Dr. Hwang was very thorough. Didn't rush me in and out. Was as good an experience as a doctor's appointment can be. Would highly recommend him.
I would never go back to see her. She didn't take the time to find out what was wrong. Wanted me to leave as soon as possible. Abrupt and rude personality. And gave me an illogical diagnosis.
It's been several years since I saw him but BE CAREFUL! He tried to prescribe me the same medication 6 different times. The problem was already on the medication!!!
She listens, she follows through on everything she says she going to do, she gives me non-prescription options, & she explains everything in detail. She'll even go over other doctor's test results with you, if their explanation didn't help you.
Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. Stay far far away from him. He does not care about his patients. Do your homework before deciding on a physician. Ultimately, it's your health and thus guy is to close to retirement to care about his patients. Please, please, do your homework.
Definitely worth seeing and talking to. My friends see him too. Excellent urologist. Had high psa, now have highly recommended dr. Thank you dr Hwang.
I have been a patient for over 10 years. Dr. Cosgrove is friendly and he spends the time to listen and explain things. The only issue is that everyone else likes him as much as I do and it can be an issue getting an appointment that not scheduled in advance.
Easy to talk to, always has a smile! The most important thing he can diagnose most problems quickly!! The only problem is that he has many patients, so it is hard to get an a appointment!
She's very polite and considerate. Great doctor who listens!
He is a very kind man and very good at what at what he does Dr. removed my gallbladder
Dr. Cosgrove has been my doctor for over 10 years. I could never ask for a better doctor. He is always willing to listen to my million and one problems without taking an disinterest. He isn't one of those pill mill doctors either. He has never given me a bad referral. He is also a very honest doctor and won't sugar coat problems or diagnosis. Absolutely love him and wish he could still be my doctor but I moved out of the area.
Will not recommend this Dr. He was rude, arrogant, and unprofessional.
Dr. Cherenfant was amazingly caring. Made eye-to-eye contact as he truly listened to me. Double-checked all options before removing my gall bladder. He wasn't quick to do surgery until he was sure. I liked that. Really exceptional.
He is the best! Very thorough and friendly!
Best family doctor I have ever seen. Been with Dr. Cosgrove for more than 10 years - he knows me and I trust him completely.
He didn't fully listen and was ready to push my concerns aside.
After repeated calls to his office to discuss my ailing father's condition I still have not received a call back.
Went in for toe nail fungus problem and they cut the nails down and told me I had a nail fungus. Then bill came to 538.00 . Got pills which I cant take and that sums it up... PS I told them I had a nail fungus charges beyond belief in my opinion.
She was terrible. I came to her for dizziness while my doctor was out of town. After 5 minutes she told me I was fine. When I stood up to leave I got dizzy and passed out. I spent the entire day in urgent care. I am still under care and have not returned to work. She was rude and I would not go to her if she was the only internal medicine doctor in my network.
Dr. Prem is terrible. My mother was her patient. My mom was unresponsive, an couldn't recognize me. When I asked this "doctor" about it, she dismissed my concerns and said "Oh, she recognizes me." Really, my mother doesn't recognize me, but she recognizes you so it's okay? A nurse had to suggest additional tests. Turns out my mom had a terrible UTI, that could have easily been discovered if this person cared even an ounce for her patients.
Dr. Shah is my primary care doctor and she is easy to get in to see, you seldom wait more than a few minutes in the waiting area, she carefully listens to your concerns and helps map out a treatment plan.
He quickly dismissed any questions and problems I had as if he was trying to rush through the appointment. He was not at all concerned with my uncontrollably heavy bleeding. When I told him I was passing a lot of clots, he said, and I quote, "Sucks to be you." His medical assistant gave me a pillow case instead of a drape to cover myself. I'm almost 50 and I've had a lot of paps from a lot of doctors. This was the first time it ever hurt. A lot. I would not recommend him to anyone.
I told him I had sex while on my monthly and he looked at me in disgust and asked "why would you do that". I left in embarrassment and changed doctors. I also told him a certain medication did not sit well with my body to which he told me "it's all in your head".
I love dr shah! She is amazing and easy to talk to! Her staff is also amazing especially Heidi! Love them
Dr. Shah was very informative and I felt very comfortable being under her care. She has a great bedside manner and I would recommend her to anyone that wants a knowledgeable and thorough Dermatologist.
