Very professional office setting. Wonderful healthcare experience. Concerns are looked into in depth not just treated on the surface for a quick fix like so many people are looking for these days. This is a well organized office with a personal touch.
I would not. I'm a male person that said I have not had a checkup in over 25 years and I did not even get a prostrate exam. I was poked for something that she thought was necessary (higher liver enzymes), and my Cardiologist said that level was slightly above normal to him. Also, the office is very disorganized. Called about appointments I didn't have and the billing was messed up, too. Dr. Patel is personally sweet, but I don't trust her decisions and how she practices.
Besides being well traveled I have suffered all my adult life with a chronic illness. I've never seen a doctor who runs her practice the way Dr Patel does. She NEVER comes in with a computer or pen and paper. This probably contributed to the many mistakes she made in my husbands and my care. Only after words were exchanged did I get a series of 3 specialists who are now trying to improve my quality of life and making me aware of the serious mistakes that have been made. Be careful.
The medical field would be better off without Dr. Patel in it. She was grossly uncaring and rude. I thought her front office was bad until I met her. When her front office messed up some paperwork, she blamed the previous doctor who I know faxed over the information. The front office was also rude to the other patients in the waiting room.
Smita Patel has always taken the time needed to assess my health situation. she has a very caring attitude and works with you to resolve health issues. I am a senior and for the first time I have found a doctor who listens. she referred me to a cardiologist who is of the same caliber and they seem to work in conjunction to solve my issues eventhough she is with Unity and he is with South Bend Clinic. appointments are easy to get and I usually am in the exam room within 5-10 minutes of arriving
Was 5 minutes late for my appt and she would not see me I even offered to wait as long as it took. Usually I was the one waiting for 30-50 minutes. Poor character
Dr. Smita Patel was very unprofessional, rude, acting like she was better than myself because of my disability, She has wrongfully diagnosed me with health issues. Lied in my personal records to make herself look better. I would NOT recommend her to my dog for health issues.
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