I love Dr. Glazier he has given me a new lease on life, Before meeting him, I was lying around feeling sorry for myself and literally sleeping my life away, however since being with Dr. Glazier, he has helped control my pain, to the point, I am about to graduate from a prestigious college, Indiana Wesleyan University with HIGH honors and I look forward to returning to work after almost 15yrs. I am forever grateful and thank God for him not given up on me...God bless! ?
Until seeing Dr. G, my quality of life (pain wise), felt poor. The weekly migraines, several times a week had taken over my life for quite a few yrs, until I saw him, he recommended facet block injections, and they've worked a miracle on me every 2 months since he's started giving them to me. As well as his knee injections, which are also successful. The meds he prescribes works together with his injections, which has led me to being more pain free than b4 meeting him. Thank you Dr. Glazier
I have had chronic neck and back pain for years! The Doctor gave me meds to stop the pain and then treated those areas with injections that contain two different kinds o meds; this was called a facet joint block. He also treated the lumbar area with radio frequency waves. Everything he has done has been good for me. He is very professional. I
I have been a patient of Dr. Glazier's since October 2015. He and all of his office staff have been so nice and always helpful. I have had chronic neck, thoracic spine, and lumbar spine pain, for years. He gave me a caudal injection and although it was momentarily painful, it was the first relief I had felt, since I can remember. He is truly a blessing.
A waste of time, went in to see him because my orthopedic dr referred me to him to get shots in my back, he turns me away and says i can't give you narcotics, i didn't ask for anything he kept going on and on about it when all i said the steroid shots, just because everyone else you deal with is a junkie, sorry i am not and rude to treat customers like that
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