Absolutely the worst provider I've ever encountered. Tried to bully me into an unnecessary C-section. I wasn't in danger, nor was our child. He had just started the shift and before examining me decided he wanted me to have a C-section. After standing my ground, I delivered a perfectly healthy little girl and he admitted he was wrong to try and push the C-Section. I have already told my primary doctor that I would request a different OB/GYN if Baddour was on staff for future births.
He helped me to deliver my twins just the way I wanted. Vaginally and even with one coming out breach. The only issue I had was all the students in the room while I was trying to focus. But that had nothing to do with Dr. Briggs. He keep me focused. He was also very kind and answered any questions I had before and after. It was a wonderful experience!
Nice man but extremely long waits at his office and he wouldn't review my chart before he walked in to see me so it felt like I was filling him in every time about why I was there. (Pregnant and monitoring placenta previa)
Worst pregnancy ever! Dr. Baddour was there for me every step of the way. Was very professional and concerned. Great doctor!
very much a people person great personality excellent technician
Dr. Thompson is incredibly rude and condescending! I was rendered to him by a nurse practitioner in regards to my ADHD and the medication I have been taking in order to help me get through my PhD program. I just moved here and needed a new doctor. He told me that if I can't get through my program without my prescription, that maybe I shouldn't be in my program. I wonder if he would tell a person with diabetes that if they can't get through life without their insulin that maybe they should die!?!
Dr Racanelli is a great and caring doctor who takes the time to listen. If he feels like you need to be seen by a specialist, his office makes all the arrangements for them to call you. He does not use hospitalist when his patients are in hospital patients. He makes his morning rounds at 5:00 am and checks on each and every one of them. His nursing staff are all as great as he is. Family loves him.
He goes beyond the superficial 'how are you, other than reason for visit?' 'Good' and digs deeper. Is on top of the latest medical news.
A good physician is hard to find. I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Guenev. Even though I live in Rockton, when she moved to Cherry Valley there was no question that I would make the drive to keep her as my physician.
This physician renewed my faith in doctors. She is kind, compassionate, and actually listens! I am very pleased!
Dr. Guenev is the epitome of what a physician should be! I have been fortunate enough for the compassion she has shared while making sure my family has received the top notch quality care anyone has offered. Her knowledge in Medical treatment and being an excellent family orientated individual makes her irreplaceable. That is why I will go back to her until she retires. Thank-you The Adams Family
Truly the rudest doctor I have ever met. Along with that shows zero compassion.

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