I saw Dr. Chawla for 6 months. In that time she ran between 40 minutes to an hour late for each appointment. Her staff never call ahead to let me know that she was running late, and they never apologized for the wait. She does not give out a direct phone number, only the number to her office locations, neither of which have answering services set up when the office is closed. So, if you have an emergency, or would like to leave any message outside of office hours you are not able to.
I 100% agree with those who spoke of her awful bedside manner. She does not stand up, greet you, and barely looks at you. She basically told me my previous doctors were medicating me wrong, when I feel the best I have ever felt on what they prescribed. I wish there was someone else I could notify, but I really wanted to leave a review for the next person to be aware.
Dr. Chawla is talented. If you feel intimidated by her steely personality, that's normal. I've been seeing her for 3 years, and I was a little intimidated by her demeanor at first. But she's a psychiatrist, not a therapist - big difference. While manifesting a no-nonsense, all-business style may seem cold, she's sharp, intuitive, reliable, and has impeccable foresight. Where she may lack in warmth, she's the rare breed of competency you want in your corner when the chips are down. Guaranteed.
Dr.Chawlas office is unorganized. It's typical to wait 30min to an hour past your scheduled appointment. Then when your with her it's a rushed appointment with very few questions or engagement. If you need a refill it takes awhile plus they charge you. If your in need of medical records or anything else good luck.
My overall impression was that Dr Chawla did not much care about getting to know me or my issues and was very cold, non-informative, almost condescending. She seemed almost bothered that I was there and did not take any time to explain the process. Her overall attitude was one of what's wrong with you, why don't you just try X. I went specifically because she mentions dealing with chronic pain and she was clueless about the issue. I do not believe the list of her specialties is accurate.
I was a patient of Dr.Chawla for almost 2 years. Overall, my experience with her and her counseling staff was not satisfactory. Her affect was very flat, she didn't show much interest in me, or any emotion and always looked like she was about to fall asleep. In addition, after having been a patient for about 1 and 1/2 years and her having prescribed 2 anti-depressants for me, during one of our sessions she asked me Do you think you're depressed? Duh!! Really? Maybe she's better with children.
Terrible bedside manner. She barely looks up from her laptop during appointments, rarely smiles. First appointment, she did not even stand up, shake hands or introduce herself. As I described daughters behavior, she seemed shocked and confused. What kind of psychiatrist reacts this way?? In front of my child??!!

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