Great!!! I went to hwr for a second opinion, and she did her own examination and blood work . she didn't want to talk about that id came for . she very through and took all the tine i needed to ask question and explain things. thats the kind of physician i want and need. Shes AWESOME. ALL DRS SHOULD TALE NOTE
Does not care about discomfort or pain will not call meds in for u in emergency when ur in level 8 pain.she simply doesnt care and will not return calls until days later.
Excellent young doctor who is very personable. Unlike the physician who "inherited" my file, she listens, asks questions, and discusses both the symptoms and treatment of any conditions. Further, I can actually get an appointment to see her when I am sick, not three weeks later. She reminds me very much of the excellent doctor I had for 25 years before she retired. Dr. Springer is a huge improvement over the physician who "inherited" my file. I believe I've found the ONE I've been looking for.
I have been a patient of Jamie's for over 4 years. She has treated my elderly mother longer than that and is now the primary care physician for my wife and daughter. Dr K is a caring and compassionate doctor who truly listens to her patients. She is kind and thorough. She does not order needless tests/procedures and is cognizant of the costs associated with treatment options.
Best caring doc in a 100 mile radius
I have been seeing Dr Skelly for over 15 years. He is a wonderful doctor, compassionate, professional and a good listener. The staff at his office are also true professionals.
Dr Farabaugh spent less than 5 minutes with my daughter to remove a splinter using only tweezers. But, he noted it as a surgical procedure with stitches, which was not true. When I received the bill for $182, I called Beacon, assuming it was an error. I was told they would look into it and call me back. They didn't. After 3 additional calls to them, they told me there was nothing they could do and the charge was based on the time the doctor spent with us. That equals over $2,000/hr. DISHONEST!
Dr. David has been a great help to me ever since he joined this practice. He is always patient, even when I don't do what I need to keep myself healthy and happy. He is quit to compliment your progress, and will listen to your concerns.
Certainly has no bedside manner. Don't feel comfortable with him.
worst dr I have ever been to
Went with my elderly mother to an appointment after a 12,day hospital stay. Dr. Skelly had minimal information (only lab results) from her hospital stay. Appt was scheduled by hospital staff prior to her discharge. He could not answer any questions and very dismissive of all our concerns.
I wish we could select negative stars. Recently I was injured in a horrific accident at work, being burned over 33% of my body and spent over a month in the CCU in Ft. Wayne. After being released, we were told to follow up with our pcp. After waiting for almost two hours in his office, Dr. Skelly accused me of only being there to try to obtain narcotics (I barely used the ones I was given) and didn't even look at my burns. We left feeling humiliated and degraded and we will never go back there!!
Dr. Kinney is so approachable and relaxed. You can definitely tell that your time matters and he is genuinely concerned and he invests his time into you. He follows up with you too! Such a nice change from other doctors who seem to be too busy. You can tell Dr. Kinney is a great family man as he told us he has 5 children himself! We are lucky to have him as our children's doctor.
She sat and listened to me and my issues for almost 2 hours, she has a wonderful bed side manner, I would recommend her highly to anyone.
Dr. Kinney sees both of my children. I am so happy with the service he provides. He is great with children. Dr. Kinney always takes time to talk to me and does his best to explain in layman's terms so I can understand. Dr. Kinney is always very responsive. He is always smiling and in a great mood. I would absolutely recommend him.
Will not stop taking notes on his iPad to make eye contact with, and listen to me. I feel like just a statistic to him.
Consistently relaxed, attentive, and informative. We had our 30 month well baby visit recently. When Dan entered the room my toddler and I were playing on the floor. Dam immediately sat down on the floor and that's where we stayed for the entire visit. He is patient, knowledgable, and approachable. I couldn't ask for a better first line of defense for our developmentally delayed kiddo.
Dr. Sessions on my first visit spent over an hour with me on my first appt and was sure I have been improperly diagnosed. I felt like my body was killing me and at a fast rate. We are going thru testing now to find what the disease process is that is killing me and hitting my organs one by one.
I love Dr. Kazmierzak. My husband, my two children, and myself all see her. She is a wonderful doctor and is great at discussing options and always looks out for the best interest of her patients.
Dr. Sessions is a great doctor. I had been diagnosed incorrectly by a previous doctor but first visit she had the correct course of treatment and everything got better with the correct medication. She listens and explains things very well. When you leave her office you know you've had the best care available.
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