Dr. Young seems to be a very good doctor, but after having to leave a message and wait two days just to be called back about making an appointment, I am looking for another doctor.
Since Dec. 23rd, I have called Dr. Young's office for an appointment and contrary to my previous post, I am happy to report Dr. Young's staff got me in the next day for one appointment and the other one, she was more than willing to help and work with me. I have seen a significant improvement with the staff and greatly appreciate how I was treated. And Dr. Young continues to be great as always. At my appointment, the young lady at the desk went out of her way to help me with my insurance.
Dr. Young is great but SOME of his staff are TERRIBLE!. -It is hard to get an appt within 1 month. even if its urgent but non-emergency. Had to go to clinic. My insurance requires pre-authorization on some meds & CVS notified Dr. Young's office 12/10/16. After many calls from CVS/me, nurse FINALLY sent authorization 12/20/16 to insurance & said "this is a low priority" & I can pay until authorized. My insurance said haven't received it. I called right back to dr to tell them, got hung up on 3x!
Dr. Mader seems to genuinely care how you feel. He is eager to help with tests, referrals,whatever the issue may be.
A great doctor but try getting ahold of him through his staff who are rude and won't relay messages or return calls.
This doctor saved my family. He is extremely skilled in the realm of addiction treatment. I will not sell him short: he invested himself fully into the treatment of my fiancé and as a result, my 8 month old daughter has a healthy, happy dad to play with every day.
My husband has seen Dr Qualls twice in the ER and he was rude , unprofessional and had a very bad attitude. We were not pleased with his treatment, he pretty much told my husband he was to young to have had shoulder surgery which was why we were there because of complications from the surgery ! He was rude !
Long wait in waiting room. Dr. was friendly but cut you off while talking to explain himself. I felt he did not listen effectively and preached more than listened.

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