Wonderful surgeon. I can see more clearly and brighter colors than I have in years!!! I am amazed. Thank you Dr. Hughes. I will recommend this Dr. to everyone!
Had so much trouble after surgery. Don't know how you evaluate someone that you are never able to confront after the surgery. The office personnel are terrible. Rude and never tell you anthing they are seeing after my complaining as to why I could not see colors after surgery. Go elsewhere!!!
The wait time is the worst. Arrived to find I wasn't scheduled for that day even though I had a paper from you and you called to remind me of my appointment. After checking in we always have minimum 1 1/2 hour wait before anyone calls me. You need a new scheduling system! I always try to be on time for my appointments but in this office I don't need to arrive for at least 2 hours after my scheduled appointment and then I'll be right on time. I realize that sometimes you can run behind.
Dr. Hughes has great manners and is funny. A thorough physician and cares about his patients.
My experience with Dr. Hughes is less than stellar. He is a bully and degrades his patients to the point of harrassment!! I'm no longer a patient of his--I WILL NOT recommend him to ANYONE!!!
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