I was in a car accident with leg and arm fractures and was in the hospital for a week. I needed multiple surgeries. He sat down and explained everything to me so I always knew what was going on. Ive never had a doctor sit down with me like he did. I am so greatful that Dr. Vitale was there when this happened. I would refer my family to him!
The level of personal care received from Dr. McGee is difficult to put into words. Unfortunately the genes received from my parents was a gift of degenerative disc in my lower spine which increased in my later years. Dr. McGee has twice repaired what nature provided and I'm able to do most anything I choose. He has a great personality and truly cares for his patients. He is a terrific person whom I highly recommend to anyone who has found themselves struggling to resolve back pain issues.
Dr. LaSalle had told me early on what I should expect and he was very accurate. I am pleased with the outcome of my Dupuytren surgery, my fingers are practically straight. Dr. LaSalle took all the time necessary to inform me of my options prior to surgery and to answer all of my questions post-op. Dr. LaSalle wants what is best for his patients.
I like going to Dr. Wright because he always greets you with a smile on his face and a firm handshake. I find him to be a very caring doctor. He gives you all of his attention in caring for the issue at hand. He has given me good advice on the medical situations I have had.
Has no idea of what some chronic pain problems are that she should be treating. Even after notes from a vascular doctor, still didn't get it. Look elsewhere.
I had found more reading mychart than being at his office. Didn't show my MRI scans to me and insulted me.
Excellent care and understanding from the start! Dr. Wright was very thorough and was patient in listening to what I had to say. The staff were all very friendly.
Knowledgeable clinician
My primary care physician recommended that I visit Dr. McGee to surgery options and unlike many other surgeons, Dr. McGee wasn't quick to put me under the knife. While I wanted relief for my excruciating pain, I was very thankful that he was more concerned about my health than performing a premature procedure that could actually create more problems. He was caring and made me understand everything relating to my condition in layman's terms and I was very pleased. He's an amazing doctor.
I actually came to Dr. LaSalle following a mediocre experience at FWO. I was impressed with his competence, knowledge and bedside manner. He did the least painful steroid/lidicaine injection I have ever had for trigger finger. Amazingly fast! I highly recommend him for any hand problem.
While taking my son in after a sports accident, I was so pleased that the staff were on time, friendly and very professional. Dr. Mattox took the time to explain the xray, exactly what happened and what we needed to do for treatment. Although I don't want the need, I will definitely recommend Dr. Mattox and ONE to my friends and family. Thank you!
Satisfied with my surgery. DR. Williams was great as far as the surgery part, it's the after surgery thats upsetting. I have Short term disability through work. Dr told me id be off 2-6 weeks. STD had me off 2 weeks went back for check up and was told I would be off 3 more weeks. I need Medical Records released to Unum so they could extend my STD but Dr still has not signed off on them. If it's not done by tomorrow, I will lose a weeks pay!! HOPE HE GETS PAPERWORK SIGNED IN TIME!
Outstanding fellow! Did my shoulder surgery in 2006 and has started helping me with the other shoulder. Excellent clinical skills, personable, knowledgeable.
My experience with dr smith and ONE staff has been excellent....I would recommend him and his staff to handle your medical needs....he is a good Christian man and has very good morals with a commitment to his job and his faith.....highly recommend him and his team.... Darrell Young
Dr. Pritchard and his staff are amazing. they were able to fix my torn tendon. I highly recommend them.
Dr. Wright has always and will always continue to be my "go to" ortho doctor. Jeff, and the remainder of his care team cannot be faulted in any way; always so cordial yet professional. Dr. Wright's knowledge, abilities, talents, and genuine empathy with his patients are above and beyond the term "excellent." I never hesitate to acknowledge my admiration for him whenever the occasion arises!! And yes, I've recommended him numerous times!
I found the staff to be very professional and helpful. Dr. Pritchard spent considerable time listening to me as I described the pain that I was experiencing and then took time to explain what he thinks may be going on with my knee and answered all of my questions. I trust his judgment and level of expertise-and would highly recommend Dr. Pritchard to others.
Was impressed from check in to checkout, I understood every that Dr Mattox explained to me, and the care he gave when he treated me.
I felt very confident in Dr. Wright's determination that I needed a total shoulder replacement. I would recommend him to anyone who has shoulder problems. His manner is calm and reassuring. It was so thoughtful of him to give me a fruit basket as I left the hospital after surgery. And he's a snazzy dresser!
He is a great Doctor, explained everything that was going on so that I understood it!
I had 3 fusion back surgery 4 1/2 months ago. Before the surgery, I couldn't walk enough to go grocery shopping. Recently I walked an hour and fifteen minutes just for pleasure. While the surgery was very difficult, I received excellent care. Dr. Smith's nursing staff is accessible, checks with Dr. Smith, and gets back to me when I have questions.
