They say that psychopaths are excellent at reading people, but have absolutely zero empathy themselves. This is the feeling you will have when dealing with dr. trum (lowercase on purpose). Absolutely zero respect for patients, didn't return call to request my medication after failing to authorize for my insurance company, and I went without for more than 5 days. I can't afford medication that costs $130 PER-PILL! Avoid at all costs - you'll find more empathy from a cat.
Didn't help me at all when I was a former patient, was quick to just throw some prescription at me and misdiagnosed me as bipolar.
I have been seeing Dr. Troupe since I was 19 years of age, I do not know what I am going to do when he retires, he is the most trusting person I have ever met
Zero empathy. Would not return a phone call with test results. After waiting almost 2 weeks, I had to just go myself to the hospital to get blood work results. Not fun when you already suffer from anxiety.

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