I say she is a very good Doctor. Glad I was referred to her when my longtime Doctor retired. I would recommend her anytime. When she had to send me out for some specialized treatments, she sent me to another excellent doctor. Give her a shot (Pun intended). You won't be disappointed.
He is amazing with my children. He listens to all issues and takes everything into consideration. I am very pleased he is our family doctor
very happy since I starting seeing Deanna, easy to talk to and very nice
I love Dr. BUSH'S personality. He has always done a great job explaining everything to me and make me feel at ease and comfortable. I think he's a great diagnostician and is willing to help in any way he can.
Great. He's awesome. He helps me find the cheapest place to get a prescription that my insurance won't cover. He fixed a stomach problem that I had for years and no one could figure out. Yea. He also made a promise to my previous Dr who retired and kept it. I now have my social security disability. Would recommend him to friends and family
Dr. Hall has been my physician for several years and has always been very helpful, thorough and professional. He is a great listener and truly seems concerned with treating and caring for patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Hall!
I needed a refill but he wouldn't give me that until I made an appointment. I understand that he needs to see me, but it's been less than a year since I saw him. Then, the refill is for the EXACT number of days until my appointment. It's starting to feel like a very adverse relationship. I will talk to him when I see him, and I really hope I just had a bad interaction. Even the receptionist kind of had an attitude.
I had brought up my concern of my thyroid, due to my family history, and me not feeling 100% so I had requested my thyroid levels be checked. After the blood work I called the office and was told my levels were beautiful. Fast forward 4 months and I got diagnosed with a thyroid storm from another doctor. I asked for my late to be sent to my new doctor, who shows me that they only tested my TSH (barely in range) they didn't check the T4 which is more important. I feel this could've been avoided.
I started seeing Dr. Bush when my Dr. retired. I really trust his judgement. I like the fact he has newer ideas and always tries to help me find the lowest cost lab for testing. He has been a great addition as our family doctor.
Past pharmaceutical rep (salesman) turned doctor with a God complex. And requires a office visits(more $$$$$) for the simpliest stuff that would've been handled with a phone call with any other doctor.....................Like Dr. Dunevant; wishimg him well in his retirement, and sad his replacement Dr Bush is such a tool !!!
Dr. Cho has an amazing bedside manner. She listens to what you say and hears what you say! She is thorough and proactive. To me, it is refreshing to have a Dr. that makes eye contact and is not buried in a computer the whole time you are in the office. She made me feel at ease and I would highly recommend her.
My coworkers and I see Dr Bush for our health needs, to include hypothyroidism. He is hilarious, shoots from the hip, and works with us to find cost effective ways to treat our health needs. I recommend him to everyone! Thank you, Dr Bush for everything!
Excellent doctor!!! Very professional and friendly. He was not rushed and took his time to treat me. I would recommend him to anyone. He is Great!!!
Dr. Bush was very unfriendly in a hurry, and a bad temper, seen it with his staff.. Was yelling at staff. Over heard him outside the door talking bad about another patient... Very unprofessional!!! Would not recommend him to anyone!!
He's a good listeners. Wants to help you feel better and will work with you if you want to try a different plan to better health.
I had my first appointment with Dr. Casper two weeks. I thought he was great. He's the first doctor I have ever had that actually sat back in the chair and said talk to me. He listened to everything I had to say and helped me.
I was never impressed with him. He doesn't really listen. He is a spend minimal time, run labs and medicate the problem kind of Doctor. He did not offer helpful solutions to my problems. He also refused to refill medication I am supposed to be on permanently even after I scheduled an appointment with him. I just needed enough to get me though to the appointment and he refused to help me. I am a pt that pays my bills and had never missed an appt. That is not a Doctor I care to see ever again.
Dr Yu-Fleming mis diagnosed my daughter. Claiming she had a medical condition without any blood work, she just guessed. When we went to a specialist to treat condition they said the way she diagnosed the condition was wrong, amd should have been done with blood work. Also, what she didn't have that condition at all. My daughter isn't the only person I know with a misdiagnosis by her. She ignored my friends signs of cancer, luckily another dr found it. - Appointments are days/weeks to get.
We have been a patients of Dr. Bush for several years. Recent visits have left us wondering what happened to the wonderful doctor that listened to what I was experiencing and ask questions. My last two visits were rushed and he did not take the time to listen to everything. Referred me out to a doctor that has nothing to do with my symptoms. When I questioned the referral, it was answered with a prescription. It is hard to believe the change in such a caring a doctor.
Dr. Henderson has been my family doctor for over 25 years. His knowledge, kindness and respect is top notch.
Very good service. Puts himself into patients lifestyle!

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