This is one of the best doctors ever. He is so skilled and so caring. He makes you feel at ease immediately. I only wish he had other locations so that I could see him! I will never forget him. He is absolutely awesome! Every doctor needs to take a page out of his book!
Hi everyone all I have to say about Dr.Nars is he is very skilled, and very careing, scheduleding is a little tuff reason being is he so busy one of the best in northwest indiana it's hard to get in has a new patient that specks for it's self....
He hospitalized my mom by prescribing medications that are known to cause bad reactions with the medication she was already on, VIA his prescription. He doesn't listen and refuses to accept fault for HIS MEDICAL MISTAKES absolutely the worst psychiatrist in the history of medicine.
Seven years ago our son was being bullied at school, and we were getting no help with the school. Dr. Miller taught our son the best techniques, but also taught us how to help him bring up his self esteem and self confidence. They were lessons that my son will use the rest of his life. Dr. Miller is a godsend! I don't know where we would be without her!

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