Very satisfied with my appointment with Dr McManus.
Everything about my experience is a "5 star" experience! I tell everyone how quickly my hand was fixed to good as new. Everyone there is so plesant and helpful. I highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of top quality service. Thank you staff, nurses, and Dr Williams.
This was my first visit with Dr. Williams and I was very impressed. He explained my diagnosis completely and he also took a lot of time explaining my treatment with me. I would recommend anyone to him!
Dr. Pritchard was very helpful and patient with me. He explained what could be done and left it up to me to decide what I wanted to do and when I wanted to do surgery if that was my choice.
Dr. Williams did not address the issue for while I was there and stated I needed surgery on a completely different area. They exposed me to unnecessary radiation with x-rays when I had a recent MRI they could reference. No treatment plan for the presenting indication and pressure to get unnecessary surgery prior to other procedures I had scheduled. Stating I ranked them a 5 for service when I never did. Misleading, misdiagnosing and only wanting money. Very disheartening.
I have a lot of painful issues going on and I had to have an EMG done, Dr. Kulkarni was very kind and did his best to do the test as quickly as possible. After it was completed he explained the results to me.
We recently saw Dr. Mattox for my son's knee injury. We were able to get in quickly and he was very thorough. Our MRI was scheduled that same week and my son is on the road to recovery. We received excellent care and I would highly recommend Dr. Mattox and the entire staff at ONE!
Excellent rapport with patients. Explains everything very thoroughly. Couldn't ask for a better experience with Dr. McGee and all of the staff.
In his family practice, he was the best doctor I ever had.Elaine Fultz Rucoi. I don't know if he only does sports medicine now. He was the best.
Dr McGee performed a spinal fusion on me in 1995 and saved my career and my life. I would not let anyone else have anything to do with my spine. 11 years later he relieved me from a herniated disc in the same area of my spine. In and out in 1 hour. No adverse side effects to this day. He is the best at what he does.
Terrible. Experience
Dr Williams has operated on me several times due to sport related injuries. ACL repair, torn biceps tendon, and several knee cartilage surgeries. All went perfect. I would highly recommend!!
Wonderful experience! Kind, friendly staff. Dr. Williams did a wonderful job fixing my thumb. Dr. Williams was professional .....not only diagnosed my problem, but fixed it at the same appointment. I would highly recommend Dr. Williams.......Warsaw is lucky to have him here.
Dr. Williams performed a knee arthroscopy on me at Kosciusko Community Hospital in 2015. I had been having pain for some time, and an MRI he ordered found a cartilage tear, which he repaired. Before the MRI, he gave me a steroid shot, which helped wonderfully until I could get the MRI. Once I knew there was a tear, his office was able to schedule my out patient surgery within the week, so that I could get fixed and back to work as soon as possible at my active job.
Dr. McGee knew right away when he seen me what the problem was. Another Dr. had done surgery but not correctly and I was bent over. Dr.McGee had to do surgery to correct and make me straight again. I refer all my friends and family to him as he's the best. My surgery was major L5 to T5 back fusion surgery and I am so glad that I had Dr. McGee!
Found a broken bone on x-ray that Ft Wayne Rapid Care Dr. didn't see.
Very detailed clinician. I appreciated her honesty and kindness. My problems are complex and she took a lot of time with me. LOVED the display of the physicians being on-time (or not). Well run operations.
Dr. Wright is a Great listener and problem solver. Just had full knee replacement and went home same day. Highly recommend him to everyone!
Sprained my ankle and was given a walking boot and crutches. Ended up costing me $500 for something I didn't need. I was out of the boot in a day. A physical therapist consulted me and said sprains aren't supposed to be immobilized. Posner has been trained by ONE to sell medical products without regard to the patient and if insurance covers it. Also, how difficult would it be for practices to have a spreadsheet of approved insurance for medical devices? ONE would not work with me on price
I have been seeing Dr. Kulkarni almost a year, he refuses to explain treatment options, comes in to refill prescriptions and then to leave, even when I am there to discuss MRI results that he ordered and plans of action. He hadn't even looked at my results, I know this because I had to give him MY copy in order to even find out about them. Thank God I have all of my results emailed to me. He's a power hungry drug pusher, if asked to explain or recommend something that is NOT drugs, he walks out
Judgmental, lacks personality, not thorough. Said I need "injections", I thought intramuscular, I go to check out and they're talking about epidurals. Going to get a second opinion before I spend that kind of cash.
