She has excellent bedside manners, thoroughly explains medical situations, and double checks her own medical opinion with online up to date medical findings.
Dr. Schmid is wonderful, a great physician. Her office on the other hand you have long waits to check in at the desk, also trying to get through on the phone takes usually 10-20 mins on hold. That is the only downfall.
I am very happy with Dr. Parrish. She is a good listener and is very open to taking the patience input.
Dr Oppman is the best doctor, Very knowledgeable, sweet & sincere with some stern when you need it! Also informative. His nurses are great & they make a good team to take care of you. Would be lost with out them.
Excellent care. Easy to talk with and understanding of your symptoms.
Love this gal. She's patient, understanding, has a sense of humor when called for and always spot on with diagnosis & referrals. And if you need to get in ASAP, she does everything she can to accommodate you. Wouldn't go to anyone else for family practice.
Will not listen to your symptoms. Try's to fix everything with pills. Gets upset when's your knowledgeable about what's going Inc with your own body. I will not be finding a new family doctor asap.
Dr. Kaufhold is kind and very knowledgable. He listens and always knows just what to do. He's a good Dr. and a good man.
I have had nothing but positive experiences with Dr. Carter over several years. He either remembers or more likely takes notes and asks how life is going since whatever was going on last. I literally traveled 200 miles to see him since moving recently because I knew he would listen when local doctors weren't. He was able to answer questions and diagnose a problem no one was paying attention to and now I can walk. I love how he has always listened, respected me, and embraced my background.
Amazing doctor for our 3 children
Incredible doctor. The best of the best. My family and I have been patients of Dr. Hsieh for years. He is passionate about providing great care, spends a good deal of time with you, explains things in a way you can understand, is cognizant of finances/ and insurance when ordering tests or medications and tries to work with the patient that way, and he thinks out side the box in terms of making good calls as far as your care. He's truly a gem!
I have been a patient of Dr Carters for over 20 years. Dr Carter has a wonderful bedside manor. he listens to your concerns and discusses options. As with most physicians today, insurance companies are running the programs. It IS harder to schedule an appointment that it used to be.
Dr. Parrish was recommended to us when we moved to Mishawaka from Plymouth, Indiana. Although we could have kept our former physician & made the trip back & forth, we began hearing that personal information about us had become the topic of discussion because of a slanderous nurse's personal vendetta. We couldn't get out of there fast enough! Dr. Parrish & the staff of Granger Family Medicine have proven themselves to be exactly what we need: professional, knowledgeable, & helpful in every way.
She has been the doctor for my girls since each of them was born. I have found that she takes the time to explain things to me and we have a great working relationship for the health of my kids. I really like her and I am glad that she is our doctor!
He did a poor job in managing my health and did not perform tests and measures appropriately.
This man saved my life. He actively listens to my concerns then responds. I appreciate his calm demeanor & pragmatic approach to my issues. He doesn't treat me like I'm an idiot like is so prevalent in the current healthcare systems. I have a deep respect for him & find that words fail me to describe how much I like him.
Expected me to wait 6 weeks to see him the 1st time. Ended up going to a medpoint and canceling appointment with him weeks in advance. Same thing happened again. Months later. Had to cancel weeks in advance due to a serious illness that he wouldn't see me for 6 weeks. Called today and said I was no longer a patient. Do any doctors care about people anymore????
Professional and thorough. Sincerely, Rodian
Dr.Parrish is an amazing, kind, and intelligent doctor. She is a pleasure to speak to and a source of sound advice and great medical care.
He is great
Dr. Kaufhold takes the time to find out what is going on in your life which has helped him diagnose something that was previously missed by doctors rushing through exam to get to the next patient. In 4 years I have never felt like I am going to a doctor factory.
Best Doctor in the area. My Family and myself have had Dr. Hsieh as our family physician for many years. He is straight forward, no nonsense. If he is unsure of of something he will tell you and give you guidance on how to best accurately diagnose your problem. He isn't afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to recommending treatment/therapy instead of just shoving another prescription at you.
Considerate, caring, always listen to concerns
Dr. Hickey is extremely thorough with her examinations and she is patient with the questions and concerns my husband and I have about our young children. When she feels that she doesn't have an answer for us, or if she is uncomfortable making a diagnosis (both of our children have had complicated issues), she refers us to the proper specialists. We appreciate someone who doesn't let her/his degree get to their head!

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