I would like to say my experience in the office of Dr. Ram Aribindi was an awesome experience, the Doctor is friendly, highly experienced, I felt that Doctor/patient experience whenever I visited his office, his staff is also friendly and curtious, I wouldn't hesitate to go back to Dr Ram Aribindi's office anytime, thank you Dr Aribindi for all your help and knowledge.
I was referred to Dr. Nayak by my family practitioner. I had two appointments with Dr. Nayak, the first was on July 24, 2017, and the follow-up August 9, 2017. I didn't see her either of these times, I saw her nurse practitioners both times. My last appoint on August 9, 2017, was to get some feedback on my test results. Her nurse practitioner explained them best she could, but not efficient enough. My appointment was at 2:30, I saw the nurse practitioner about 3:45. At 4:48, I left because she w
When I met Dr. Aribindi I was in great pain due to a tear in my rotator cuff. I am an older person and was reluctant to undergo surgery. But, after discussing my situation with Dr. Aribindi he suggested the laparoscopic procedure that would allow him to repair it. His confidence gave me the assurance that the process would be a success. After 2-months of physical therapy, I can affirm that the problem has been fixed! I now have great range of motion and a greatly improved quality of life.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Aribindi and have tremendous faith in him. He is very knowledgeable and has the best bedside manner. I feel very comfortable discussing my concerns with him.
Dr, Aribindi was very professional and kind. He did a complete ortho exam of my knee and explained everyithing.
I showed up at 8:45 for a 9:00 a.m. appointment - was still waiting to see her at 9:50 - she wasn't even in. Never took my vitals - never looked me in the eye - told me to continue my meds and see her in 3 months. I told her meds weren't working (was on them for 8 months) she said to keep taking - they need time. The girls at the desk kept making excuses and were RUDE RUDE RUDE. If you can't keep at 9 a.m. appointment - DON'T MAKE THEM. She did absolutely NOTHING but waste my time and money
Dr. Aribindi and his office staff made this awful ordeal very pleasant. His staff was very helpful and accommodating when scheduling appointments. We were put at ease by how easy they made everything. I was impressed by how nice Dr. Aribindi was to us and how knowledgeable he was about my husband’s case. We have dealt with many orthopedic doctors over the years and Dr. Aribindi has been one of the best, he is clear, to the point, and he cares about his patients.
I was referred to Dr. Aribindi because of knee pain. After meeting Dr. Aribindi he gave me options. I elected to have knee replacement surgery. I have had both knees replaced and I did not realize how much I had excepted the pain for years. Now I can go up and down stairs, walking and standing and even riding my bike. It is so freeing to be able to enjoy the simple things in life again. I would recommend Dr. Aribindi is very knowledgeable and very straight forward! No sugar coating.
Efficient staff, caring doctor.
I was able to get an appointment quickly. Dr. Aribindi reviewed my hip x-ray and MRI with me and explained what was occurring and my options. We agreed that I would begin with a cortisone injection which completely helped. I am now back to my normal activities with no pain. During my follow-up appointment, we reviewed my current status and prognosis and agreed that I will follow-up if and when needed.
I went to Dr.. Aribinidi with a bad shoulder pain that i suffered with for years. I ended up getting rotator cuff surgery. I went to him because my husband had the same surgery years earlier, and he was well taken care of. I had my surgery on 2/28/2017. I am still going to therapy, but I am getting better every day and I think I may be done very soon. Very good Dr. Sometime longer waits. but worth it to have such a great Dr.
Dr Nayak is very caring, I highly reccomend her
When you meet DR. Aribindi,He seems to have a dry bedside manner, But that's because he will be straightforward with you. I had a hip replacement performed by him jan. 25th 2017 and I am very pleased with the results. In my opinion, He is EXCELLENT SURENT.
Dr. Aribindi shows great confidence and knowledge in what he does. He replaced both my hip & knee in the last few years. Both with excellent results. I am 67 and can now walk 2 miles with my wife. I am also back to riding my bike as I used to. Can't ask for anything more.
I would recommend Dr. Aribindi to my friends and family because I was well please with the surgery he perform and my out come.I think he's a very good orthopedic surgery and a nice person, who explain the proceeds to you.
I had knee surgery with Dr. Aribindi in February . This was an initial recommendation from my cousin who had surgery over 5 years ago. I was very impressed with the treatment and surgical procedure. I compared notes with another co-worker who had the same surgery in Indiana. She had to deal with sutures and a lot of drainage. My wound did not have external sutures. I never had to deal with drainage. I was able to return to work in 3 weeks. Thanks Dr. Aribindi....
DR.Ram Aribindi,MD is very friendly shows concern,very informative,I would highly recommend him to others.
Dr. Aribindi is a very friendly, pleasant physician with a awesome bedside manner. I found him to be very knowledgeable and willing to engage the patient with regards to the chart transcriptions. I felt very comfortable with him.
Very condescending and wanted to do surgery without really giving an explanation of what the real issue was. Will not go back
Don't waste your time. He only spent a few minutes with me and simply said there was nothing I could do to manage my arthritis. If I weren't smart enough to know better I might have felt helpless. He made no attempt to offer treatment options or other ways I might improve my quality of life. I knew I'd seek a second opinion before he even left the room.
2nd time I was referred but I won't go. Years ago I went for my shoulder. He asked about it (no exam), had his office x-ray it, then he glanced at the film, said probably a labral tear, ordered PT (referencing one in the same building), then abruptly walked away before I could ask anything. No follow up by him. I've since learned most people my age get this tear & was unlikely the cause of pain and the reliable way to diagnose it is by arthroscopy. PT helped, but it does for most everything.
Southland Group must do better in meeting the patients' appointment times. Wait times are insulting and disrespectful to the patient.
After waiting 45 minutes, I asked the staff how late the doctor was running. I was told, Oh, he's not running late, he just has a lot of patients. ??? When he met me, he had looked at the xray of my knee, came in the room, told me what the problem was, how we would treat it and prepared to leave before he thought to ask if I had any questions. He never asked where it hurt, how it hurt, nothing about my range of motion, nothing. He said, Oh. I know where it hurts. He didn't. Not going back.
he is very direct. not vey smooth talker, but a very good doctor. he is honest. no one can do mirracles other than God. if i want a good doctor who is available for you then i take him. this is a late response after few years.
he is direct to the point, honest, and a great surgeon.
One of the most arrogant physicians I have ever met. He had mentioned that he performs spine surgeries at least five times and he also told me that he doesn't perform miracles. He's so into himself so much that I couldn't wait to get out of that office.

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