and so i called them and tonya said she fax again. very frustrating.
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