This doctor never even made eye contact with me. Any answers I tried to get were incomplete, unsatisfactory and redundant to what I told him of treatments I had already tried for 4-5 months regarding Plantar Fasciitis. The only time he touched my foot was to press on the bottom of my heel with his thumb and said, "yep plantar fasciitis". That was it! Then he walked out and a PT came in with sheets of exercises of which I previously told the doc I had done in the past!! The doc doesn't listen!!
Dr. Williams listens to his patient. Once he examines you, qualifying tests, MRI's and X-rays are ordered. I have been operated on twice by Dr. Williams with extremely good results. So grateful for having him available at Parkview.
I recently had my hip replaced at KCH. The entire experience has been nothing short of outstanding. The Nursing staff personnel of both Dr. William's and KCH went above and beyond to meet my every need during my short stay. The end results of my operation have been outstanding. After a two week home recovery, I was allowed to drive once again. By the third week and to date, I am able to climb stairs in both directions and walk without a cane or walker.
Always great. I love his bedside manner and the friendliness of his staff, makes going to the Dr less stressful. I appreciate his off the cuff humor, keeps things on the light side. He is serious and very professional when necessary ... Love his PA too!
He performed an additional procedure on my knee during surgery that we had not discussed prior. I am now fully healed and have more knee plan that I had before surgery. I am also less functional now as I have pain when walking, running, and jumping. ??
Dr. Is not prepared before seeing patient. At my 2nd appointment, he thought I was there for a knee, when I said I was there for my ankle, he wise cracked asking how my knee was. I was not amused. I had seen him a week earlier and was there for results of an MRI. He had not reviewed the results because it took 15 minutes to locate them. It was obvious he hadn't looked at them until he came into the room. My appt. was at 9:00 AM, he should have been prepared. Not what I expect for medical care.
I give this one low because he removed my husband finger and messed up his middle finger his joints and Nerves he can't even make a fist and now he refuses to see him or fix it don't go to him he's horrible
Steven Wright Has done all 5 of my knee surgeries I trust him 100%
can no longer use my legs... do I need to say anything else?
Makes you feel less than. not very thorough. judgemental. next!!! staff is excellent. too bad she isnt.
Dr. Williams did 2 trigger finger operations a a carpel tunnel operation for me. He and the staff are efficient, friendly and willing to answer questions you might have. I highly recommend him.
I had a nerve block and ablation done after sustaining a neck injury in college. Thanks to Dr Kulkarni I was able to play basketball again less than a year later after almost 2 years or suffering. That was the best decision I ever made and I thank him and Dr Jenkinson for seeing me through it all. I think about them often and bless them both!
I have been taking my daughter to Dr. McManus for a few years for various sports injuries. Dr. McManus has provided excellent care and service.
I had spinal fusion done on 12/1/15. I am still in excruciating pain. He referred me to Dr. Kulkarni for a nerve block, which has made it worse. Now, I can do anything without debilitating pain. All Dr. McGee does is throw pills at it that don't work. Dr. Kulkarni says I need patience.....way past the time the block was supposed to work. I won't even get started on Dr.McGee's PA who doesn't give pain meds after surgery. I'd rather go see my dogs vet next time!
Dr. McGee answered my questions, and explained the needed procedure. He listened to concerns and spent time to make appropriate recommendations. At no time did I ever feel rushed.
Always courteous and professional and never in a rush to give out pain meds. As someone who refuses to use medication to manage my pain. I have found her to be supportive and innovative in her approaches.
Dr. Kulkarni and Tasha Bowers his assistant are great. I am 33 and have had 2 seperate cervical fusions, and suffer from chronic pain. Dr. Kulkarni has given me 3 nerve blocks and medication. I would like other alternatives than pain meds but nothing else can help me. He listens to me and cares about my wellbeing. I would love to have a brand new neck, but that isn't an option, unfortunately. If it wasn't for him and Tasha I don't know what I would do.
Excellent bedside manner
Dr. McGee and his staff are wonderful!! I went in with a herniated disc in my neck that did surgery on and I feel 100% better. My husband had emergency surgery for a blown disc last year that Dr McGee did and he feels 100% better too. Thanks Doc!
I started seeing Dr. Mattox even before he became a Parkview Physician. I really love the caring and compassion he shows to his patients. He listens and doesn't mess around. He gets you want you need and to where you need to be. If it wasn't for his no nonsense approach I may be in a very different place right now. Not only do I see Dr. Mattox but 5 of my 6 kids and my husband see him to. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a physician!
Dr. Smuth ia very greatguy. Im greatful that I switched to him. If it wasnt for him I wouldnt have found out that rods & screws were improperly placed. He said hes gonna do everything he can well try to see if he can help me.
I have been seeing Dr. Mattox for years now and wouldn't want any other doctor. He is very caring and listens to his patients. I have recommended him to several other people who still see him as well.
