I am very satisfied with the results of my nose surgery. Dr. Hobson is a great doctor who treated me well at every visit. I highly recommend him for your nose, ear and throat problems. Larry Dorney Olympia Fields, IL
Dr Hobson is an incredible ENT, very nice, very professional, clean facility! I refuse to send my daughter to any other ENT besides him!
I simply Love Dr. Kaistha! Very patience, listen to his patients.. His bedside manner is 2nd to none !!!
I have been seeing Dr. Hobson since last Spring. He recently performed successful surgery on me to implant a Cochlear Baha, which will be "turned on" within the next few weeks. To say I am excited about this unbelievable technology is an understatement! Dr. Hobson is very professional and has explained the procedure quite well. He has an excellent audiologist, Mary Lou Dovantz, and an efficient staff.
She is a great doctor very friendly and does her job quickly.
Very good doctor. Nurse is very insensitive n not helpful.
Very long wait times every time - up to 2 hours; communication and discussion not good
Excellent doctor while I was in Illinois and talk to you in details about your results, also referred my mother who will be returning to Dr. Rahmani.
Excellent service and the office was friendly and easy to schedule. Day of my apt I had to pick up my sick child last minute and I was late to the office. The office staff was so understanding and helpful. they were also so attentive to my needs and my child. Hobson was very knowledgeable and I was very happy with the service.
My first visit I had to wait over 45 minutes for Dr. Rewa to attend to me. Second visit 35 minutes wait, just don't understand why she can't be on time.
Followed Dr. Hobson from Kankakee to Flossmoor. I'm 51 and have had ear infections with and without tubes all my life. Dr. Hobson was the first doctor in my life to address the problem instead of just being another Dr. with a band aid. He discovered crystalized bacteria on my mastoid bone causing drainage 24/7 for years. I live without dealing with drainage, finally! Thank you :D Your old staff was great and so is your new one!
I had a very good experience with Dr. Hobson. He has great bedside manner and is very friendly.
Dr. Kaistha is a nice man who has no sense of time. If you go there prepare to wait in waiting room a min. of 90 minutes. I just left after waiting 2 and a half hours. When I finally got through the door the nurse treated me like I was wasting her time! I left, when you feel like crap you don't deserve to be treated like crap.
I went to see this Dr. in regards to slight hearing loss he recommended ear tubes to clear fluid on ear drum, at the last minute while I was under anesthesia he changed the procedure to eardrum corrective surgery I ended up with complete hearing loss.The Dr. I saw for a 2nd opinion said that he should have further examined the ear bone and ear nerve to make certain to fix the issue and I would've probably regained my hearing instead I have no option except at the age of 30 wearing a hearing aid.

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