Attended a preliminary appointment with my family member. Dr. Bhat was very attentive, patient, and was willing to answer any and all questions we had throughout the appointment.
Wouldn"t recommend this doctor. He just gives you what he thinks and doesn't listen. Rotten personality! Didn't help me at all as i was in pain alot! Nurses hardly ever are there, as they don"t answer their phones. Went to a new Neurologist and he listens and cares. Trying alot of different meds. As the other doc Didn't. Nurse answers her phone right away and talks to you.
Horrific. Could not diagnose ALS (Lou Gehrigs disease) after being seen 3 times. Ended up at Cleveland Clinic (where they diagnosed it in 15 minutes). 18 months later, of course. . . too late for clinical trials. Dr. Bhat is a joke. Cleveland told us that ANY neurologist could have diagnosed this death sentence.
I would recommend Dr. Bhat to anyone with neurological problems. Dr. Bhat is my neurologist, he is the best neurologist in Fort Wayne, In. I was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition in 2008, and he worked with me and found a treatment for my condition. I could not walk, started loosing my ability to write and even bathe myself. I thank God for Dr. Bhat, he diagnosed my condition, treated my condition and is still there for me until now. He's absolutely the best.....I'm so blessed!
Dr. Bhat is not knowlagable of rare neurological diseases, nor are the rest of the doctors in his practice. They say they know what they are talking about but they do not. If you ask them specific questions about the diseases and at the same time look up the answers on John Hopkins website, where they specialize in rare Neuro diseases, Dr. Bhat, his staff, nor the other doctors in his practice get the answers correct. I know of many other people who have had the same experiences as I have.

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