He did a good c-section, but brushed off concerns. When my son was born at 4 1/2 pounds, he didn't do any follow up work (like sending the placenta to a lab to figure out what was wrong) ... He said "some babies are just small". We'll never know what happened, but my subsequent children weighed twice as much, so clearly something was wrong. The medical assistant (!) accused me of drinking during pregnancy and said my son had FAS (I didn't drink, except after he was born).
Doctor brushed off my concerns about being small for dates around 36 weeks, and measured me with the measuring tape extremely loose, after a measurement that put me at small for dates. My son was in danger and could have died, because he neglected to order an ultrasound.
I did not find Dr. Cox to be helpful in treating my condition. She was very dismissive and I didn't feel like she would really listen to my concerns. I felt she was discriminatory due to me being overweight.
Outstanding physician! Highly skilled, compassionate, approachable and thorough. You couldn't ask for more from an ob. She delivered our son and managed a potential crisis with calmness and fast action. Love her!
For my second appointment, I was left alone in the examining room for 50 minutes waiting for her to show up. She did not. I will find another doctor.
She does not take patient concerns seriously. She was patronizing. She was wrong in her diagnosis and has caused much suffering.
Dr. Raj Shah was who my family doctor recommended for my hysterectomy ... I have enjoyed talking to him he has been very thorough on my procedure and what to expect we chose the Davinci procedure ... It went off without any problems recovery has been quick I went home the same day and it has been getting easier each day to get around and do things ...
I had a very bad experience with being misdiagnosed by Dr. Sloan Shah, MD and her husband Dr. Rajendra Shah, MD, so I do not trust them and do not recommend them to anyone that is pregnant. They are into the quantity of patients not the quality of medical services they provide to them.
Dr. Rajendra V Shah, MD is a mediocre doctor. You should avoid seeing Dr. Rajendra V Shah, MD and going to Michiana Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Dr. Rajendra Shah, MD is unprofessional and incompetent. South Bend, IN residence please do not use him as your physician.
Dr. Clark is great. I saw him for abnormal bleeding and he explained everything in detail and he was very kind. The nurse, ultrasound tech and office staff were all very nice as well. very professional. I'm selective about the doctors I go to and I'm so happy to find Dr. Clark
Dr. Raj took great care of me after 2 chemical pregnancies. I hadn't seen an OB/GYN yet because I was so early in each of the pregnancies but he helped me put together a plan to lose weight and proactively care for future pregnancies. Wait time to see him was a bit long but the time he spends with you is worth it. Front office staff is friendly and helpful but I'm not a huge fan of some of the nurse staff.
First time seeing Dr. Czarnecki. He was so patient and kind. Listened to everything I had to say and took the time to talk to me. He's so nice and funny. HIGHLY recommend him!!!!

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