I trust Dr. Hamdan's judgement and have the peace of mind that I'm getting the best medical care for my condition. I never feel that he is trying to push unnecessary or redundant tests to make profit. I'm seeing him for thyroid problem, he takes his time to explain things to me and gives me clear choices. I'm very pleased and recommending him to my friends and family who are in need of ENT care.
Terrible service. Completely unprofessional! Dr Abu-Hamdan neglected to show up the day of my son's surgery. He was apparently ill and notified noone. The office neglected to notify me as well. I was told a half hour after the surgery was scheduled that he was not coming. His office was completely noncaring of the situation. I was told "It's too bad you feel that way. I would trust him with my own kids" What reason do I have to trust this dr?
Dr. Abu-Hamdan made my young son feel comfortable before and after his surgery, while still providing me with all of the appropriate information. We will countinue to see Dr. Abu-Hamdan in the future.
He did a great job on my granddaughter now my question is does he still come to plymouth in. And if so what day
I waited 2 months to see the doctor and provided all of my history of dizziness and sinus issues to the practice. Although the nurse and other staff seemed appropriately thorough and cordial, Dr. Hamden rushed through his in-room visit with me, not seeming to dedicate appropriate time to understanding of my issues. He threw out a diagnosis of Miniere's and allergies with little discussion. Seemingly did not put much consideration into prescribing oral and nasal steroids.
Currently, I do not have any symptoms. However, I'm a patient with very complicated medical issues. Since the age of 3 I have had the following, hemangioma, cystic chygroma, and lymphangioma tumors. I have team of specialist at st. Vincent hospital in Indy but am looking for an ENT closer to home. When I explained that dr's don't know what causes these tumors he said, maybe it's not brushing your teeth well or eating spicy foods. It was the most asinine statement I've EVER heard.Total dissmisal
I am very upset by how I was treated in his office today. He used 5 different instruments on me and did not explain what he was doing or why he was doing it. Before I knew what he was doing he had a tube running into my nose, down my throat and was painfully poking around my vocal cords! I told him it would be better to inform a patient before doing that. It was shocking and horribly painful. Never would I see this man again!
Very caring, explains everything & is just wonderful to the family & the patient. Takes the time to come in even after his hours are long over.
Do not confuse his social skills with medical competency. He rushed me into surgery I did not need. Then he mentioned a totally wrong diagnosis when I was in pre-op room. The most horrible part - he never discussed correcting deviated septum with me, only turbinate reduction. But he corrected (and over corrected!) it during the surgery! I would never consent to it since it was very slight, and it was helping me breath on the problem side. Congestion now is worse than before! Devastating.
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