My former? Dr retired on short notice. I was extremely upset, as he was such an amazing physician and I'd been seeing him for years. I had to find someone ASAP. Referred to Dr Carlson by the clinic I was with. Liked him from the 1st visit. As I got to know him & the staff I continued to be even more pleased with them. I am grateful for the events that led me to this intelligent, kind, empathetic, honest Dr. I agree with his healthy diet & lifestyle medical approach. Not just an Rx writer!
I used Dr Carlson in New York for years. I miss him. Great doctor.
Love Dr. Carlson & his PA Jillian Carter!! When either of them ask how you are, they then wait to LISTEN to what you have to never feel rushed through your visit. I love the facility & the staff.
Love him and his office staff. People complain about not being able to get in but thats because he is booked solid because he is such a wonderful doctor. I schedule my appointments at least six months in advance since i see him every month.
He cares. He explains. He takes time with his patients. He is thorough.
Every time you call this office it's difficult to get an appointment. The front desk staff is rude. I'm sorry, if I'm very sick I can not wait 2 weeks to see someone. Today was the last straw. Made an appointment and they forgot to mark it and no one would see me. Its shameful. I will never visit this location again.
Dr Carlson saved my husband's life. He detected the disease that was causing unusual symptoms after doctors in the hospital could not despite spending a week as a patient there. They sent him home with the instruction, come back if it becomes life-threatening. Sometimes the first symptom of this disease is death! I was thinking great, I'll just go to med school for 6 years and then maybe I'll know if it's life threatening! Thank God for Dr Carlson. Brilliant, caring man!
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