Dr. Jain is a very experienced doctor. He has performed 2 knee replacements on me and I couldn't ask for a better doctor. I've had no problems with either replacement. He makes sure all conditions are right before he performs the surgery and he is very thrall with any test that need to be done before hand. I would definitely recommend him for anything that has to do with his occupation. He also has a very friendl bedside manner and he doesn't try to rush you out of his office.
she is great, really glad that I picked her to be my doctor took time to listen, very understanding to what was going on, never rushed me at all, always got back to me when I would send her a message on my chart. always made sure my RX was sent to the correct drug store. had to change a few time due to insurance, but she kept up. i could tell after first apptm, that she was very caring doctor, i had to pick a doctor at random,because my insurance changed. and am I so glad that i picked her..
I recently was treated by Dr. Jain for my shoulder. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Once Dr. Jain came into the room, he gave me his undivided attention - thoroughly answering my questions with explanations that I could understand. He gave always gave me options for treatment with pros and cons. I was allowed to also participate in my own care. After conservative treatment I opted for surgery. The entire experience was all organized. I have an a great outcome! Thank you Dr. Jain!
Dr. Kadra is one of the most personable and caring doctor that we have ever had the experience to work with. This doctor is very nice (easy) to work with and his staff (Sally) is also exceptional in her areas of responsibilities. All-in-all, working with Dr. Kadra is always very easy .
I see kevin smith.love this guy.down to earth and always into his profession.see things thru patience eyes .
I need to get in sooner to see what's going on. I Donna got a apt with you to see you on feb 14-2017. I do not want to wait to see what might be in my body until feb 14th. If it was you, you would want that long to see what's going on, I sure don't want to wait. Get me insooner please.
Best Physician I have ever met. Very knowledgeable, honest, and personable.
Dr Khadra takes the time to explain everything in detail. Always makes sure our questions are answered and understood. Excellent bed side manners. Highly recommended!! Thank you Dr Khadra for all that you have done and continue to do for my sick husband!!
I can actually like going to the doctor again, because I know no matter what I have going wrong, she will help me through it.
Dr. Pletcher is by far the best family doctor that I have been to. She is very kind. She takes all the time you need and can feel comfortable in discussing any personal issues you may have. She actually takes the time to listen to you before she makes any decision on coarse of treatment you need. If I were you I would become a patient while she is still taking new patients
I'm the one with a bad experience. Dr Jain while giving the appearance of listening,was way to intent on his computer entries than actually listening to my problem. I was rushed through my appointment like I was cattle. The front people were cold and unfriendly and didn't even smile. The picture people were totally incompetent asking each other what to do for the next picture. I did not have to wait long but that is inconsequential. I am a paying customer and later found the cost was outrageous
She is awesome. I am so happy to find her and her staff is awesome too.
I saw Dr Jain for my elbow and now it elbow feels great. It didn't take me long to get an appointment and the entire staff was really nice.
I had gone to the ER for my knee and they gave me Ibuprofen and told me to follow up with Ortho. I made an appointment to see Dr. Jain and he showed me my x-ray and pointed out what the problem was and what would help. He answered all of my questions and I never felt rushed. His office was able to get me in quickly and everyone was very professional and friendly. If I ever need to go back to an ortho for anything, I will definitely go back to see him.
I received injections from Dr. Jain and my experience with him has always been very pleasant. He is professional and cares about the need of the patient. I would highly recommend him and have recommended others to use his services. I had no problems scheduling the appointment and was seen right within 5 minutes. The office staff was friendly and attentive to my needs.
I received adequate care from Dr. Jain and the medical staff. Unfortunately, dealing with the support staff was a different matter. The receptionist(s) were terse and ambivalent in answering simple questions. As I waited to see provider, I witnessed similar interactions with other patients. Dr Jains is not good enough to have to deal with the staff.
Was told be at my appointment 15mins early, 20mins early. After filling out paperwork waited about 45mins to get called back. Dr.Neel came in for a total of 8mins, cared more about the reasonings for accident. Tried to bend my leg once and told me an exam wasn't possible and left the room. His assistant came back put me on a brace and gave me more directions. If it was up to me I would totally get a new doctor.
I've never had a Dr that has so much concern with your health and well-being. She is a wonderful Dr. I would recommend anyone to her. She is very welcoming and super nice, makes you feel very comfortable.
I guess they realized I was serious when I walked out after an hr past my appt with nothing. When I ot home there was a message and he seen me first thing the next morning and actually took the time to talk to me about my concerns which is all I want when I go to the Dr. I have certain issues that have never been tested for and put on paper. I now have tests being set up to check for issues that run thru my family. As long as these appts go like this from now on I will be very satisfied.
He takes time and understands side effects of medications in the elderly population. He is thorough and has a wonderful bedside manner. He is direct and blunt, and has helped me learn about reasonable expectations for my elderly mother when no one else would give hard answers.