I just had a surgery for frozen shoulder found him to be absolutely gorgeous polite and an outstanding work. I personally recommend him for anyone
I felt so much better after seeing Dr. McManus. I find myself trusting him
Very quick and not very thorough, no hands on exam at all.
Very Professional, very knowledgeable. Gave us a good timetable for future addressing my shoulder
Dr. Jon Karl is very pleasant and professional. He discusses your problems/symptoms thoroughly, addressing all questions or concerns you may have. He implements a treatment plan once you are in agreement with his recommendation. He has been my pain specialist for 3 yrs now and I'm highly satisfied with his recommended treatment plan. With his help, my pain level has gone from an 8/9 to a 4/5. Thank you very much Dr. Karl!
I recommend Dr. Harris to anyone looking into orthopedic surgery. He is very concise & explains every detail what his procedure will be. While I was not a candidate for a hip replacement, he showed me while looking at my X-ray what is causing my pain. Dr. Harris did my husband's surgery & husband is very satisfied with the outcome & how quickly he recovered. His staff is extremely knowledgeable & helpful. Thanks to the Parkview doctors and nurses.
Dr. DeDoes has a demeanor of a good friend. He cares about you, your issues and concerns regarding your feet, and does all he can to assure satisfaction. When he makes a recommendation I trust that he has looked at all possibilities and has chosen the best one for me. I highly recommend him as a trusted physician. M. Peggy Jones
I've had problems in numerous areas, and he always gets me through them. Don't know what I'd do without him.
He impressed me immensely simply because he was very sincere and concerned with our daughter and also wanted to pray for her before the surgery began. In my books that is more than you could ask for from any doctor.
Very good at explaining everything and making sure I am comfortable with what is being done.
I have gone to Dr. Karl for several years for pain management and would highly recommend him. I have enjoyed all of Dr. Karl and his staf. Jerry
Dr. Conner is one of the two best surgeons I have had ever met, known or worked with. He is genuinely caring and its obvious that he takes his work seriously and loves it. Its also clear that he is exceptional at what he does and aspires to excellence and professionalism. He works to make sure to answer questions, make honest recommendations and still honor the patients need to have a role in their own care even though he is the expert. I trust him completely and highly recommend him to anyone.
I saw Dr. Dedoes today and had a wonderful experience with my visit to him as I really was worried about 3 of my toe nails and of course I was thinking on my way to his office that he would have to remove 1 of the toe nails and I wasn't to happy about having to go through that. When he came into the room he had a welcoming smile and was very personable..he looked at my toe nails and went through how toe nails can get to be discolored and also grow thicker as we age..I would highly recommend him
I went to Dr. Conner to find out results of an arthrogram with the knowledge that I would probably be having surgery. He came recommended to me by another physician in the group because Dr. Conner specializes in the arthroscopic procedure that I would most likely need. Dr. Conner was very patient and took the time to talk to me and answer all of my questions. We were able to come up with a plan of care that I was happy with.
Dr. Karl spends as much time with you as you need. He may run late at times, but he also gives his undivided time and attention to you.
I have been very pleased with the care I've received so far since I had total right knee replacement. I was very apprehensive & have never been made to feel like my questions or feelings are crazy. I will definitely go back to dr. Hartzel for my left when needed.
Two years ago I had my left hip replaced. Four weeks ago I had my right knee replaced. Dr. Jeff Harris was my surgeon. He is very pleasant to talk with, explaining procedures, x-rays, answering questions. I felt very confident having him perform my surgeries. He comes to the hospital every day following surgery and also has follow up appointments several weeks afterwards. I had positive feedback from nurses, therapists etc. about how well my incision looked, how well I was doing etc.
I met with Dr. Ghori to discuss a pain and numbness in my left leg. After reviewing my MRI results, it was quickly determined that I had a sequestered disc at L5 S1. I elected to have the surgery with Dr. Ghori. He was very clear and informative in delivering all the information I needed to feel comfortable with the process. On the day of surgery, he arrived early. He came to the prep room to greet me and ask how I was doing. Surgery went quickly and smoothly. Dr. Ghori did an outstanding job!
Dr. Karl is a friendly, professional physician. Knowledgeable regarding my health problems and willing answers my questions and concerns. I never feel rushed.
I appreciate getting worked into the schedule so quickly with exam, diagnosis, and treatment. Thanks for excellent care and treatment!
Dr. DeDoes is such a wonderful doctor. He is always in a great mood, super friendly, and has a great sense of humor. He is compassionate and understands how pain can affect one's overall sense of wellness. He is thorough and spends as much time with me as I need and answers all of my questions.
Everyone was very professional. Very good experience and very confident in the Doctor and the staff. Highly recommended.
