Dr Agnihotri maybe bright (or maybe not). The jury is out on that. What is clear is that he displays a lack of interpersonal skills. He would get bounced out of any 1st or 2nd tier medical school. I genuinely wonder if he might be on the autism spectrum: no eye contact; no small talk. I thought of seeing if his manner might improve. Then I asked myself, 'Why?'. Ft Wayne isn't a magnet for medical talent. But there are plenty of other adequate physicians out there, most with a personality.
Very detailed. Very good at getting to the root of the problem.
She explains everyhing, gives you time if you have any questions, she's a very caring doctor.
I've had issues with my gallbladder for sometime now and Dr. Rivas performed a robotic surgery on me that was very successful. I am so thankful to have been able to receive such great care from Dr. Rivas. If I or any other family member needed to have surgery again, I would trust Dr. Rivas' opinion. He is a very professional physician, kind, and had superb bedside manners. Thank you Dr. Rivas for such great care!
Dr. Rivas told me there was nothing wrong before he examined me. He examined me with my husband's work flashlight. Seemed irritated I was there from the beginning. He told me I had saliva on my Uvula. It was a cyst irritated during intubation. Said he had literally never heard of throat injury from intubation. Realize my uvula is not my throat, but STILL! Dr. Rivas was outperformed by a RediMed Doc who actually looked at my throat with a willingness to identify problem & help. Arrogant!!!Rude!
Very thorough, good attention to detail.

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