continued from can't even understand her. she chuckles at everything which really burns my nerves!! she discharged my daughter after 2 clear 20 minute EEGs. however, I am now scheduled to see a new ped. Neuro. in Chicago because my pediatrician says there's no way shes no longer having seizures! however the MAIN problem, IS THE STAFF!
We have been seeing Dr. Mango for the past couple years, and my daughter loves her. Unfortunately, the office staff is terrible. They are very rude and unprofessional. We were just there a day ago, and the office staff was actually arguing with each other, and it got to the point where it was very uncomfortable, especially for my 10 year old daughter. I hope the staff reads this, because they should be absolutely ashamed of themselves...especially doing this with children present.
a doctor who has your best health a number 1 priority a great doctor
Staff is unprofessional, timeliness of faxing rx to pharmacy is slow and terrible. If you dont stay on them, you'll wait forever. Find anoter neurologist.
The office staff is so horrible. They are rude and ignorant. We have always received pretty good service from Dr. E. Magno but it is really a shame that she has such a horrible staff. Every time I call the office or come into the office we deal with the same unprofessionalism. I would definitely never recommend this Dr. to anyone.
My family members and I have been going to Dr.for about 20years.He is caring and treats your whole self body and soul. My kids and I have built a great relationship with Dr.He takes his time with each patient so and when it's your turn the wait seems meaningless.Love him.

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