Getting the appointment took less than one week, I was in the actual office before my scheduled visit time, saw the nurse, PA and doctor within 15 minutes. Total time for visit was less than 25 minutes and yet never once felt rushed. All questions answered. Everyone was very friendly, professional and courteous.
Dr. Dedoes is fantastic! He has been working with me to fix my plantar fasciitis. He is willing to do the less aggressive treatments and is trying to stay away from surgery. He has given me 2 injections in my foot on different visits. I can honestly say that I have never had a better experience getting an injection in my foot. I was actually able to carry on a conversation with him while getting it instead of holding my breath. He is very patient and explains everything very well.
Dr. Gemlick was very nice. He understood that I was looking for answers and was anxious about what I was going to find out. He ordered the necessary testing and forwarded me on to someone else in the practice that would most likely be handling my care.
Very personable, knowledgeable and friendly. Determined to find the issue and resolve it. I appreciate everything he is doing and has done for me! Would highly recommend his services. Great support staff as well! Wouldn't go anywhere else.
I had hip replacement surgery in March of 2016. Surgery went smooth and pain was relatively very light. So light, that I was able to be released from the hospital at 5AM the next morning. Scariest part was being told that I had to go to the bathroom. Not just go, but get out of bed, walk to the toilet and squat. Released at 5AM the next morning with "no restrictions" and flew back to Florida 4 days later. Now, over a year later, the hip is doing great. Life is back to normal.
I feel he is an excellent doctor even though I have only been seen by him on a couple of occasions but there will be more appointments if the future I'm sure. I would recommend him to someone if they need his expertise
I have had a total knee replacement on both legs and was bow legged . Both legs are straight now . Best decision I ever made was talking to Doctor Berghoff and making the decision to have knee replacement !!
If I could give Dr. Connor 10 stars I would! He is a beyond excellent Doctor! He did my surgery of total knee replacement on March 23, 2017. I couldn't ask for a more kind, caring, knowledgeable, easy to talk to Doctor. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have any kind of orthopedic surgery. One of my favorite things about Dr. Connor, is before my surgery he asked if he could pray with me. I said absolutely! The prayer helped to put my mind at ease. Thank you Dr. Connor!
Dr. Karr goes above and beyond with spending time and answering any questions. He actually makes sure you have full knowledge of the situation. Dr. Karr explains the process and is there every step of the way to recovery. It is hard to find a doctor that will be there for you, and will not take that extra step. Dr. Karr is that physician that really cares!
I've had several knee surgeries and doctor Berghoff has done all of them ,he explains the procedure in full detail and is very understanding about your pain and discomfort . I had a bilateral knee replacement about 10 weeks ago and although o have a little ways to go I'm glad I had it done and in the future if I need more knee procedures? I will return to Dr Berghoff . Thanks Doc for all you've done for me
Dr. Hamlet is a very good doctor. He has taken care of my hands on several occasions. I trust him for my care.
He seemed ok but only spent about 5 minutes with me.
I would recommend Dr. Hamlet to anyone for hand, wrist and shoulder problems. His knowledge, innovation and patient interaction are all excellent. And, he is always on time. Doesn't get any better than that.
I had a very good experience with two visits to Dr. Gemlick. He is very personable and asked lots of questions and also is patient and let me ask lots of questions especially at the first visit when we were trying to figure out the problem , which I actually had three problems in the same area !
Dr. Berghoff was friendly, immediately put me at ease. He did not "talk down" to me. He explained the problem and how he was going to handle it . He follows what I consider a conservative approach to my problem and has put my mind at ease. I will be working at home to help my self knowing that I can always call if I have a question ora problem. I would certainly recommend Dr Berghoff or ONE to anyone.
I have total confidence with the care I have received from Dr. Gemlick. He is a gem. Love the personal conversation along with him listening to what I had to say. He remembered me after 6 years and I do appreciate that.
Dr Berghoff is a very competent and compassionent surgeon. He makes you very comfortable while talking to you about your surgery. I highly recommend him if you need an orthopedic surgeon.
Dr. Gemlick came highly recommended to me a couple years ago when my left shoulder froze up. Recently my right shoulder/arm has frozen and I didn't even think of going anywhere else. He is hard to get into but that is simply because he is very good at what he does.
Dr. Gemlick was very pleasant and very well informed. I feel safe knowing that he will be doing my knee surgery.
Doctor DeDeoes is a great surgeon, Discuses all the options and makes the patient part of the decision on the best quality of treatment. He also one of the friendliest Doctor I ever known.