Dr Prem is lacking any bedside manner. She made no attempt at diagnosis other than the initial 'standard' round of blood tests. The major issue I had with her care was that while out of town, I had a health crisis, something she had been treating me for, and I attempted to contact her for a refill on the RX she had prescribed (a very basic RX). I left a message for 5 days straight and NEVER received ANY response from her or her staff. This lack of follow up is disheartening from a professional.
Dr. San Gabriel was attentive and responsive. His exam did not take long, but he seemed to be fairly thorough. He asked a lot of questions and listened as I gave my answers. We chatted for a while and then he asked if I had any questions. He made specific health recommendations based on my answers to his questions.
Professional, kind, compassionate and willing to listen. Elaine his phone nurse bends over backwards to help patients on the phone.
very nice and patient. extremely helpful. great bedside manner.
I had several visits with Dr. Sheth over a period of a year. He was always kind. However, I was not comfortable with him and was left feeling disappointed and strange about my visits.I had a lot of pain after my IUD insertion and probably should not have been driving. Had I been prepared or made aware of that possibility I would have had someone drive me. The cramps were unreal!!! I mean immediately after too. By the time I got home I couldn't believe I drove for 20 minutes. Was not happy.
I don't have enough bad to say about him and Elaine, his office flying monkey. Beware. Blood pressure 1 day after release from hospital 188/143, would not write referral to cardiologist after Elaine berated me for expecting him to do so. Never offered earlier appointment and said Dr told her to not call me back because I hung up on her. Changed doctors immediately and will be able to follow up and hopefully not stroke out in mean time. Horrible experience. Unprofessional and rude.
Great Dr. Listens to all my needs and very courteous. Glad to have found my personal physician.
Dr. Shah is a compassionate caring physician that is here to give her patients the care they need. Dr. Shah speaks to her patients in a way they understand and will comprehend their own medical problems and needs. Dr. Shah is very flexible with her schedule to help work around home and work schedules so that it's easier to make an appt that is more convenient for you. I would highly recommend Dr. Shah to anyone that needs to consult with a dermatologist.
Dr. Sheth is very friendly and has always made me feel comfortable when asking questions and he's fairly well available. His staff on the other hand is very rude and always has some sort of attitude everytime I go into the office. They make you feel uncomfortable and ignorant.
Seemed rushed. Seemed less than interested in what I was saying. Did not want to take the time to give me a referral for a bone stimulator to prevent further surgery. Never ordered labs to check my thyroid medication levels after being put on it for the first time 6 weeks ago. Not impressed.
One of the best and brightest dermatologists that i have experienced. I would recommend Dr. Shah to any patient.
Saw him in an urgent matter. His bedside manner was very blah. He was a little rude. Called him/staff for questions phone calls not returned.
Initially, i was a little hesitant to proceed with Dr. Jacover because he looks very young, therefore, i thought he would not be as knowledgeable as an older physician. However, I am happy i decided to make him my physician (never judge a book by its cover - so cliche, but true). Dr. Jacover is extremely knowledgeable, in multiple medical areas and takes his time in answering all my questions and asking various questions to pin point exactly what is going on with me.
My husband and I saw dr Pickett we both are on medicine. Here were problems with both of the orders we tried to call her on three different occasions and never could talk to anyone and never got a call back
Dr. Mican was very polite and knowledgeable about my concern for my infant. She took the time to examine her with care and I appreciate her for making us feel welcome on our first visit.
Dr. Kinne has been our pediatrician for over 10 years. He has a great rapport with his young patients. Very friendly, makes kids and parents feel comfortable.
They never call you back. I have called and left several messages. Both times I had blood work done, I had to call myself (to the lab) to get my results. Not caring at all.
I couldn't ask for a better doctor for my son.
Very unprofessional and inappropriate. I went to ER Franciscan Munster and then was admitted for cardiac symptoms: chest pain, shortness of breath & dizziness. She was the physician doing rounds. She said, " Why are you here? This is nothing. You worry too much. You are making yourself sick. I have had the same symptoms for 2 months. One more month and you would be o.k. when the weather warms up. This is psychological. You should take off work and not worry so much."
A very smart, kind, caring person and physician. Would highly recommend him!
