Dr. Bertoglio performed my son's spinal closure surgery (Spina Bifida) as well as his shunt placement (hydrocephalus) the day he was born. It was incredible - the surgery went smoothly, my son recovered quickly, and Bertoglio and his team were always available to check on my little guy and answer any questions we had. He also made himself available with short notice on two occasions when we had concerns about the shunt.
Love this group !!!
Dr. Rosenblatt rescued me from a life of excruciating pain seizures by virtue of his extraordinary surgical expertise and outstanding personal care. I had suffered horrible pain for a long long time due to trigeminal neuralgia and the anti-seizure medications I was taking were beginning to have toxic effects. Enter Dr Rosenblatt. He performed a state-of-the-art neurosurgery from which I awoke painfree and entirely cured! He lavished me with reassurance and care and made sure his staff did too.
I've been with Dr Kanner for over 15 yrs- from Chicago to Miami, I've traveled from AZ to see him. He is worth the wait if he's running late bc he never rushes me out the door. He calls me from wherever in the world when I've had a TC sz out of the blue (they are rare) or any other problem. (It's rare I've ever needed him to call, but he has). He is extremely knowledgeable in epilepsy, EEG interpretation, anxiety/depression...... I couldn't imagine anyone else managing my care.
I had very bad pain, and needed surgery. Surgery was done in March and the extreme pain was immediately gone. There was still some pain and recovery, but in 6 months I was feeling great. Nice guy, knows what he's doing, and has a great assistant. Nice staff at Alexius and Alexian. One complaint - all follow up appointments are with PA. It should be customary to have one follow-up with the surgeon and not have to wait for hours - They seem to overbook, wait time 1.5 to 3 hrs. in my experience
C3-C4 spinal fusion surgery with repair of torn ligament in neck. Dr. Rosenblatt did an incredible job and I have fully recovered my strength and flexibility in my neck, arm and hand.
Very impressed
Dr. Bertoglio handled my daughter's microsurgery to remove a brain tumor toward the center of her brain. We couldn't be more pleased with the results as her recovery has progressed. We were out of the hospital after 4 days and my daughter was pretty much back to normal before we left the hospital. If you require a pediatric neurosurgeon you are in very good and capable hands with Dr. Bertoglio.
Dr. Yadla diagnosed my father with a stroke. He informed my family in the ER that he would never recover from the stroke. When my father was diagnosed with a brain tumor three months later, Dr. Yadla initially informed him that the tumor was fully operable and that a near 100% recovery was likely. A consultation on the surgery was scheduled for two days later. At that appointment, Dr. Yadla informed my father that the tumor was inoperable and that his diagnosis was terminal. NO STARS.
Dr. Kanner is a proficient doctor who has a great bed side manner. In addition he is compassionate and takes his time with his patients. He's one of the best neurologists out there in my opinion.
Dr. Chebes is very professional while taking the time to listen to his patients. I first went to Dr. Chebes in 2013 with severe lower back pain and sciatica. After reviewing my MRI, he treated me with meds and I also received an epidural. Now I am on a low dose of meds to keep the sciatica in check. He is an excellent Doctor. I would recommend him to all my family and friends.
I had spinal fusion surgery due to 3 years of sciatica. I feel completely better. The healing is quite long for this surgery. Dr. Bertoglio is very quiet but did a great job. I waited less time in the Elk Grove office then in the Hoffman office. Parking was easier also.
simply ....wonderful and amazing person. I am so satisfied and will recommend to anyone who needs it. Great Doctor, great office staff. Thank you to you all in helping me in my surgery.
We waited over an hour to see Dr. Bertoglio and when we finally saw him, he spent all of 5 minutes with us, during which he told us nothing. In fact, he smirked when saying you should really find out the cause of the migraines. I get that sometimes you have to wait, but to wait that long and be treated so callously is completely unacceptable. Find another Dr!
He is a very caring doctor, direct, but leaves you informed.
Had to wait over an hour past our appointment time to be seen. He never apologized nor did he introduce himself. He acted as if we were bothering him. Total waste of time and co-pay.
Friendly. Patient. Gentle. Appears knowledgeable. Good listener.

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