The doctors spend less than three minutes with each patient. The nurse writes the prescriptions, the doctor walks in, signs them, and leaves. This is after they charge $200 at the front desk. I stopped going in 2013, and have requested my medical records for another doctor. After 8 weeks, they have refused to fax over my medical records. They refused me access to them in the office, and keep saying that it will be done within twenty four hours. Eight weeks later, twenty four hours is an absolute
I can't believe this woman is still in practice. She is a thief who will still your money, probably about$300, then tell you she can't help you. She goes against the Hippocratic oath daily. Save your money and go to a real doctor
These two scammers don't belong in this country. I should have known when this toad shows up wearing sandals. The bottom line is they have no intention of really serving anyone. They have figured out that they make much more by turning over patients and ganking the government for many initial exams. Worst experience I've ever had in medicine. Don't go there if you have any other option at all.
Has cancelled 3 appointments with me and is very rude. Would not recommend to worse enemy, beware!
Waited 90min to talk to Dr. K. Reason for my visit was to seek new prescriber for my active script due to insurance changes. She did not speak to me in a professional manner and assess my mental health in a way one expects from a doctor. Told me I don't have ADHD as symptoms would've surfaced by 6yrs old - did not care to hear about current state. Even compared me to a heroine addict. Regardless of her opinion that I don't require medication, she offered no productive insights whatsoever. AVOID
Paid $250 at door.Spent 30 minutes on a computer in one room, sent to another room with another person who went over questions and explained suboxone prog.Told me the doctor would diagnose me and whether I was allowed in sub program.Told not to cry if she didn't.Told I would receive 2 scripts for week each worth of suboxone, 1st I had to drive across town for ui,bring paper back and then get script.Then return in 2 weeks,pay $250 again,do ui,no script until results & lab takes their time.Rude pp
I went to see Dr. Sitha Kalapatapu and it was a complete waste of my time. To put it in a nut shell I had to wait over two hours to been seen, she then tells me that she doesn't believe I have ADD/ADHD because it would have been discovered by the time I was six even though 3 other Dr. have told me and confirmed that I do have ADD/ADHD. and wouldn't treat me for it, beside I wasn't in school so I didn't have any deadlines or anything like that, even though I told her I was a full-time caregiver
Shayna is wonderful. She really takes an interest in what you're experiencing and is very empathetic and understanding. I highly recommended her, especially if you struggle with addiction.
He is a very patient and understanding doctor. He's well educated, and isn't condescending like many doctors I have seen in the past. He is thorough, and didn't make me feel rushed. It's difficult to schedule an appointment with him but well worth it. I plan to keep him as my doctor for as long as possible.

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