When I need to contact my doctor I expect to be able to talk to one of the staff asap. To have any questions I need answered and not have to wait days for a response. I've never in my life dealt with such bs as I do with this place. I'm sick of never getting through to anyone, always having to leave a voicemail and praying I'll get a returned call before they close for the day but by then it's usually too late! I'm switching doctor's asap. This is unacceptable
Dr. Pandhi performed surgery not only on my hip, but on my husband's shoulder and our son's ankle. He is extremely personable, listens to you, answers questions and did a great job on all of our surgeries. I would recommend him to anyone.
Based on Dr Kim's advice to cut back on carbohydrates, I lost 70 pounds in a relatively short time. I have kept the weight off. She is the best endocrinologist that I have seen....a very special physician.
Dr.Ololade is great! I would highly recommend him for first time parents he's a plethora of knowledge. He has my questions answered before I can even think of them and my son loves him!
for being such a young doctor he is the best doctor I have been to, my health has improved since I started seeing him, he makes sure you are getting the right meds and advise on what test need to be done, cares about his patients.
My appointment to get test results took over 2 weeks. Then when I did meet with the doctor I am not confident that she even had the test results. When I asked her questions she provided vague answers. I had to obtain a copy of my lab results from the lab. It has now been 6 weeks and I still don't have the medical equipment needed to treat my condition. Neither I nor the medical supply company can get an answer from the doctor's office as to what parameters to set up the equipment.
Best pediatrician
He was highly recommended by my physical therapist for a second opinion on a surgery that wasn't healing well enough. He us a great doctor and listener. He cares about his patients and is so kind, a rarity among the majority of orthopedic doctors.
My echocardiogram results have been sitting in a folder for at least 10 days without being looked at. I have called numerous times asking about the results only to be told that I will be called when the doctor looks at them. I find this unacceptable.
My family loves Dr. Mican. She is very thorough and answers our questions very nicely. We never feel rushed and she remembers my girls everytime we go.
It is impossible to get a hold of her. No matter how urgent, it can be DAYS before she returns my call. Also, she doesn't listen. I had a sinus infection for FOUR weeks because she TWICE prescribed an antibiotic that doesn't work for me. I TOLD her this and begged for something else. When it failed, she REFILLED it! Cost me two senseless weeks of misery. Then she prescribed something the FDA doesn't approve for sinus infection anymore! She is the worse doctor I have ever had.
Very pleasant physician and office.
Dr Pandi is a doctor who listens to his patients needs for results he explains everything in details answers all your questions Dr pandhi and his staff are very courteous he but a skip back in my step that my wife said she hasn't saw in years Thank you Dr Pandi. Joe gibson
Excellent, caring doctor. Takes time with her patients. Explains how test results can impact your condition and your future health. Explains diagnosis & answers any questions. Only negative is availability for appointment (urgent or not). I was referred to Dr Kim in October of 2014 - first available appointment was end of March 2015!
Best orthopedic surgeon I have ever seen. Great personality, bedside manner, and extremely bright and knowledgable with all the latest surgical techniques . I have recommended my family and friends to him without hesitation.
One of the most insightful physicians in whom I've had the privilege of encountering.
I called 9/2015 to schedule an appointment. First opening was January/2016. Fine. In Jan, the office called to change my appt. to end of February. On the day of my appt., they called to reschedule again due to bad weather with the reschedule date being JUNE. The receptionist asked the Dr. to squeeze me in due to the number of times I was rescheduled thru no fault of my own. She said NO. Thanks for nothing, Dr. Kim. You don't deserve one star.
Dr. Pickett takes the time to explain test results and issues that are occurring. Highly recommend - personable and easy to talk to regarding issues.
The office environment: rushed, cold. Staff interaction with patients: impersonal, demeaning. Throughout the visit, nurses and Dr. Parekh offer minimal eye contact and are obsessively typing notes into the computer, leading to poor communication, a need to repeat oneself and distraction. On multiple occasions, I was asked to reiterate my pain points, confirming my belief that the doctor was not listening to me as intently as I wished. (Weymouth, MA)
she is very nice but sometimes forget to check for something I mentioned concerning my eye this was on the 4th of Feb an I'm still waiting for her to see that I can get ear drops that are covered as my ear the left one still bothers me, ty.
Chinese, Cantonese

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