If I could give negative stars I would. I only switched because U of C couldn't come to an agreement with United Healthcare. So at recommendation of my therapist I saw Dr Jain today. What an arrogant, rude, inconsiderate jerk! He decided to diagnose me with Bipolar 2, then changed all my meds. I am at least smart enough to know taking a patient off certain meds will cause bad withdrawals but he didn't care. Once I started questioning him, he then dismissed me!!! Literally!! NEVER SEEING HIM AGAI
I've been with Dr. Jain for 5yrs now. When I first started to see him we were on the same page bit as time went on he sent me for routine lab work little did I know he also put in for a drug test. I'm not going to lie if he would of asked me I would of told him I smoke weed. He put me on some medicine that I would sleep walk I did one time and fell fast first into a floor model TV. He took me off now he wants to put me back on it. He doesn't listen and tries to be a parent. I have parents.
After intake, he switched my meds without tapering which sent me into a suicidal spiral. By the end of the week, I was ready to admit myself for inpatient b/c I was a danger to myself. Found a new doc who adjusted current meds and I was back to myself (although that wasn't that great) within a few days.
Kind, courteous, concerned.
Dr. Jain was completely disrespectful and RUDE. He treated me like I was a crack addict coming to get drugs from him. I moved here a year ago, and the condition I was being treated for in a different state for 2 years, he told me was something I was making up. I told him to refer to my paperwork sent over from my previous psychiatrist, and he told me that any assessment could be rigged (like I had created my condition purposely). Now he has gone on vacation and won't refill my prescription.
Dr Jain was good, personable and willing to hear what you have to say. However his office staff is rude, lacks compassion, poor records, accusatory, unkind, unhelpful, unprofessional, and doesn't care to listen to a thing you say - only has their agenda to discuss and doesn't want to hear from you. While the doctor was good, its his front staff that patients have to deal with on health issues, symptoms, side affects, appointments, and insurance as such I would not recommend this doctor
A very caring, genuine professional. Dr. Douglas spent quality time with my client and myself without a set appointment. He's easy to understand and good looking. I felt very confident with his diagnosis.
I would not recommend Dr. Jain because every time I sat down with him he made me fell uncomfortable. He was too stern and didn't allow me to talk. Every medication he put me on was the wrong one, and even when I tried telling that he wouldn't listen to me. Every time I would explain to him how bad my anxiety was, he refused to treat it. Only now that I have moved and got a new psychiatrist am I getting the right treatment.
Great really helped me

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