She helped us with our preemie who would not keep down food. Her bedside manner has always been so calming.
Dr. Bilby is good but the staff treats me very poorly. I am looking to change to a more friendly office.
Dr. Dali is my cardiologist. I came from Chicago and chose Dr. Dalli. He is very thorough in his examinations and caring for his patients. He takes his time in reviewing his patient's log and what his fellow collegues write. He has a pleasant disposition and is very easy to speak with. He was recommended to me by Dr. Doug Dreher. I like him and believe I am in good hands with him.
I have been going to Dr. Holmes for about 20 years. He is an excellent and caring doctor. He will take the time in your office visit to take care of your needs. I would recommend him to anyone.
Explains things so you can understand. Is very kind and makes sure your family understands things as well
Great listener. Cares and knows what he is doing. Highley recommend.
As a FORMER patient, if you need respiratory testing, diagnosis, a prescription for a CPAP or CPAP adjustments Dr. Ahsan is a good doctor. However, based on my personal experience if he writes you a prescription for any medication, it's my opinion that you should get another doctor to verify that it's reasonable for you to be on that medication at that dose. Despite contraindications, I was given Clonazepam (Klonopin) 0.5mg and later authorized to use 1.5mg when I requested a SLEEPING PILL.
He does so amazing with my son! It makes going to the doctors so much better when you can trust who's taking care of your child.
Wonderful, caring individual that listens to you as a person not just another patient. I love the fact that she is part of the neighborhood. I plan on seeing her and recommending her to everyone I know.
Knowledgeable & caring physician. Wonderful demeanor and bedside manner.
I have a very difficult time scheduling an appointment at this practice. On several occasions I have been called and told my appointment has been cancelled with no available appointments in the near future for an urgent illness. This left me in a bad situation and my health at risk.
Very understanding & listens I've been trying to get answers for months and she has taken time to setup specialist she is a busy Dr, bc she is one of the few good Drs out there, very grateful for her and her team.
Excellent doctor. Very thorough. Willing to listen to patient's concerns.
I have been taking my mother to Dr Dodt about 3 yrs. He is very thorough and takes a good amount of time with her and is kind.
One of worse dr's in Lafayette in. His staff is incompetent and rude! Save yourself time and stress go to indy
Very kind and caring. I trusted in his judgment. I also enjoy his sense of humor. He took very good care of me on the rehab unit.
Don't go! My mother started seeing Dr. Holmes and he immediately changed all of her medications from her previous Doctor. Her blood pressure was in a very good range until Dr. Holmes changed her meds. She began having a terrible cough lasting weeks and her bp went extremely high, stroke level. Dr. Holmes ran test after test trying to figure out the cough and the bp. I asked if the new bp pills could be causing the cough and was very concerned how high her bp was. She died from a major stroke.
Doc is awesome my mom wife and myself are patient's and she is very good at her job a all around great family doctor!!
He didn't have any knowledge of stings. He lied to me and told me he took something out of it when I know he didn't because there was a witness. Very rude and not friendly. Seemed to be annoyed the whole 5 minutes he was I'm room after waiting 4 hours in the waiting room. I was annoyed to see him sitting and talking to the nurses while I was wasting my time waiting in the room they put me in. Never returning.
Very personable and will talk to you and help with your problems. Good doctor and good staff for my needs.
I met him in the ER . He was very kind and informative. My husband and I trust him. He doesn't rush your visits and apologizes if he has an urgent emergency call. You can tell he is sincere and not just saying he is sorry.
Dr. Holmes was able to determine what my problem was and saved my life by finding the proper specialist to solve my problem
He made assumptions and judgments about me and did NOT listen!
Very difficult to make appointment, I am very, very dissatisfied with this practice.
Appreciate his attentiveness. Dr. Cates really listens to what we have to say and answers our questions thoughtfully.
He is amazing! He took the time to find out what was really going on with me. He made me feel more confident in my medical needs. I hope is is my doctor forever!
My experience was terrible. Her staff was not reading blood test results and for three years my Hep C went undetected although the numbers were way high. Dr. Bilby sent me to a cancer doctor where I had bone taken from my hip. I think she meant to send me to a Hepatologist but I'll never know.

