I HAVE recommended Dr. Berger to my family and friends! He deeply CARES about your well being. He has called me out of hours and even on weekends to discuss my test results, health issues, and up coming procedures. He's been my GI doctor for over 15 years and I highly recommend him!
Dr. Gundlapalli spent maybe 10-15 minutes with me. Then proceeded to tell me there was nothing wrong with me and that I should go see a Psychologist for my pain. She did not run one test on me! In the 2 times I saw her (and once with her assistant) in 6 month time, They called me and changed my appointment twice and moved each appointment out another 30 days. Just because you can't see my pain does not mean I don't have pain. I do not recommend her!
Caren is a very caring nurse that really tries to understand every symptom you have and how they relate. I've been going to her for over a year and I will continue going to see her. If you're looking for someone who listens and will try multiple approaches to your problems Caren is the one to see.
He's a great doctor
Dr. Gundlapalli provides the highest level of care to her patients. Not only was she personable, but she takes the time every visit to detail her findings and recommendations moving forward. I was truly blessed with a recommendation to pursue care with her because she is setting the bar high for any future care. Highly recommend Dr. Gundlapalli and her staff!
In MY opinion I believe Dr. Kastin was in a hurry to "finish". Spouse in ER less than 4 hours later. ICU and surgery. Dr. Kastin still has a potty mouth even after he was warned. Now he "lurks" by inserting himself when he was told "NO".
As always Dr. G is the ultimate doctor , which means that she listens and then expresses her opinions. Dr. G is one of the most caring doctors, which is what I look for in a doctor. She now rounds out my great group of knowledgeable and caring doctors who understand that some older patients believe that quality of life is the most important thing.
I have an ongoing long term GI problem and Dr Gundlapalli spent nearly 40 minutes talking to me as if she had absolutely nothing better to do . She explained things thoroughly, she was kind, she was knowledgeable and she understood my fears and concerns and took the time that was necessary to leave me feeling comfortable and confident with my course of treatment.
The time she spends with you to really determine what's going is like no others. We need more like her.
As usual my visit with Sushama Gundlapalli, M.D., at Midwest Endoscopy was delightful. I brought with results from another hospital system and she happily reviewed all the info, asked additional questions, and our exchange was characterized by mutual respect. Her commitment to treat each patient as a whole person and help educate the patient about their illness thru open communication gives me the confidence that her advice is personal, not a canned response or treatment regimen. I recommend her
I would highly recommend Dr. Gundlapalli! I was very impressed with Dr. Gundlapalli's bedside manner, knowledge and willingness to answer all of my questions. The doctor is also very patient, compassionate and understanding. I got very good and professional treatment during all my visits, thank you very much!!!
I came to Dr. G under the recommendation of may people from Edward Hospital. She made me feel safe and listened to how I feel as a patient and a person. Initially I did not feel comfortable going under anesthesia and she did what she could to diagnose me without having to put me through a procedure. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.
Dr. Kastin and his team were outstanding during my routine colonoscopy. I appreciated every one of the team members introducing themselves to me when they first met me and I was immediately at ease with their respect, courtesy, friendliness, and professionalism. They treated me as a person, not just another procedure. Follow-up during recovery was exceptional: the person who checked on me remembered something important I'd said when I was just waking up and then followed up at the next check in
She seemed nice and knowledgeable at first, but the appointments following the first clearly showed that she didn't know what she was doing or cared.She didn't consult or let my primary care physician know about my situation. She also updated me about my results and situation while I was coming out of anesthesia right after my endoscopy, and I was not myself yet.She also has no bedside manners, and straight out told me that she couldn't make me 100% better and I wouldn't get back to normal ever.
Dr. Berger is very thorough. He is an excellent surgeon and has legitimate concern for patients.
I found Dr. Kiriluk to be very considerate and knowledgeable. She took the time to answer all of my questions and I felt that she really cared about me as a person.
Never go to this doctor. He was very rude, impatient and selfish. He did not let me finish what I wanted to He is the kind of doctor who just wants your money irrespective of whether he helps you or not. All his focus was to get out of the room to see other patients rather than listening to me.This doctor claims that he took up the profession to make a difference in other's lives. That is a huge lie.
I am so happy that I was able to meet and treat with Dr. Berger. I dealt with having stomach problems for 20 years or more. I then seen Dr. Berger and after talking with him for about an hour he was able to fix my stomach problems and change my life. He knew my gall bladder did not heal correctly after it was taken out. That is what caused my daily problems. I can now live happily every day and not worry about my stomach problems since he fixed the problem. Thank you so much Dr. Berger!!!
Nice guy. Good listener. Pleasant, professional office staff. Highly recommended.
Dr, Kiriluk has helped manage my NASH since May 2015 which finally resulted in a successful liver transplant through University of Illinois. She continues to interact on a regular basis with Univ of Illinois specialists on my behalf. Very caring, compassionate and supportive and takes the time to personally call well after normal office hours to discuss test results and recommendations for meds.
He is extremely good! He got the stone out with no problem, while my other doctor failed to get it out and caused massive pancreatitis during that procedure.
I did not get a chance to experience a visit with Dr. Berger, when I attempted to make an appointment I was told that he was only excepting new patients from a certain group of doctors which totally floored me, and my referring doctor was not in that group of doctors so I was told he was not excepting new patients but his website clearly says he is excepting new patients. WOW
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