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Dr. Nolan
Ft Wayne, IN | 10/16/2017
He needs an overhaul of his office staff. They don't admit when they make mistakes, they very rarely answer the phone, they do not return any phone calls and show no compassion to the patient. They flat out do not do their job!
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Dr. Nolan
New Haven, IN | 09/08/2017
I was referred to Dr Nolan by my current pain Dr for an pain pump. I had the required psych eval & called the office on multiple occasions to see if they received it & was always told they hadn't. So, I hand delivered it & was told they already had it. My psychiatrist called & left a message with Dr Nolan to clarify my situation. He never heard back. My referring Dr received no correspondence from the office. If nobody can get a response I'm looking elsewhere. Much to be desired!
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Dr. Nolan
in Fort Wayne | 08/03/2017
I have been seeing Dr Nolan for over 2 years now for pain control due to bone marrow cancer. Dr Nolan was first involved in doing successful Kyphoplasty on 3 different vertebral bodies for immediate pain relief and was involved in my eventual diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma through biopsy results. His thoroughness and bedside manner are second to none. As a medical professional and patient, I would highly recommend Dr Nolan to any of my family and friends for his medical expertise and quality of
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Dr. Nolan
in Culver, In | 08/22/2016
Been working with Dr Nolan now for about 3 or 4 years. HE is GREAT always takes time to listen and will try to do his best to help you without useing meds. But when it did come to it he has been GREAT understand I dont want to have to take much. Would tell anyone who is looking for a pain Dr he is the one. I drive over a hour and a half away. Hope he finds a new place in Warsaw but if not Iw ill STILL take that drive he is just that good at helping...
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Dr. Nolan
in Warsaw, IN | 07/21/2016
I have been seeing Dr Nolan for about 5 years. I think he is wonderful . Very caring and compassionate . He has gone out of the norm to help me. I would recommend him to anyone!
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Dr. Nolan
in Warsaw, IN | 04/07/2016
Dr. Nolan seems to truly care about his patients. He gets to the root of the problem instead of just prescribing narcotics to relieve the pain short term.
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Dr. Nolan
Edwardsburg, MI | 03/31/2016
I have to agree that Dr.Nolan is Excellent, listens and tries really hard to figure out how to stop the pain and continues to do so. as mentioned by others the staff leaves much to be desired not very people friendly. overall, I'd rather have the doctor be caring and compassionate and very knowledgeable with a poor staff due to no people skills than most other pain doctors who are incompetent crooks just trying to get paid and not go the extra mile to help their patients
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Dr. Nolan
in Ft Wayne, IN | 03/04/2016
The doctor is caring he takes time to listen to your condition. I recommend this doctor to everyone.
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Dr. Nolan
Fort Wayne | 02/16/2016
Dr.Nolan is Excelent, listened to me and has tried really hard on trying to figure out how to stop the pain but I absolutely hate his front staff! I would wait till i was desperate to go see him. Staff doesnt admit their mistakes. As a result I have recently left his office. I also hate the wait. I always have to wait an hour or more!.also when the office staff are calling people on the phone their doing it in front of everyone so everyone hears who and what the calls are about.lack of privacy
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Dr. Nolan
in Fort Wayne | 01/20/2016
Called and wanted to schedule an appointment for my teenage daughter to have a consultation with Dr. Nolan. Scheduler was very confussing and wouldn't set up an appt. without us sending the Dr. Our previous records (from another office) for Dr.Nolan to review and see if he wanted to take her on as a patient. Just didn't feel like they wanted any new patients or that they wanted to help.
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