Pulmonary Function Test
Respiratory Management
Arterial Blood Gas Test (Abg)
Myofascial Trigger Point Injection
Trigger Point Injection
Abscess Or Fluid Incision And Drainage
Dressing And-Or Debridement Of Wound, Infection, Or Burn (Incl. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy)
Incision And Removal Of Foreign Object
Joint Drainage
Smoking Cessation Counseling
Acl Surgery
Arm Surgery
Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery
Breath Testing
Carpal Tunnel Release
Colonoscopy, Proctosigmoidoscopy, And Sigmoidoscopy
Elbow Fracture And Dislocation Treatment
Elbow Fracture And-Or Dislocation Treatment, Closed
Elbow Fracture And-Or Dislocation Treatment, Open
Emg (Electromyography)
Endoscopy (Esophagus, Stomach, Small Intestine)
Excision Of Scapula, Clavicle, Rib, Or Sternum
Foot And Ankle Fracture And Dislocation Treatment
Foot And Ankle Fracture Treatment, Closed
Foot And Ankle Fracture Treatment, Open
Fracture Care
Gastroenterology Procedures
Hand And Wrist Fracture And Dislocation Treatment
Hand And Wrist Fracture Treatment, Closed
Hand And Wrist Fracture Treatment, Open
Hip Fracture And Dislocation Treatment
Hip Fracture And-Or Dislocation Treatment, Closed
Hip Fracture And-Or Dislocation Treatment, Open
Hip Replacement
Hip Replacement Revision
Knee And Leg Fracture And Dislocation Treatment
Knee And Lower Leg Fracture Treatment, Closed
Knee And Lower Leg Fracture Treatment, Open
Knee Arthroscopy
Knee Replacement
Knee Replacement Revision
Knee Surgery
Liver Biopsy
Nerve Block, Somatic
Peripheral Nerve Block
Resection Or Ablation Of Bone Tumor, Partial Or Complete Resection Of Bone, Debridement Of Bone
Rotator Cuff Surgery
Shoulder Dislocation Treatment
Shoulder Fracture And Dislocation Treatment
Shoulder Fracture Treatment
Shoulder Surgery
Spine Fracture Treatment
Steroid Injection
Trigger Finger Release
Viscosupplementation With Hyaluronate
Ablation For Treatment Of Cardiac Arrhythmias
Abscess Incision And Drainage
All Shoulder Or Elbow Replacement Procedures
Angioplasty With Stent Placement
Ankle Arthroscopy
Aortic Valve Surgery
Arthroscopic Joint Surgery
Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair
Arthroscopic Surgery
Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (Icd) Implantation
Blood Pressure Management
Cardiac Catheterization (Incl. Coronary Angiography)
Cardiac Electrophysiology
Cardiac Imaging
Cardiac Mri (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Of Heart Or Chest
Cardiac Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
Cardiovascular Stress Test
Cardioversion, Elective
Cardioverter-Defibrillator Or Pacemaker Insertion, Removal Or Repair
Carotid Artery Stent Placement
Carotid Ultrasound
Chest Ct (Incl. Heart And Lungs)
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (Cpap)
Coronary Angiogram
Coronary Angioplasty, Atherectomy And Stent
Elbow Replacement
Elbow Surgery
Elbow Tenotomy
Electrocardiogram (Ekg)
Embolectomy, Thrombectomy, Or Vessel Exploration
Epidural Block, Facet Blocks
Ercp (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography)
Excision Of Femur Or Knee
Excision Of Humerus
Excision Of Metacarpal And Carpal
Excision Of Tibia Or Fibula
Fecal Impaction Removal
Foot And Ankle Dislocation Treatment, Closed
Foot And Ankle Dislocationtreatment, Open
Foot And Ankle Ligament And Tendon Repair
Foot Surgery
Fracture And-Or Dislocation Treatment
Hand Or Wrist Tendon Transfer
Hand Surgery
Heart Surgery
Hemorrhoidectomy Or Excision Of Anal Tags
Hip Resurfacing
Impella Device
Joint Injection
Joint Replacement Surgery
Lung Surgery
Mole Removal
Nerve Block, Sympathetic
Non-Coronary Angioplasty, Atherectomy, And Stenting
Nuclear Stress Testing
Pacemaker Insertion Or Replacement
Pap Smear
Pelvic Exams
Peripheral Artery Bypass
Peripheral Artery Catheterization
Peripheral Vascular Stenting
Peritoneal Dialysis
Physical Examination
Pulmonary Procedures
Puncture Aspiration
Radiofrequency Ablation
Removal Or Revision Of Pacemaker Or Cardioverter And-Or Defibrillator
Reverse Total Shoulder And Total Shoulder Replacement
Skin Biopsy
Sleep Study
Spinal Nerve Block
Stress Echocardiogram
Synovial Biopsy
Thromboendarterectomy Or Excision Of Infected Graft
Tilt Testing Or Cardiac Event Monitors
Total Knee Replacement
Total Shoulder Replacement
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (Tens)
Transesophageal Echocardiography (Tee)
Valve Repair Or Replacement (Aortic, Mitral, Tricuspid, And Pulmonary)
Vascular Duplex Ultrasonography And Plethysmography
Vascular Surgical Procedure
Vascular Transcatheter Embolization
Wart Removal
Well Baby Care
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