Hi, my name is Judy, I want to ONE yesterday and I get a shot in my left hand and it help ed a lot . Thanks Judy Hamann
Dr Hamlet and his team are an awesome team. The surgery and follow up went well. The team was very attentive before and after the surgery. Dr Hamlet helped my wrist and the incision is fading daily!
I have the highest regards for Dr. Ghori and his abilities. He is easy to talk to and he gives a thorough explanation of what is going on and what needs to be done. He operated on my L3, L4, and my L5 areas and the pain that I was experiencing (in my back and hip) has gone away. The surgery was in March and everything is doing great. If I needed anything else to be looked at and fixed, he is the one I will go to again.
Dr. Ghori and his staff provided a level of care many never dream of reaching. He treated me like a friend and really had my health and comfort as his top priority. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone who would need his guidance and professional services. As you know if you're reading this review, back surgery is not something you take lightly. Finding a surgeon you can trust is an important decision and Dr. Ghori is, without a doubt, that surgeon! Thanks again Dr. Ghori!!!
Did awesome job on my ankle. Very intelligent and caring dr. I totally trust him.
I have had 2 major back surgeries done by Dr. Hoffman and I would never let anyone do back or neck surgery on me. He is a excellent surgeon who cares so much about his patients and very compassionate about his patients as well. It's also awesome to have a Christian doctor do your surgery. I highly recommend him to anyone. You're the best Dr. Hoffman.
Dr. Ghori made me feel comfortable as soon as he walked in the room. He explained my condition and how he would treat it in terms that were easy to understand. He answered my many questions and helped calm my fears. He took alot of time to speak with me so I didn't feel rushed. I highly recommend Dr. Ghori if you need back surgery!! I can honestly say that my quality of life is so much better because my surgery was a success!!
Dr. Hamlet rushed in and out without explanation. After one month there was no change in my condition. I called to see if there was anything else that could be done. The office staff called back after conferring with Dr. Hamlet and I was told to come in for a follow-up appointment. When Dr. Hamlet entered the room, he immediately told me nothing could be done. He did not exam my hand or ask me any questions. Then he billed me! Do not fall for this. Waste of time and money.
My experience with Dr Ghori is excellent and very rewarding. His Professional and Inspirational attitude is the best. I am very grateful and blessed to have him as my Orthopaedic Surgeon.
Excellent Doctor. Almost four years out on my store bought left knee. Installed by Dr. Bergoff. All good.
I had several office visits with Dr. Ghori before my surgery for sciatica pain and from my first visit I felt very comfortable with him. Very caring, generous with his time and informative. He did decompression surgery on S1 and L4-5 and I immediately had very substantial (96-98%) relief. Great admiration for the doctor!
Very KIND! The most down to earth doctor I've ever met. We met in the ER and he couldn't have been more professional. He helped me (and my family) understand every step of the way. Kudos to Dr. Heisler.
I found him to be lacking in empathy and compassion. I would recommend another doctor in that practice.
I was suffering with such severe back pain from my L5-S1 and needed a discectomy. I could not walk without a wheelchair or a walker to assist me. Dr. Ghori was fast at getting me in, and getting my problem taken care of. Today is my 11th day after my surgery and I was able to walk pain free into his office for my post op check up. I can't think Dr. Ghori enough. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is a wonderful surgeon and his relationships with his patients is extraordinary!
Outstanding physician who made my back pain disappear!
I was seeing Dr Karl since 2010 and I always felt comfortable with him then when I ask his nurse practitioner if she would ask him to up my medicine she did so without consulting him then I had a urine test and he said my levels were low so he said I violated my contract so I've been suffering through pain it takes awhile to find a good doctor I wish Dr Karl would have come to me He made a lot of money off of me for the joint injections I had i trusted him
Dr. Ghori was the first doctor who helped me understand what the real problem with my back. He took the time. He spoke to me with clear and easy to understand style. I choose him because he was Harvard educated. Now after having surgery by Dr Ghori I would recommend him to every family member and friend. this caring man who helped me more than I can write on here.
Dr. Ghori was the first physician I have visited that explained my pain in a way I could understand. His office was friendly and quick. The best part was I actually got to see the doctor! What a difference it made. I recommend Dr. Ghori.
Excellent communication. Extremely knowledgeable. Showed extremely high level of concern for patient well being and put patients ( Father in Law) well being above everything!
I had a family member see Dr. Ghori for a host of problems that never seemed to be identified with other doctors. In just one meeting, my family was thrilled with the level of care and service that was provided. There was a huge difference between everyone we had seen up to this point and Dr. Ghori. I will tell everyone I know how much better an experience we had with Dr. Ghori than other providers.
