Dr. Lippman has been my primary physcian for several years now. He is a kind and caring professional dedicated to his patients and lifework. I have type II Diabetes, had an unknown cause of IBS, had some kidney stones and contracted C-diff. Dr. Lippman has seen me through it all with the help of specialist in each case. The one regret that i have, is moving away from the area and now I must find a new physician.
Will not recommend Dr Stratton or ECHO. Contact information provide is difficult to next to impossible to contact. Zero response to email inquires.
Very rude...doesn't care your health or well-being. Very unmannerly she thinks i was fake sicking which i has asthma bronchitis recommends no one goes to her.
Stern, blunt, set in her ways. Went to her twice. Thought maybe the first visit she was having a bad day and gave her a second chance. Both times she has her mind set that I was wrong even though I have done days of research stating otherwise from factual resources. She completely cut me off. No bedside manner.
Dr. Butsch is the WORST doctor I've ever consulted. Terrible attitude. Arrogant. Impatient. Rude. Does not listen to the patient's concerns. She changed my meds that have been effective for me since 1995. She accused me of "self-medicating". She failed to accurately report information in my chart. AVOID her! If I could give her negative stars, I would choose that rating.
I won't go into detail, but Dr. Butch is the absolute WORST Doctor I have ever encountered!! Terrible bedside manner, terrible attitude, doesn't care about your health or wellbeing, all around terrible person. I would never in suggest anyone going to her!
I had the absolute worst experience with this doctor that I have ever had with any doctor EVER. I am a cancer survivor , who also suffers from MS. She claims to also be an attorney , which I believe to be false. She gave me horrible advice about my condition and tried to change my medications that did not need to be changed. Then on top of that, she did not send my refills to the pharmacy. I would not take my sick dog to this doctor. She is confrontational, and completely rude, as well as WRONG!
If there was a negative star to give she deserves it. I'm not going to elaborate on my experience. I will tell you one line of communication. She told me I don't have hours to treat what is going on with you I have 15 mins and then on to the next room. You decide where her interests are.
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