I had a surgery with Dr. Rodriguez and I was very satisfied with my experience. He and his team are experienced, professional, caring, and kind.
It's very frightening dealing with a cancer diagnosis, a cancer doctor and cancer surgery. Dr. Rodriguez instilled confidence the 1st time I met him. He explained the full diagnosis, is very matter of fact and non extremist and I really appreciated in hospital when I had my surgery - he always entered my room with a smile. Even if he put it on the minute before he entered - it worked for me. He knows the area of gyne oncology very well and I am in ongoing treatment. He's quite qualified.
Dr. Rodriguez performed a robotic removal of my uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes on July 20, 2016. I was blessed to have a chance to meet him, and have him as my doctor. He is a real expert in his field and more over he is a very conscious, caring and trustworthy person who has been dedicated to his patients. I would always recommend him.
I saw Dr. Rodruiguiz for a second opinion. Dr Rodruiguiz said you need a leep right now . He had never examined me . He prepped me for the leep even grounded me to the machine . Then after looking around stopped , i and said I can't do this. He said I need to see you in the OR but never explained why . His nurse said he doesn't talk to patients so I could not talk to him even tho he was sitting next to her. in his report he never mentioned the incident. He lied about lack of consultation .
He is very clear yet sensitive to his patients situation.

Abdominal Hysterectomy With Robotic Assistance
Anemia And Iron Deficiency Screening
Birth Control
Cholesterol Screening
Colon And Rectal Surgery
Destruction Or Excision Of Lesion Of Cervix (Incl. Leep)
Destruction Or Excision Of Vaginal Lesions
Endocervical Curettage
Excision, Shaving, Or Destruction Of Skin And Subcutaneous Tissue (Incl. Mohs Micrographic Surgery), Tissue Transfer
Fecal Occult Blood Test For Colorectal Cancer
Gynecologic Cancer Screening
Hepatitis B Virus Screening
Hepatitis Screening
Hysterectomy - Laparoscopic
Hysterectomy - Open
Incision And Removal Of Foreign Object
Incontinence Sling Procedure
Laparoscopic Excision Or Destruction Of Ovary With Robotic Assistance
Laparoscopic Surgical Procedure
Laparoscopic Vaginal Hysterectomy With Robotic Assistance
Lymph Node Biopsy Or Excision
Lymphadenectomy With Robotic Assistance
Removal Of Reproductive Organs (Hysterectomy, Oophorectomy, Salpingectomy, Salpingo-Oophorectomy, Resection Of Peritoneal Malignancy)
Rh Incompatibility Screening
Salpingo-Oophorectomy With Robotic Assistance
Sexually Transmitted Infections Screening
Thyroid Screening
Vaginal Surgery
Wound Repair
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