Dr. Ghori examined my grandfather for what we assumed was a problem with his lower back. However, after a very thorough examination and review of his MRI he was able to determine that my grandfather has been receiving the wrong treatment from his pain management specialists in Indianapolis. He wasn't suffering from problems associated with his lower back but his neck. If we had seen Dr. Ghori earlier in the process he could have been treated properly faster. I highly recommend his services.
Dr. Ward DISMISSED my concerns 2 months after surgery when i STILL could not straighten my hand out, even after 2 knuckle replacements. He continued to point out how (at least) i can grip some things. I had had that ability BEFORE SURGERY.
Dr. Ghori is an excellent doctor. He made me feel incredibly comfortable; he took the time to really listen to my needs. He has changed my life forever!!! THANKS
I have had the pleasure to work for Dr.Ghori he has to be one of not many humble and honest dotocr. Dr. Ghori always toke his time with all his patients answered all concerns they may have. Him and his beautiful family have been a blessing to have meet and know. He is always thinkin of others and all doing what he felt in his heart is best . KEEP UP THE WORK DR.GHORI THANKS .
Will absolutely recommend this physician to all my family members. He was polite, excellent bed side manners, not to mention changed my life with my surgery. Thank you Dr.Ghori , forever making a difference.
So far everyone at the office has been super nice. Everyone was very patient and understanding of us. As a mother I have had a ton of questions and Dr Hoffman has really taken the time to explain everything, the reasons why he thinks them, making it easy to understand and easy to follow.
Classic run in run out if you actually get to see him. Most of time you see PA and she is rude an extremely judge mental I feel that this doctor is only in it for money. Nothing else. Worst Doctor experience I have ever had. I would not recommend to anyone
Dr Ghori is a very compassionate physician who puts his patients at ease by helping them understand what is going on and is very truthful and honest. I had my first visit today and he had a calming demeanor and made me feel very relaxed and at ease. He asked me what i thought and the next step in the process.
Very efficient, very friendly informative.
He explained everything efficiently,I feel very good about it.
Dr.Ghori verified my past medical history including MRI studies.He told me I don't need surgery. He is very honest.
Excellent service very professional.
messed up surgery then lied and said it was success. suffering greatly now because of him
He's very patient and very through. He explained my condition well. Very knowledegable about the spine.
Dr.Ghori is very helpful, informative . I felt confotable with the whole staff.
Dr Ghori is very polite, and thorough. He asked me if I understood my treatment plan, and spent time answering my questions (I had a big list !). He acknowledged my family members and addressed their concerns very patiently. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a consultation. Ghori's office staff is very helpful, I was reminded of my appointment, and given clear instructions on what to bring with me.
I understood how he explained himself. I felt comfortable with Dr.Ghori.
fast easy and he answered all my questions and was straight forward with me
He is a very professional doctor I felt happy with the visit he was very informative and explained my condition well.
He's an educated doctor that speaks well for his good experience.
He's friendly and knowledgeable, and informative.
Everyone is very polite.He makes patients feel at ease.
He takes his time examining and explaining. He's compassionate. He's practicle and very knowledgeable in his explanations.
He is straight foward he doesn't beat around the bush, he tell it like it is. I highly recommend him.
We like the attention that he provided to us, we are taking good benefit of his care. He is good doctor.
Dr.Ghori is very knowledgeable, he is explains my conditions throughly.
It was good, Dr.Ghori is very polite and respectful.
He explained very well my problems, he was very patient in describing what i have.Very attentive.
Outstanding visit, very informative.
I will most certainly be recommending Dr Ghori to anyone and everyone who asks
Very educating.
I liked how his staff attended me, I feel confrotable with Dr.Ghori. I understood my problem.
He seems like a very caring person.
My surgical site (elbow) was infected and I had to have a second surgery by another Dr. to remove the infection that occured from Dr. Heisler.
My experience with Dr.Ghori very satisfying. Although he doesn't speak english the medical assistant's help was very good.
Dr. Ghori was thorough in explaining the mri 's and in answering our questions.
Very well explained to us all are needs a questions we had were answered. Will recommend to others thank you Dr. Ghori Have a lot of confidence with Dr Ghori.
I was able to get in quickly. Even before my appt i got reminded on time of my appt.
Dr. Ghori is kind and caring. He spent a great deal of time with me explaining my problem and what he could do for me. I really appreciate that he didn't jump down my neck recommending surgery like some of the other guys in town, but wanted to do a conservative approach to my treatment. He genuinely cares for his patients as I saw him walking out an old lady to the waiting area. Not a lot of doctors would do that.
Very detailed and satisfied with his information. Asked if the information he gave him was understood by my father and my father understood and was very satisfied.
It was a good specialist visit, Dr.Ghori is looking to help with my health.
