the best dr in Indiana ! we have spend time and money on different drs they just looking in to blood test.and they say noting is wrong. dr Webb knew be4 blood test.
My entire experience with this office was horrible. I was diagnosed with a new condition and Dr Bruns obviously didn't review my chart before he walked in my room. Nursing doesn't return calls..been waiting 3 days. And Office Manager hasn't returned my call. I did not feel like anyone in that office cared about my well being and health on something that was completely terrifying to me. No compassion at all.
Dr. Daly has taken care of me and my family for years. He is by far and away the best physician in his group. He has identified and treated conditions that no other physician has been able to catch! I would recommend him to anyone looking for an intelligent, compassionate, and hard-working MD who is willing to go bat for his patients.
I came to this doctor because he used to be an OBGYN. I assumed because of this he would be more knowledgeable when it came to all the aspects of care I was needing. I was having an issue that I brought to his attention 3 times. He told me each time I was fine and it was nothing to worry about, nothing was wrong. Finally, I got another opinion. I went to IMMEDIATE CARE for an unrelated issue and brought up the issue I had mentioned to Dr. Webb. Within 5 minutes i was diagnosed and treated.
I love Dr Webb. He has always been kind, caring, and very professional. I would recommend him to anyone.
The doctor is okay, I guess, but the administration in the office is terrible. If you get a call back at all, it's very slow. They treat you as if you are bothering them, and I haven't called them all that often. Every time you have a question, they want to schedule an appointment for you to come in and see the doctor. Even if you need the doctor to fill out a small form, you must schedule an appointment. This makes things difficult for anyone who has mobility issues.
Best PCP I've ever had. Excellent medical knowledge and judgment. Patient management outstanding. Knows when to push and when not to. Warm, kind, caring man. In my 64 years I've never trusted a physician like I trust Dr Webb. Great human being as well. Can't say enough good things.
For such a large practice, the entire practice group and staff members are extremely considerate, kind and generous. Always a very clean environment with ease of movement from one area to another, this practice is very "Patient Friendly." I have never had an issue that this practice could not address.
I never feel rushed, he answers all my questions. The office staff is friendly and helpful.
Dr. Vyas is our family doctor (both my family and my inlaws) and I feel blessed to have him watching over my loved ones. My mom is 83 years old and lives alone. Dr. Vyas gave her his cell number and told her to call him anytime and he will come to her house to check in on her. He does house calls all the time and I don't think there are many doctors left who are willing to make that kind of commitment to their patients.
If I could just talk about Dr Webb - this could be easy- but his assistant needs to go. He is really good - his assistant is not. I find her the least caring nurse I ever met. She should be in research- away from patients. Uncaring and smug would be how to describe her. I had to leave Dr Webb- I didn't want to- but couldn't take his assistant any longer. Absolute power corrupts absolutely
Dr Webb is terrific- takes time with you and explains everything. Extremely pleasant yet very professional. Unfortunately his nurse Angela is just the opposite. Not friendly, smug, condencending And can't wait for you to get out. If you ever need a pill for pain- she acts if you a drug user or dealer. Is more concerned about procedures than patient care. I have since left Dr. Webb - and wish I didn't have too- but can't take his assistant.
Usually you can't get into him and get tossed around to one of many different people that work there. Therefore, no one is paying attention when you have been back several times with issues. He doesn't listen, and prefers to refer you off to someone else. He's a nice guy. But it's definitely a numbers game there.
In all the times that I had to go to his office, he took forever to arrive in the exam room. Once there, he seemed to care very little before referring me off to someone else. I don't think I ever had more than 5 minutes in the room with him. I would not recommend him to anyone.
Dr. Vyas did not care about my situation and was cold and very much a jerk. Would never go back to this doctor. He is basically worthless.
A very bad experience. We were hopeful that my mother will get ok when she could finally see the doctor on the appointment day after 10 days. She was suffering with continuous clear nasal discharge. The doctor did not even look at the issue closely and just prescribed an antibiotic for sinus infection; and after 10 days another one. The problem increased even more and she started having shooting headaches. Then she saw another doctor who could easily figure out that it is brain water leak.
I am a disabled veteran. He is supposed to be my dr. I took fmla paperwork to them after calling . Then they said I needed an appointment. Made the appointment and seen the dr he said no problem we will take care of it. I went to check out and they said oh no we need a few days to fill it out even though there is a deadline on the paperwork. That was on Thursday April 7th. The office manager was extremely rude and uncaring. And still no paperwork and it's the 12th really how long does it take
i didn't make it past the receptionist on the phone, in my opinion rude and unprofessional.
What a fantastic Dr. He worked fast at getting me on his schedule for a EBUS Procedure and even gave me preliminary results on my lymph node biopsies. Very professional and easy to talk with!
I was a patient of Dr Dicks for years, the last year of going to see him was crazy over a 2 hour wait then the staff was rude. I had to take a drug screen cause I take controls was running out of my med's told him I was sparing them to get me to my apt. Then I receive a certified letter in the mail telling me cause I didn't show a med in my urine that he will no longer be able to fill my med's. This is after he was prescribing them to me for year. The tech if I had taken it yes 20 hrs ago.
I have been a patient of Dr. Dave's for about 15 years now. I was seeing another doctor in the same office building as Dr. Dave. This Doctor asked Dr. Dave if he would see me late on a Friday evening and Dr. Dave smiled and said of course. He has been my doctor ever since. He genuinely cares about his patients.
dr does not seem to follow up with patient concens. did not research prescription interaction

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