My brother an established patient yet he was seen by Dr. Melissa within two days 24 hrs. of my call to her office. She referred him toa research hospital as his eyeball had to be removed. My brither is special needs and was miss diagnosed with pink eye by his Jacksonville, IL eye doc. Thanks to Dr. Melissa my brother is nolonger in pain & has rejoined his group home buddies.
He acts like he is doing you a favor by seeing you, and is short and annoyed when you ask questions. He seemed in a rush and I do not feel he checked my eye situation thoroughly. Terrible bed side manner with an attitude that could care less about your problem. I do not trust him to take care of my eyes.
He threw a fit when my daughter's eyes started to water during an exam. He threw down the prism and left the room. I called Quantum Vision Center to complain and they blew me off.
I would not recommend him to my worst enemy. I have never been treated or talked to so poorly by a medical professional in all my life. Did not explain or comfort me with what he was doing. I was treated for damage that occurred to my lasik lens. Had I not been treated well at the lasik center in St. Louis when I originally got my lasik Dr. Unwin could have traumatized me to the point of never allowing anyone near my eyes. I plan to report my treatment by him to every avenue I possibly can.
Suffered ruptured capsule during cataract surgery. In recovery room here attitude was very condescending, especially her comment "it happens". Had to have virtrectomy 4 days later to clean up mess.
Overcompensated on my lasik surgery then after six months did an adjustment while I had a mild cataract. During the first surgery, he had to be told twice that he was hitting my nose. After the adjustment, eyes became worse. Luckily another MD did the cataract surgery but was unable to adjust due to the two surgeries prior being messed up.
Experience level and quality of the service provided. Explain condition to my satisfaction
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