Dr. Connor is a caring and extremely competent surgeon who always has the best interests of his patients at heart. He possesses a warm bedside manner, a wonderful sense of humor, and a strong faith. He completely repaired my severely torn rotator cuff and prescribed the correct physical therapy regimen for follow up. As a result, I have made a full and complete recovery at age 71. I recommend Dr. Connor without reservation.
Dr. Hamlet answers all your questions and is very thorough. He has done carpal tunnel surgery and thumb reconstruction on both my hands and he and his staff are awesome.
Dr. Goertzen and his staff took very good care of my son after breaking his leg. He answered all of our questions and took time to explain future issues. I would recommend him for any sports injury.
Dr. Karr was nice at first then after the surgery when I'd ask a question he made me feel like I was stupid or something and I should have known the answer. Then at my last appointment I went to when I was having trouble I heard him and the nurse in the hallway talking about me and made it sound like they dredded coming into the room to see me like oh it's her again the one that. ......... the nurse said yea I remember. I felt like crying.
Totally made rest of life
Dr Hamlet was polite, answered my questions, and calmed me down when I got stressed before surgery. Thanks for a great job.
I've been with Dr. Karl now for a A few years and he has not only listened to me as a person and not as a number to get in and out of the office, but he hears what you are saying. I have a few issues and he deals with all my pain. I would certainly recommend him to anyone if you have difficult pain management Issues, he will help you.
Dr. Karl is very thorough and compassionate and I highly recommend him to anyone suffering from chronic pain.
Everything I want in a surgeon - had knee replacement surgery and see Dr. Gemlick for follow-up visits every two years.
I have seen dr Karl for 5 years. He listens much better and answers with much better knowledge than other doctors I have seen. I put trust in him and find a good patient/doctor bond with him. He is the best doctor I have seen...and yes that is a lot to say. With the long range of physical disabilities I have acquired and inherited through my years dr Karl is the only doctor I will trust to this point. I do not like doctors but I need one and he is actually a great doctor for me.
You won't find a nicer man or higher quality doctor for your feet. I heard he was excellent and he has been excellent in every way.
Its been 3 1/2 years since my wife had her Inbone replacement surgery, I just want to let Dr. Karr and his staff Know that you have given my wife her life back. Recovery was slow but encouraging! She used to love to walk and take care of her self but her arthritic ankle put her into a painful depression. I'm happy to tell you she is back to herself again walking 5 to 8 miles a day and has lost over 50lbs feeling and looking great!!! Thanks for all you do: Jeff & Mary Schendel
If you have a hard time getting into Dr. Karl don't hesitate to see his NP (Magdalena Schwartz). She is excellent.
Dr. Karl was very compassionate in handling my PTSD symptoms which directly impacted my treatment. He was able to help me and treated me with great kindness and respect.
Dr. Karl has treated my severe fibromyalgia for over 2 years. He listens, he cares and he understands an illness that many believe isn't real. I recommend him highly.
5 stars are not high enough. Dr. Berghoff and his entire staff as well as the staff at Parkview ortho hospital are just incredible. Just had a total knee replacement and was home 46 hours after walking through the hospital doors. EVERYONE, was very caring and more than competent. CAN not speak any higher about he and ALL,of the ONE doctors. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
Very rude and short with me and my husband implied that there is nothing wrong with my husband. My husband has been at the same job for 2yrs and has never been off work for his pain so for this Dr imply that nothing is wrong was insulting
Not a thorough exam, disregarded visual aspect of arthritis bursitis, disrespectful to moving injured leg around. Diagnoses probably incorrect. Not caring about pain or symptoms of the patient'scondition. Would not recommend this doctor.
Didn't listen to what my concerns were. Just wanted to charge a large bill and do injections when weren't needed.
Dr. Hamlet was very polite ,direct, answered every question I had , and made me feel very at ease the doctors and staff were very professional and compassionate about me and my recovery. I would recommend dr hamlet and parkview hospital to anyone and everyone you guys are aces'
Medical accident during surgery has left me with a life time of pain.
I went to Dr. Berghoff as a second opinion after reading an article about him. As soon as he walked in, he made us feel comfortable and answers all of our questions. I decided to have him do my knee replacement before we left his office. He was very professional at the time of surgery. He checked in with me daily after surgery. Dr. Berghoff's office also worked me into the office schedule when I thought I had reinjured my knee. I am three weeks out from surgery and on the road to recover!
Dr Hamlet was short, rude, not willing to answer questions. Pretty much acted like and argued with me like a 5 year old. I am a patient with simple and quick questions, he apparently is not comfortable with a patient who wants to know at least where a tendon tear is or how physical therapy will help...he wants to rush people in and out and be done. He became argumentative with me because I cannot take a cortisone shot, I have a reaction to it, his response was that I choose not to take it
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