Dr. Weirick is my father's cardiologist. He literally has been the reason we have had my Dad for the last 6 years. Not once, but twice he has been the major reason my father is still with us. He is frank and honest, and is unbelievably good with my mother, who has had to make some decisions that need a lot of understanding. He always makes sure that both my mother and father understand what is happening and don't have any questions. He is the primary reason my daughter knows who her grandpa is.
My mom was to have fluids taken off her lungs and have draining ports installed. Dr. W talked my mom into signing a DNR paper but my mom didn't want to be on life support; she wanted other efforts made. When the nurse called to get the order in, he yelled at the nurse, then yelled at me because he didn't feel that was the right thing for my mm to do, even though it was her wish. He dropped my mom as a patient because he didn't get his way. Now she can't have any NorthCentral Card Group doc.`
Run as fast as you can from this doctor. He is the most heartless, which I find ironic, person I have met. He will talk down to you and become irritated by your questions. I will be telling everyone that I know about how much pain he has caused my family in a time when caring words and explanations would go a long way in helping us except the Inevitable. Beacon you are better then this doctor!
Another doctor set up for Dr Mathis to do Heart Cath. Dr Mathis asked many questions to be sure he had all the facts correct, explained what would be done, and took time to answer any questions I had without making me feel rushed. Also after cath he explained all and answered questions. Very thorough and kind doctor.
Difficult to imagine less compassion or willingness to listen. Told me my attempts to explain past history were crap, and that I had no right to request discussion of quality of life because I had none. Offered to provide me with prescription for new blood thinner but changed his mind after listening to click of metal mitral valve which is clearly noted in patient history. Request for referral to new cardiologist was made.
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