I wouldn't recommend Dr. Bell. My vasectomy procedure was rough and I still haven't fully recovered 5 weeks later. On follow up at 1.5 weeks he put me on a 2nd round of antibiotics instead of getting me on NSAIDs sooner than later. He is very aloof and seems quick to just get out of the room to the next patient and he doesn't seem to care very much. I would not recommend him.
I love him he is wonderful..makes sure he listens and explains things
Started out okay, his assistant talked with me for several minutes getting history etc., she left 10 minutes later heard tell him everything we had discussed, he strolls in says we're going to do the three 'C's' of urology testing. Had The cytology done, Ct scan and the cystoscope scheduled but never got results from first two tests. Called asked for results and was told cytology was back but no Ct scan in my file. No results sent to me, I cancelled last test.
My experience with Dr. Steinbock was less than stellar. He made me feel very unimportant. He prescribed medications without checking my chart to see that a severe interaction could occur. He was never prepared during our visits yet expected them to be less than 15 minutes so that he could move on to the next patient. He became frustrated and even angry when asked questions after he was ready to leave the room. He sees patients as "15 minute visits" and nothing more. Find another doc who cares.
Office staff was unprofessional and condescending. After waiting 30 minutes past my appointment time, I went to the window to be sure I was there on the correct day. The lady at the window promptly handed me a form and said 'you need to sign this'. The problem with that was, it was someone else's paperwork. Doctor Rau and his MA were both very professional and caring. I had the same experience 3 years earlier and chose not to go back. However my primary care doctor urged me to reconsider.
He flew into the room, and spoke so quickly I could barely understand what he was saying. He did not ask if I had any questions and offered no instruction on how to deal with this condition. It was very frustrating, and he was out of the room before I could say anything or try to ask questions.
The staff was beyond helpful. Dr. Rao was inappropriate, pushy, & does not take his patients needs into consideration. He does not take the time to explain what he will be doing and ask if the patient is comfortable. He made my spouse and I feel very uncomfortable and unwelcomed. Do not expect sympathy nor an apology from this doctor. His bedside manner is bleak at best.
I'd recommend Dr Prendergast without hesitation to my family and friends. (I'm a registered nurse, with over 20 years of experience) He is thorough, takes time to listen to symptoms and explain tests, and is very knowledgeable. He may not give loads of warm fuzzies, but I appreciate his matter of fact style.
My husband and I went to see Dr. Scherpferman for male fertility issues. As stated, the wait time was a little longer than normal, but nothing unmanageable. Once we were in a room, Dr. Scherpferman was with us within a few minutes. I'm sure his appointment times were running a little behind because he takes time with his patients. He was very thorough, funny, and made us feel very comfortable. He explained things fully and answered every question we had. He is, quite simply, an amazing doctor.
I have been very pleased with Dr. Rao and his staff. I would most certainty recommend him. He is quick action gotta plan kinda DR. Thanks to you and your wonderful staff at Audubon office!!
Best urologist in Louisville, as recommended by my PCP. I would agree. First Urology is a mad house, and expect the Dr. to be behind as other reviewers have stated. Trust me its worth it though as he gives you your deserved time once seen. Performed my surgery with limited recovery and haven't felt this well in years.
Took my elderly aunt in as she was Had a catheter put in at nursing home. He came in room and talked to us but never examined her. Never touched her. I have never seen a doctor .that did not perform an exam. Will not go back. The nurse took out catheter and we left. Hell the nursing home could have done this much. Totally uncalled for.
I waited 90 minutes to see doctor. They told me I was next but couldn't tell me how much longer I'd wait. I left. I will look for another urologist.
This Dr. ignored my questions and when I asked why, he said he preferred to "stay in the realm of 99.9999% reality and not go to la-la land." He really emphasized those 9s. It was surreal! I am an intelligent person asking reasonable questions. He was condescending, rude and impatient.
I felt very comfortable in a difficult situation. He spent a lot of time with me and took a great deal of time going over my results very thoroughly. He was very professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone.
He is impatient, unfriendly and I do not believe he is competent. This is of course my opinion which is based on the care and interaction my late husband received from him. Just ask yourself... do I really want to take the chance.
The worst doctor ever, I should have read the review before my husband lost his time with this rude and unprofessional phisician.
My procedure was quick and painless, easy to schedule, very professional staff and wait times were very short! I would definitely recommend Dr. Schrepferman to friends and family!
I would highly recommend Dr. Bell because he is the best there is in his specialty. He has proven skills in DaVinci laproscopic surgery handling and has the ability to get a patient back on his or her feet as early as is possible. He is receptive to patient's input and will only perform essential surgery if the patient is 100% fit to undergo surgery. The Louisville-Southern Indiana area is fortunate to have such a fine Jewel in our midst to care for selective and specialized patient needs.
I have great confidence in Dr. Malone. He has performed successful surgery on me. Dr. Malone always seems interested in my well being and very easy to talk to. Great Doctor, great guy, and I always recomend him to new patients. Charlie Nachand
Treating an aggressive prostate cancer. Is very thorough in his exams to make certain he misses nothing.
Been going to urologists for 40 years and this is the WORST ever. Came into the exam room in a rage and it only got worse. Insulting, rude, and most incompetent physician I have ever encountered. Stay away from him!
Bladder cancer. 20 years of follow up. At least 15-18 cystoscopes through the years....
I looked up Urology Specialist in Southern Indiana and found Dr. Bell. I was able to get in to see him within the same week. He was very warm and caring, spent a great amount of time with me making sure he answered all of my questions and making me feel like I was the only patient he had. I had previously seen two Urologists in another state and hadn't reached the level of comfort that Dr. Bell offered on just one visit.
I had gone thru years of e.r visits and dr. visits with no clue of what was wrong with me..I was so broken and at wits end when I was referred to Dr.Rao and I was immediately comforted and he had a plan of action and within hrs. we finally got our answer..interstitial cystitis of the bladder ,the diagnosis was 100% correct and he referred me to an excellent pain management Dr. and it is amazing. While I am still trying to manage this horrible disease I am comforted in knowing Dr.Rao is there.
Dr. Rao is the best in his field. His level of expertise, his outstanding care and concern for the patient and the patient's family is far above and beyond expectations. Dr. Rao walks the journey with his patients throughout the entire healing process. Cannot say enough good about this wonderful man.
No communication or patient relationship. After three procedures and multiple visits to the office Dr. Medley looked at us as if he were seeing us for the first time. I understand that he does many procedures, but it would've been much more comforting to have felt some type of Doctor/patient relationship. Didn't inform us of all options and acted unprofessionally when a second opinion was sought.
Ruined my fathers life, didn't tell us all of our options let a stage 1 cancer go to stage 3 without doing anything different. More worried about money than people.
He is one of the best urologist I've ever been too. I've been to Vanderbilt, Boston, mayo clinic, Atlanta, Dallas, Duke and several more. Dr Peterson said I was needing to be treated at IU health by Dr. Burhle. So I went to IU and now I have a life. For anything else I now go to Dr. Peterson. He has the best personality and is a very smart guy. He also worries about his patients. My first choice will always be Dr. Peterson. I love the guy for what he has done for me.
I waited for an hour in an examining room and Dr. Rao never showed up. As I was leaving an administrator of some kind said, Oh, I can make you next. In other words, had I not left the examining room I could have been there all day. This was my second appointment with Dr. Rao. During the first appointment, I didn't get to see the doctor. A woman who didn't identify herself as a nurse or nurse practitioner or, for that matter, secretary, gave me a rectal exam and that was it. No Dr. Rao.

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