Very helpful in every way. Listens and takes his time with you.
Dr. Elyan is an awesome doctor and person
This doctor should is more interested in pleasing the insurance companies than treating patients. A complete waste of time. He walked in the room and immediately dismissed my previous treatment before even speaking with me. He talked more about following "insurance" guidelines than about treating me. Offered a cheaper treatment that was not as effective and was in a class of drug that had caused a reaction years earlier. His explanation did not follow any real logic.
I have never been treated with such disrespect from a doctor in my life. He made derogatory comments. He would not listen to any of my concerns. He told my that "it is imposable for you to be feeling that pain you are probably just imaging it because it is just impossible". He should not be allowed to even change bed pans. The hospital that he works at should fire him asap and give a public appology for everyone that had to endure his inability to be a doctor.
Dr. Elyan treated me for rheumatoid arthritis for several years. I had tried 3 doctors before I was lucky enough to find Dr. Elyan. He is by far the best doctor for my arthritis. He did more to relieve the pain than anyone. And he was always available for "emergency" treatments. He could always squeeze me in at least the next day and that is fantastic when you are in extreme pain from an arthritis flare-up. I would recommend Dr. Elyan to anyone.
I was very skeptical after reading the reviews but decided to go in with an open mind. BIG mistake. Does not listen, no compassion and talks down to you. I have worked in the medical field for a number of years and found Dr. Monev to be the rudest and most arrogant doctor I have ever encountered. I went in with extreme pain in my finger and was asked if I was depressed or had anxiety. Still trying to figure that one out???????????? Don't waste your time or money!
Terrible. Barely listened to our concern- was more worried about prescriptions that were given by another doctor. Wasted time
I have had chronic health problems for years. Several doctors simply told me they could not help me without even making any effort. Dr. Elyan was a breath of fresh air. He reviewed my records before my first visit with him, listened to my story, asked many questions and took notes. He may not be able to cure me but he is trying his best to help me and that means a lot to me and my family.
I would leave no stars if possible. This is the worst doctor I have ever been to. He doesn't listen at all. I might as well have not even been in the room. He sat on his computer and then was throwing out other stuff that was supposedly wrong with me before he ever even examined me. I have had to call repeatedly about getting my RA meds and they say they will send them to the pharmacy but then I have to call back again. Poor poor excuse for a doctor. Zero compassion.
Very good Doctor, hate to see him leave our area, hard to find the good ones, did help with my fatigue from sjogrens syndrome,
Dr. Monev diagnosed my RA in 2013 and has been treating me since that time. He is a fine physician and has helped me a great deal. I would recommend him to anyone who wants an honest no nonsense approach.
Dr. Elyan was the doctor that diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis. He is wonderful. He always listens to my concerns and makes adjustments accordingly. He always takes the time to address and explain why he's changing something to better treat my symptoms. If I call with a flare or symptoms it is always addressed with an appointment or a recommendation. I would recommend him to anyone!
Excellent physician, takes necessary time to explain things, why he is taking a certain approach, and answers all questions to my satisfaction. I was diagnosed with Lupus (SLE) and it is a complex disease but he helps make some sense of what I am experiencing. My wife also sees him and has the same take.
I felt like he was in a hurry and wasn't listening to me. He said he was leaving the practice and if I wanted to continue to see him I could find him. No thanks!
I went 6/27/2016 I would not recommend. I wish I would have researched him and saw these reviews. I agree he spent most of visit on his computer even though lab test positive ana and sjogrenon along with symptoms, his diagnosis is depression /anxiety,
i went today 6-16 to see Dr Monev...never again..he talked about me sleeping and I was there for a very high ANA POSS LUPUS..When I and my usb explained that I wake up during the night due to hubby snoring..he then said I need to get a sleep study and I have sleep apnea....NOT !! Then I looked over paperwork that he gave me when I got home....he cancelled all my insulins, needles syringes and pens and several meds that I have from the dermatologist...I refuse to ever see him again...
I spent several years in pain, walking with a cane, forever fearing my knee would give out& I would fall. My hands were in pain&I had to use voice activated software to get my work done. I went to many doctors & they always said the same thing - too heavy - lose weight. I forget what the one said, but it made me feel like my knee needed psychotherapy! What did my weight have to do with pain in my fingers? What do they tell thin people that hurt? Dr. Monev diagnosed me and questioned the others
I was a patient when I lived in Michigan, i now live in Cleveland, Ohio! One of the best rheumatologist I've seen ever, wish he was here in Cleveland, though two of the rheumatologist I have seen here have done their residency with Dr Elyan, I personally prefer Dr Elyan hands down! Please come to Cleveland ?
I've been a patient at that office for well over a year the doctor I was seeing decided to quit and she had children I had to wait for months to get an appointment at that point with Dr Elyan. Had to change my appointment because of staph infection and they wanted me to wait another 4 months so at that point my Rheumatology needs were not being taken care of. Very Disappointed. Cancelled all future care.. we'll find another doctor that cares about their patients & their needs which isn't Dr E
I would not recommend this man he does not listen he diagnosed me before he even walked in the room he gave me symptoms I never said I had and when I disagrees with him he told me I was wrong he diagnosed me off the symptoms he gave me and dismissed All Of my bloodwork feom multiple labs indicating I had something rhuematologically wrong and indicators point directly to what it was! His diagnosis was so far off in left field! he is rude and makes you feel as if you are unworthy
Excellent. Very knowledgeable and thorough. I felt as though he listens to me. He explains my options and allows me to make my own decisions.

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