We had a great experience at St Joe with Dr Lambourne. She explained things well and was pleasant and kind. Overall, the whole surgery was a good experience.
I work with Dr Lambourne. She does great work! Counsels patients well on what to expect before surgery and is skilled at the procedures she performs. I care for many patients that she has taken care of and she does a great job. I would be comfortable with her caring for me and my family.
I work with Dr Lambourne regularly. She is an excellent anesthesiologist and very caring. Because of this, she is requested frequently by hospital staff when they have surgery. She took excellent care of me when I had surgery, preventing the post-op nausea I usually have, and she did a great nerve block to help me wake up pain free. I will continue to recommend her to anyone that asks.
She FAILED to properly insert the catheter, leaving me entirely without pain relief overnight after major surgery. Had she not made such a point of giving me her pager number and telling me to call her with any problems my family would have taken me to ER. Instead, I believed her and she ignored my pages all night until around 7am when my relatives roused a different doctor, who contacted her and insisted she call me back. She was rude & didn't help so I had to see another doctor.
Caring, patient, gentle, great listener.....puts patient at ease! Totally trusted him! Would definately recommend Dr. Galperin.
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